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Is not extraordinary prominence being given to Pakistan by suggesting that they can disturb peace in India through mobiles? They are unable to maintain peace in their own country even for an hour even in places of worship.
I am seventy three years old. I have been reading the Milli Gazette since long. The truth is that I am its fan. I wait for it every fortnight with great impatience. When I receive it, my happiness knows no bounds. I feel that I have received a very precious gem of knowledge from worldly and religious point of view. Its reports, articles, rejoinders, letters by letter writers, the editorial, etc. are worth-reading, interesting, useful, informative and upto the mark. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best English fortnightlies of India. The credit goes to Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan and the MG team for taking much pains to beauty it; and to make it much more informative in the interest of the readers. I pray to God for longevity of Dr. Zafarul- Islam Khan to serve the readers. (Amen)
Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur (U. P.)
Demonizing: Indian Muslims
The main goal of chauvinistic Hindu communal organizations that is R. S. S., Bajrang Dal, Visva Parishad, Shiv Sena, Ram Sena, Abhinav Bharat Sansthan, Sanatan Sansthan and BJP - the standard bearer of Hindutva is to demonize Indian Muslim community by lumping all Muslims as terrorists and equating them with violence prone Muslims lunatic fridge with all Indian Muslims They are thus creating among non-Muslims wholly irrational and entirely baseless fear from Muslims and consequently hostility towards all Muslims. It is most unfortunate that a large section of the press and most of the TVs offer platform to Muslims haters who spread malicious canards and lies against Muslims. Several activists of Abhinav Bharat Sansthan and Sanatan Sansthan have been arrested for bomb blasts and other terrorist activities yet only Muslims are called as terrorists. This is rising concern across the country on the large number of arrests and harassment of Muslim youths by security forces. They are punched up, taken into police custody and are subjected to inhuman third degree tortures and eventually thrown into jails and awaiting trial for years. This amounts to state terror. On this account Muslim community no longer feels safe.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai Ex-M. P., Mayur Vihar, Delhi - 92
Is media’s agenda to protect scamsters?
In political scenario, media plays a dirty game as if media has its own agenda. On 17th August CAG report presented in Parliament in which total loot of 3.00 lac crore exposed in many department like in coal scam Rs. 1.86 lac crore reported which more than Rs. 1.76 lac crore 2 G scam. Earlier the coal scam was Rs. 10.67 lac crore. Media always targets government and political leaders. Though the culprits are big industrialist and business houses. They digest major chunk of scam money but media never exposes big houses why? Even supreme S. Court had delivered harsh comments about the beneficiaries in 2 G scam that because of the companies CEO’s were in forbes list they were getting liberty” Big Industry Houses & Companies are real culprit of scams why media not exposes them? Who gulped what amount of ransom?
S. Haque, Patna
Deceitful democracy
Is it not a deceitful democracy wherein a group comes to power even if it is voted by even much less than  50% of people?! Then only 51% of the elected ones get power to rule and to do whatever they like including to give away crores of rupees from tax-payers’ money to game-winners of their choice and also to turn moles into mountains and mountains into moles with an eye on next election?
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392150
If a Muslim were in place of Rajesh Jaiswal...
Police raided a rented house of fruit supplier Rajesh Kumar Jaiswal in Vikramshila colony under Tilka Manjhi P.S. at Bhagalpur. Police seized Rs. 2.57 lakh in denomination of Rs. 500, and Rs. 1000 fake notes with an Italian make pistol, 30 cartiges of SLR and two magazines. SSP K. S. Anupam said Rajesh Kr. Jaiswal managed to escape (HT, 21 August, page 5). If in place of Rajesh any Muslim were involved or house or colony were Muslim locality, this news would be given page 1 exposure. Satyendra Yadav of village Pidra Dist. Gopalganj was cheated in the name of job in foreign country by giving fake visa by Ashok Yadav and Rajkishore Yadav. This news was published on page 14 in 2”x2” so to diminish the gravity of dangerous news. If any Muslim was involved, the news would have been blown out of proportion. This is the dubious character of media.
S. Haque, Patna
Muslim behaviour
We Muslims have many charitable trusts among us. Unfortunately we are divided in different Firqas in different countries. Our social workers fight among themselves over trivial matters. Their ego does not allow them to work with happiness and affection. They help the poor to create a show. Our social workers are not trained and are not willing to learn new things. They never welcome different views. They have no knowledge of Islam so they do not help others to please Allah. They are narrow minded and do not appreciate work of others. They do not believe in learning every day. They are not humble. Well there are some good people but we need more people to devote their lives to help the community. We need more women to create awareness. It is a true Jehad. Five hours every week should be given for social work. It can bring big change among Muslims. We can work to help students, widows, orphans, sick people.
Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat
Are dalits told of saffron brigade
Mahadalit Vijay Rajvanshi was thrashed and beaten by Manuwadis for entering Shyam mandir at Fatehpur village of Akbarpur thana, Newada District of Bihar. Rajvanshi was threatened to be killed if he enter mandir next time and his rupees 10,000 were stolen by the follower of Manu (case no. 184 / 12), On the other hand, Sukhdeshlal Harijan and Jagdish son of Amar Lal both of the dalit community were caught by police for torching Tidhari Masjid of Poakhali, Kishanganj. At the behest of saffron brigade, dalits and adivasis are illegally erecting huts under the communist banner at allotted land of AMU camps and 385 acre bought by Maulana Wali Rahmani for educational institutions. Dalit leaders must explain to their people the saffron conspiracy.
S. Haque, Patna
Will Abdul Nasir Maudani not be freed before his death?
The rulers are enjoying day by day with more savage in the case of Muslims. Abdul Nazar Madhani is a Muslim by birth and a religious teacher as well as a preacher. He always stands for good deeds and object against evil deeds because he is a God fearing man. His only fault in the eyes of fascists is he spoke harshly here and there against he barbarism, demolition of the ancient mosque at Ayodhya in the day light with the full support of police, politicians, judiciary, ministers etc. Madhani condemned and spoke provocatively against the heinous crime. The nation as a whole witnessed this terrorism against the peace loving God fearing Muslim community. Subsequently many fake cases charged on Muslims and thousands and thousands were slaughtered across the country charging fake Godhra Train accident Bomb blasts, attacking Nagpur RSS centre etc. In the meantime Madhani was attacked by bomb and his one leg lost. He was wounded brutally. But none of the culprits neither charged nor arrested. By God’s grace and continued prayers Madhani recouped his health to the tune of 50% and pulling on his life with agony and dreadful future, the unkind judiciary arrested him from his house at late night on the suspicious ground of Coimbatore bomb blast and detained him in Coimbatore jail for about ten years without any specific charges. Poor Madhani possessing all ailments was rotting in the jail without proper treatment and food without proving his crime or charges he was acquitted from Coimbatore jail after nine and half years. Knowing the consequences keeping him in Kerala, police arrested him and keep him in Karnataka jail framing bomb case without any trial. This is another conspiracy against Madhani for his long incarceration. There is a logic i.e., the demolishers of the mosque or the killers of thousands of innocent Muslims are not booked or charged instead they are being treated as nationalists and VIPs. Abdul Nazar Madni has not advised to kill anybody or to demolish any temples or churches or make sabotage in the country as was done by the fascist. Release Abdul Nazar Madhani from Karnataka jail forth with and allow to live as L. K. Advani and Modi.
Haji M. A. Khan, Trivandrum - 695009
How can problems be solved?
Can our problems ever be solved if, on one hand, we advise people to avoid corruption but on the other, exhort them to drink wine by fixing eyes on Direct to Home [or Hell?] T. V. which only multiplies lust, greed, passion, desire and sin? A firm belief in a permanent life after this temporary one is the only remedy for the ailing human brotherhood. The Holy Qur’an also explains everything.
Sultan A. Patel Khanpur Deh - 392150
Brilliant thoughts
Apropos of “Worship: A Medium of Self-realization” (Milli Gazette 16-30 Aug) was a highly commendable attempt by the writer to propagate the universal values and ideals for a harmonious, healthy society in Islamic perspective in the light of worship (Ibadah). Amazing how Islam in accordance to the teaching of the Koran and the Prophet of Islam consider patriotism and seeking knowledge to be part of Moslem faith and not merely a way of life. The concept of worship so elaborately mentioned by the writer brings forth the fact that regardless of which religion one follows, if practiced in its true spirit, one benefits to exist in harmony with one’s self, fellow beings and mother nature as one family of the Lord/ Allah. I believe this attitude and aptitude to be self-realization itself. It was a pleasant surprise to read in the article the strong emphasis given to Moslem women to pursue for education. The Western media need to educate people on this rather than resort to cheap propaganda against women in Islam. The striking familiarity of Islam with Christianity was the statement of HH Dr. Syedna Mohammed to follow the path that leads to complete devotion to the Lord and humility- true essence of worship.
Dr. Kathreen Jones,
Superstitious all
At the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library today, there was a meeting in memory of a scholar who died only three months ago. Placed just inside the door of the seminar room was a photograph of the dead person. As is customary in this land, it was garlanded. There was also the usual ornate brass stand, but with multiple small electric lamps on it in acknowledgment of modernity. The tables around which people sat were arranged in a hollow square, and it will have been because of the absurd restrictions placed by the fire department, and perhaps by the contractor who maintains the air conditioning, that there was no havan fire at the centre. Three hours before midnight of 14/15 August 1947, Perry Anderson writes, “Nehru and his colleagues sat cross-legged around a sacred fire in Delhi while Hindu priests - arrived posthaste from Tanjore for the ritual - chanted hymns and sprinkled holy water over them...”. How unspeakably fitting that ritual of religion-related form should be practised in an institution devoted, at least nominally, to the memory of Jawaharlal Nehru, he of the “scientific temper”.
Mukul Dube Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091
Instant triple Talaq un-Islamic
The ex Dy. Chief minister of Haryana Chandra Mohan (Chand Muhammad) had given his second Muslim wife Fiza triple Talaq in one sitting which is again in news. It is against the Qur’an which prescribes a period of three months, after the expiry of which alone a divorce could become final. In Islam marriage is a sacred bond and a contract which both enjoy rights and shoulder responsibilities. Both marriage and divorce are easy in Islam. There is no frequency of divorce in Muslim society in spite of facility there in Islam has prescribed conditions for divorce with a view to protect women’s rights. If quarrels take place and all efforts at a compromise fail, the husband should set his wife free i. e. divorce her. Divorce should be given gradually in stages. It gives an opportunity to the couple to ponder and patch u. The relatives should intervene and try to keep the wedlock. As a last resort divorce is permitted. According to the Qur’an divorce cannot be given without a valid reason. It can only be given when wife is not in period of menstruation. Divorce will take effect not immediately but after the expiry of the prescribed period. Wife would stay with her husband for full period of Iddat i. e. three months. If husband has divorced under severe provocation and regrets having done so, he has every opportunity to take her back during Iddat period. But he forfeits this right if he divorces his wife for the third time.
G. Hasnain Kaif,Bhandara, Maharashtra
Mamata has shown mamata to Muslims of Assam
It is a good news that at least one high ranking non Muslim leader came out to help the Muslims of Assam .She proved a good Samaritan .Muslims of Bengal in special and Muslims of India in general be rejoiced with the gesture shown by sister Benerji .Renowned Poet has said bertar az gardoon maqam-e-Adam ast asle tahzeeb ehtrame Adam ast .The position of human beings is superior than sky the real civilization is to respect human beings .The killers and their supporters can never under stand the moral lesson incorporated in the poetry of great poet of east Allama Iqbal (converted Brahmin of Kashmir) If the Brahmins understand his poetry they bound to embrace Islam .But today they are mad after the political power .They know well that this worldly life is purely temporary .We can remind the death of Vilas Rao Deshmukh who died just in a week he had amassed hundreds of crores . No one knows the fate of great leader .We salute Mamata Didi and pray Almighty to make her Prime Minister of India She deserve this high ranking assignment.
Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
An open letter to Mr Asaduddin Owaisi MP
Quaed-e Mohtaram Asaduddin Owaisi Saheb:  Asssalam Alaikum, The arrests of 11 Muslims in Karnataka (being ruled by BJP ) and a quick message of congratulations by our new Home Minister of Central Govt. Mr. Shinde, shows that the matter of arresting Muslim youths seems to be never ending. After the arrest of Mr. Kazmi,the famous Urdu journalist, now a journalist from English media too has become a victim. He is Mr. Maseehur Rahman from a Karnataka English newspaper. I very humbly request you to raise this issue once again in Lok Sabha, I believe you have courage and guts to do so. Now there is an attempt to defame Saudi Arabia too, by saying that those arrested used to get directions and help from the Kingdom! Now the name of Saudi Arabia is frequently being taken in connection with terror activity, probably with the advice of Moosad and Israel, so as to create a fear in the minds of talented Muslim youth to go Saudi Arabia. This should be seen in the background of difficult time being faced by Congress Govt.
Rasheed Ansari, Free lance Journalist, Hyderabad
Its being a trend to arrest Muslims in any case what the govt. exactly wants. it is the 13th arrest of educated boys as well as established professionals why media is silent on it
Islam & Muslims
The spread of Islam amidst down fall of people having Muslim names appears very surprising except to those having in sight. Despite being born in any community they can realise that Islam has no racial connection. Notwithstanding their parents’ belief or unbelief, proper use of God given brain convinces them that HE is not at all racially related with any one. HE can raise people loyal to HIM even from those who were born in non-Muslim homes. Anti-Islamic bomb blasts by the name of universal Islam.     
S. Akhtar Khanpur Deh - 392150
Sack Tarun Gogoi and hand over Assam to army
According to P. M. Dr. Manmohan Singh Assam - violence is a blot on the fair name of India. The C. M. and Home Minister Tarun Gogoi is mainly responsible for large scale one sided Assam violence. He has failed to control well planned and organised anti Muslim riots in several districts and prove in efficient in nabbing the Bodo rioters and perpetrators. The role of Assam is partial and condemnable. The Congress leader ship should remove Tarun Gogoi and should hand over Assam to the army. Central home minister Sushil Kumar shinde said “The problem is neither communal nor of Indians and non-Indians.” Infact Bangla speaking Muslims and Hindus of this area are all Indians. Bodos want to make this area Bodoland like Nagaland. Infact quarrel is between 27% Bodos and 73% non-Bodos comprising of Muslims non-Bodo santh al tribe and other non-Bodo tribes. In 2003, during NDA regime Bodo Territorial Council Act (B. T. C. A.) was enacted. In this area population of Bodos is 27% while population of non Bodos i. e. Muslims, non Bodo santhal tribe and other non Bodo tribes is 73%. This majority 73% population has no political representation in the B. T. C. Act. This is gross injustice and totally undemocratic. Non Bodos should be given 73% representation in B. T. C. A. There are terrorists, militants and law breakers in Bodos. A Bodo terrorist organisation was banned by central govt. long ago. They have fire arms etc. They support Gogoi govt.. They want to drive out non Bodos which constitute 73% of the population to make majority of Bodos.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra - 441904
Assam carnage
It is absurd to brand one sided N. E. genocide of helpless, un-protected and defenceless Muslims as communal clashes. In fact, the happening in Assam appeared to have been designed and engineered by congress and implemented by Hindutva groups, Bodo inclusion with Israel agents who are very active in N. E. part of India, Myanmar and one or two other places. The conspiracy against Muslims in Bodoland Territorial Area District was probably (as appeared under the present scenario) hatched since long as BJP president Nitin Gadkari, senior BJP leader L. K. Advani and others. Ashok Singhal, RSS personalities were paying regular visits to that part of the country to finalise the plan incollusion with Israeli agents for the extradition of Muslims in the name of foreigner and Bangladeshi infiltrators. The congress regime continued to allow them to make inflammatory speeches, spitting venom spitefully against Muslims. Persons like Togodia and others were freely allowed to march ahead with their communal mission against Muslims. The Israelis have their strong footing in N. E. which fact is well within the knowledge of congress and Tarun led government of Assam. Hence it is false to claim that bursting out against Muslim was of a sudden nature. It is a well known fact that prominent Bodo leaders like Borgoyri and Maya alongwith associates since long making false and fabricated stories of Bangladeshi infiltrators, Pakistan’s the masses against Muslims thus levelling way for butchiery of Muslims but the congress kept on watching the whole proceeding like mute operate as if the party had no knowledge about the on-going episode against Muslims which appeared to be a trailer for the big event in future. Many of the Muslims and extended all help to the victims but the absence of Indian Union Muslim League and is leaders at all level felt very much
Faheemuddin, Nagpur
Pak power
Is not extraordinary prominence being given to Pakistan by suggesting that they can disturb peace in India through mobiles? They are unable to maintain peace in their own country even for an hour even in places of worship. Not a single day passes without soldiers being blasted and civilians being shout. In Karachi, every family feels good luck if their working members return home safely at night.
S. Akhtar Patel
Khanpur Deh - 392150

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 September 2012 on page no. 23

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