During the recent police chiefs’ 2-day conference, Intelligence Bureau head Nehchal Sandhu said, with the simpleton home minister Shinde nodding like Alice in Wonderland, that the security agencies are finalising a 2-pronged strategy to de-radicalise [Muslim] youth. To illustrate the point, he gave the example of the youth recently arrested by Bangalore Police. The other part of the strategy, according to the IB chief, is to focus on development and education.

We beg to differ. The victimised community’s perception and prescription are totally different from those of the persecutor. Our perception is that a vast majority of the “terror” cases against Muslim youth are fake, false and fabricated. These cases have been cooked up deliberately with a purpose by the same agencies which are now shedding crocodiles’ tears at what they themselves have meticulously engineered as part of a diabolical conspiracy to radicalise Muslim youth and thereby get a handle to beat the whole community with, in order to browbeat and retard the community’s progress.

While the country is awash with umpteen terrorist and violent outfits, the same police chiefs’ conference decided that the so-called “Indian Mujahidin” is the biggest threat to the country. No mention of the proven Hindutva terror or the one exported from beyond our borders or of Maoism. Our contention is that these agencies, led by the IB, are the biggest threat to national security. Instead of safeguarding our security, they are willfully and by plan vitiating the security of the country by targeting innocent Muslim youths through their rogue informers and thoroughly communal police personnel eager to get promotions, medals and cash prizes by implicating innocent Muslim youths. Their feats include the latest arrests which are all patently fake and engineered by the IB and local police. Coming on the heels of the fake “Darbhanga Module,” the latest sacrificial lambs are meant to bolster the (fake) counter-terror activity of the IB, Special Cell, ATS etc.

We demand an independent judicial enquiry headed by an honest person like Justice Sachar or Justice Kolse Patil or Justice Hosbet Suresh. As of now, we do not have an iota of trust in the IB, Special Cell or ATS headed by the likes of Rakesh Maria.

A serious detoxification and decommunalisation of these forces as well as the police and PAC is the need of the hour. Secret services have to be brought under a strict parliamentary and public oversight to put a brake on their roguish activities which threaten the security of the country. Only after that, the 180 million Muslims of India will start believing in and trusting these lawless agencies which as of now are acting like rogue and mad elephants out to destroy the legal and constitutional framework of secular India for their own myopic vested interests as well as serving the agenda of the Sangh whose elements have infiltrated into these agencies over the years.   

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2012 on page no. 1

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