Rally proposed from Ayodhya for national unity and harmony

New Delhi: A rally is proposed, from Ayodhya to Bodh Gaya in Bihar, on 2 October, in order to promote communal harmony and preservation of peace in the country. This yatra will terminate on 10 October. According to the convener and leader of this rally, to be called as ‘Manav Ekta Rally’, Yugal Kishore Shastri who is also the editor Ayodhya ki Awaaz, at the present time communal harmony and unity and understanding between different religions is very essential and hence this rally will include people from all sections of society without any discrimination. He said that this is not a political rally but an attempt to maintaining the country’s unity and integrity. He said that some mischievous and communal elements, particularly in U.P., are engaged in spoiling and destroying communal harmony but he is confident that these people will not succeed in their evil intentions because people have now become conscious and awakened and they will not be misled by mischievous and unsocial elements. Referring to U.P. assembly elections in this connection he said that communal forces in Ayodhya itself had to eat humble pie, seeing that their MLA not only was defeated but the party (BJP) also was wiped out in this area. He said that conditions in Ayodhya are now good and peaceful and people of all religions are equal partners in their mutual joys and sorrows and they have no bitterness against each other.

After the High Court’s verdict on Babri Masjid-Ramjanambhoomi dispute in 2010, secular leaders and people of all religions had planned to take out rallies all over the country to maintain peace and during this period Yugal Kishore Shastri tried his best to promote peace, creating awakening among the people, particularly in and around Ayodhya foiling attempts by mischievous elements to spoil the communal atmosphere.  According to Shastri, whereas through this yatra national harmony, survival of peace and the message of humanism will be popularised, emphasis would be laid on India’s old tradition of peace and understanding. 

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2012 on page no. 3

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