Who hides behind “Indian Mujahideen”?

Shahid Siddiqui
Editor, Nai Duniya, ex-MP

Who are these “Indian Mujahideen”? Are they Indians who are involved in sabotaging their own country? Are they Muslims who are retaliating against Babri Masjid demolition and Gujarat carnage? If we trust the media and government agencies, this seems to be so. If you examine the emails sent during the last 3-4 years you arrive at the conclusion that this is a group of India-haters who want to avenge atrocities perpetrated on Indian Muslims. However, whatever apparently seems is normally far from the truth. Intelligence agencies resort to fictitious versions and misleading messages in order to cover up facts. LeT or similar organisations based in Pakistan could be behind I.M. Ever since Pakistan has attracted worldwide condemnation for being the epicentre of world terror, Pakistani agencies have been trying to prove that the Kashmir or Indian incidents are the consequences of local unrest and Pakistan has nothing to do with it.

Saffron network?: It is also quite likely that Hindu outfits might be operating under the garb of “Indian Mujahideen”. These groups had resorted to such heinous tactics in the past too. Instead of Pakistan being their target, Indian Muslims have suffered their ire. This might to be a strategy to tarnish the image of the Indian Muslims throughout the country to incite hostile feelings against them so that they might be relegated to class three citizens. Ever since this group has been caught red-handed, it is trying to divert the attention of investigation agencies. In the past, too, raids conducted on their hideouts discovered fake beards and skull caps. Under the garb of Muslim identity, they were found indulging in nefarious activities. After the arrest of Hindu extremists, there had been a sharp decline in bomb explosions. It was being said that as Hindu extremists are behind bars, explosions have stopped as they alone were responsible for the violence. In order to disprove the above feeling, the Varanasi bomb could be an attempt to prove otherwise. A terrorist act could be resorted to divert the attention of investigation agencies from Abhinav Bharat and RSS.

Israeli conspiracy: Israel and its intelligence agency Mossad can also conspire to tarnish Indian Muslims behind the mask of “Indian Mujahideen”. Persons who are conversant with the Mossad strategies know that its agents not only target foes but also attack friends and by using Muslim identity they try to invoke hatred for Muslims all over the world. The aim is to create ill-will against them so that its own actions against Palestinians gets legitimacy. Mossad has been active in India since long because Israel and Zionism want India’s support and win her to its camp. In order to win majority support it might be operating behind the garb of “IM” by tarnishing Indian Muslims.

American game plan: There might be an international group under the cover of “IM”. since long India and other European nations have been raising the question: while Muslims all over the world are involved in terror acts why do Indian Muslims condemn them? Throughout Europe, America and Australia I have been bombarded with this question: why Indian Muslims are different from other Muslims? Why are they not a part of world terror outfits?
certain intelligence agencies might be using the “IM”. This would serve double purpose. On one hand it would destroy Indian economy while on the other, it would make Muslims villains all over the world.

Gang leaders of “IM”: There may be an unidentified outfit operating behind this name as is claimed by our security agencies that SIMI is the brain behind it. A few “misguided” youths from Azamgarh, especially Dr. Shahnavaz, are being named as the “mastermind”. There might be a few wayward Muslims whom Pakistani intelligence agencies might be using for carrying out their operations. Abdus Salam Usman Quraishi alias Qasim could be one from Mumbai. They mention the names of Muhammad Mansur Asghar Peerbhai and Mobin Qadir Shiekh from Pune, Fahim Arshad Ansari from UP, Aftab Ansari from Kolkata, Kayamuddin Kapadia, Uthman Agarbattiwalla, Sajid Mansuri from Mumbai and from Bhatkal (Karnataka) Yasin and his brothers Riyaz and Iqbal. Their names have been mentioned from different places from time to time. Are they really the gang leaders or do security agencies just parrot a few names to conceal their own inefficiency?

Expose the real villains: I don’t say “IM” is a fiction. I don’t claim that “IM” is not responsible for heinous crimes. What I want to emphasise is that our secret agencies and media must ponder over all the possibilities. Our practice at the moment is to jump to conclusions and then begin investigation to fit into a certain ready-made framework. Meanwhile, the real terrorists escape the net. Our secret agencies portray them as dreaded terrorists and churn heaps of fictitious stories and bluff the nation. In most cases, courts find flaws in prosecution – even in cases of POTA and MACOCA detainees charges could not be substantiated. What is needed is that our secret agencies must investigate all cases with an open mind to pinpoint what exactly IM is. If Pakistan and its jihadi organisations are behind its back, this fact must be brought before the nation with conclusive evidence. If our police alongwith the Indian government continues to malign Indian Muslims as the villain behind IM, they are, in fact, serving Pakistan’s agenda. Because Pakistan wants to assert that terrorism is not exported from Pakistan but an indigenous reaction of Indians. In order to refute this Pakistani propaganda, security agencies and media should think many times before pointing an accusing finger towards Indian Muslims. As soon as an incident is reported, instant conclusions are made within minutes. As a result, we have not been able to unearth neither facts nor the organisational set up. Nor have we been able to identify who is really behind it? The government has banned IM but what difference does it make to an unidentifiable organisation? By just holding IM responsible, the agencies claim that they have broken its backbone and rendered it ineffective. All its operators have escaped to Pakistan or have been arrested and then follows another incident and IM again comes to limelight. Now a few more names are mentioned. Why all the facts pertaining to IM are not divulged? Government must answer whether it is really Indian. Are there some misguided Indians behind it? Or is it really a unit working under Pakistani groups e.g. LeT etc? Or is there an international group active behind it? Or is it a concoction of some saffron outfit or an intelligence agency? (Translated from Urdu)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2011 on page no. 11

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