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Khudai Khidmatgar in Assam camps

Indian Muslim organisations continue to tour the riot-affected refugee camps in Assam. A five-member team from Khudai Khidmatgar led by Faisal Khan visited the area during 16-25 August to spread the message of peace.

A refugee Camp in Assam

The team visited Dhubri district where a huge number of refugees are stationed. The team met there some religious leaders as well as some local political leaders and visited nearby camps on the same day. Next day (19th August), they met local youth, volunteers and a team of advocates at the Dhubri divisional court. On 20th August, the Eid day, the team met some clerics and mohalla representatives, and discussed with Trinamool Congress Assam state general secretary Mr. Noorul Ameen and with otherl office-bearers of the party. On the same day they visited some other camps in nearby villages.

A relief camp in Assama

The visited areas included  Madusalmadi, Khaskhama, Goi Bazaar, Dumordaha and Khasbari. On 21st August, the team visited camps at Bilasipara, Hapapara, Tiapara and Kasipara and started visiting Bodo camps at Kokhrajar. At Kokhrajar, some of the friends advised the team to go to Bodo camps  with proper Police security only, even the District Administration Strictly ordered them to get security. Raju Nurjery, a Bodo friend, invited the team to his office and then accompanied the team to the camps where some members from communal forces were present and were misguiding Bodo people. Before a critical situation could develop the Police officers advised the team to leave the place. The same day the team went to Tamalpur village at Rangiya District where a mosque has been attacked by granades and explosives but the  team could not visit the mosque due to curfew in the area. On 22nd August, the team went to Guwahati to discuss the issue with peace activists and Gandhians. The team also visited UST University and had a discussion with its Chancellor Mr. Mahbubul Haque. The team had an excellent meeting with eminent personalities and intellectualsat Guwahati.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2012 on page no. 13

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