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The “Saudi” Connection
JazakAllah khairan for the great article.. to be honest with you I did not know some of the points raised in the article, not to mention that you are well-versed in Arabic.
Dr. Saleh M. Sbenaty, Murfreesboro, USA
MG Editor: Indian Muslims for the last ten years at least are subject to a well- planned conspiracy by highly biased Intelligence and police elements here who are implicating our youth in terror cases. In the beginning, our elders thought that it is possible that some of our youth were involved in some stupid plots to avenge injustices like demolition of the Babri mosque or the Gujarat pogroms, but now after hundreds of acquittals in courts and emergence of reams of evidence it is clear that this is all pre-planned to implicate our youth in order to retard our progress, give bad name to our community. This serves the long term agenda of the ultra nationalist Hindus (RSS etc). We were already victims of discrimination since Independence in 1947, but the opening of the Gulf and Saudi route in early 1970s offered our youth a venue to work and progress, thereby improving the lot of their families. Now, they are trying to close even that route. It is upto the Gulf Arabs to understand the designs of the ultra nationalists in India. It is not correct that the whole government of India is involved in this conspiracy but certainly some biased sections of our government are involved. Now we are saying this openly here.
White Paper on Terrorism
Your plan to publish a white paper about the excesses and injustices upon Ummah through security agencies using TADA, POTA, MACOCA, fake encounters, illegal arrests, police-manufactured stories, closing of riots-related cases, etc. Certainly it is a monumental task and needs huge funds. We wish May Allah give a great success.
S. Haque, Patna
Islam-bashing: West’s hobby-horse
The west seems to have its favourite pastime: Islam-bashing. A derogatory movie on Muhammad followed by cartoons in a French weekly indicate that the entire west’s only objective is to instigate Muslims by caricaturing its holy book and figures. This is not freedom of speech and expression. This is misuse, nay abuse, of this freedom. I ask those miscreants, who’re trying to besmirch the image of Islam and denigrate its sacred characters, how’ll they react if Biblical figures are condemned, though a true Muslim will never insult Jesus and his mother Mary as both are revered in Qur’an? Even if you’re an atheist, it doesn’t mean you go on sullying those, who’re held in high esteem by the followers of a particular faith. I’ve never had faith in any god or religion. I spare none. Yet, I see to it that my attacks aren’t flagrantly full-frontal as to disturb the mental equilibrium of those who’ve faith and who cannot live sans a religious anchorage. Even in criticism, one shouldn’t lose one’s marbles and start abusing randomly. We’re living in religiously dangerous times and people have become all the more sensitive when it comes to their faith. It’s, therefore, imperative to exercise utmost restraint not to resort to anything that may snowball into a conflagration.
Dr. Sumit S. Paul, Pune
Death of Chris Stevens is sad. Unconcerned people should not have been killed. A brief news item says: “India has strongly condemned the violent act...”. The condemnation is well-placed and rightful. This gesture could have been saner and more rightful if the statement could, at the same time “condemned strongly” the film insulting the Prophet of Islam who was ‘Mercy unto, and benefactor of  the entire Humankind’,  and not the ‘prophet for the Muslims only’. This is outright wrong to view such misadventures (this film, Rushdie’s book, and Denmark cartoons, etc.) in a Muslim versus non-Muslim perspective. This is rather a matter of universal human moral values.
                Z. A Mansoorie, New Delhi 110025
Freedom of speech should have a limit. It cannot be used to hurt the religious sentiments of a community. I strongly condemn the attempts by certain anti-peace and anti-social elements of making a film ‘Innocence of Muslims’. This film has hurt the sentiments of Muslim Community world over. with regards
Abdul Hafiz Gandhi, New Delhi
The filthy American/Zionist documentary is a new scheme to keep  Muslims engaged in a reactive manner, and to sow new seeds of violence. The best strategy is to simply ignore this filth. All that these heinous minds want is violent protests and new excuses to oppress Muslims. The history and legacy of the Prophet is not something that would melt away in the wake of a repulsive design like this. The prophet as a human being has been humanity’s blessing. No dirt can ever stain his legacy. The Prophet himself had faced unimaginable levels of humiliation and insults from the forces of tyranny. His followers had to go on exile in Ethopia, he himself had to go away to Madina whose civilised people made him their leader. The Prophet’s message is patience and tolerance.
The violence throughout the world over the blasphemous film “Innocence of Muslims” is not justified in the least as Islam advocates for peace. However, we must also denounce the inflammatory  film. Freedom of expression cannot be absolute. Just like freedom of action is not a free licence to kick everyone you want, freedom of expression does not mean you go on hurting people emotionally. Ridiculing any religion or personalities related to it should be excluded from the ambit of freedom of expression. It is illogical that you outrage someone and then expect him to always behave in a sensible and peaceful way.
A. Hameed Yousuf, Ulsoor, Bangalore
I earnestly appeal my Muslim brethren not to get provocated on every filthy move aimed to sacrilege our religion or the revered persons .It has now become an easy but effective tactics for some mischievous elements to put us on psychological toes, these condemnable things will get cropped up time and again, shall we have to protest always. I think it is not advisable to respond to these unscrupulous and devil elements by protesting and agitating. Let us not give any attention to these filthy actions, the strange thing about our reactions to such heinous moves is that for a short span of time we get spontaneously united vowing to crush such elements and few abuses here and there including US and its allies. We should instead focus on certain basic issues confronting ummah. Do we really have any concern about our unity? Do we have any realization of our untapped resources being at the disposal of Muslim countries? Do we have any say in the global polity? Do we have any regulating power on the economic issues? How much mastery do we have on issues pertaining to science and technology? Have we created any international fund to promote quality research in Muslim countries?
                Nasir Hussain Peerzada, Srinagar, JK
This is with reference to the fantastic article published in MG 1-15 Sept 2012 “Fall of the fanatic; is Advani the new Rakhi Sawant of Indian politics?” is a mind blowing article by Samar Narayan, which  has presented the true face of Advani, who is compared to Rakhi Sawant is very interesting and informative. Mr. Advani is really a defeated man — defeated by none but by his own self goals. His dream of becoming PM is an illusion. A man of long political tenure should respect the democracy, but he made a mockery of it, and is now reaping the fruits of his misdeeds. I congratulate the editor for publishing this article for the readers in a bold venture.
Muhammad Azam, Karimnager, AP
 S M Krishna Yatra
S M Krishna, the Indian Foreign Minister, paid a visit to Data Durbar, Lahore, and left without making even a token donation! And then India talks of improving the relations between the two countries!
Col. Syed Riaz Jafri (Retd), Rawalpindi

Real and image – Congress and BJP

Every BJP leader blames Congress as Gandhi Parivar Party but Congress shies to call BJP Sangh Parivaar party. BJP blames Congress for 1.86 lakh crore coal scam and Congress blames BJP-ruled CMs responsible for coal scam. Congress targets Modi for sponsored riot as Modi asked police top brass not to act and let Hindus vent their anger for three days. Congress Assam CM and central Congress leaders stage-managed drama not to take action to control riots in Assam for at least three days. CM blamed Centre for not sending army in time and defence minister apologised for the delay in sending the army to Assam. Muslims should compare the similarities between Congress and BJP. Many decades earlier Dalit leaders recognised Congress as Naag Naathand BJP as Saanp Naath. 
S. Haque, Patna
Communal organization involved in terrorist activities
As a result of investigations of anti-terrorists squads and other investigating agencies it has been proved that Hindu communal organizations namely Bajrang Dal, VHP, Sanatan Sanstha, Ram Sena and RSS were involved in highly deplorable terrorist actions at Ajmer, Malegaon, Mander and Macca Masjid Hyderabad and highly explosive materials had been found both at the offices of these organizations and residences of activists of these organizations. Arrests of Col Purohit and Sadhvi Pragya collaborates the existence of a conspiracy engineered by these organizations. Mot only this, VHP and Bajrang Dal had also tried to convert Orissa into another Gujarat by killing Christians and damaging their churches white Shiv Sena had launched an intense hate campaign against north Indians in Mumbai. A prominent leaders of RSS has also been accused of participating in these activities by anti-terrorist squad. AICC at its recent session severely condemned the involvement of these organizations in terrorist activities. The Union Govt should immediately ban these organizations for their involvement in terrorist activities and this decidedly will be a fatal blow to terrorism.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M. P., Mayur Vihar - New Delhi
Open Letters to Modi and Kodnani
This is with reference to the fantastic items published in MG 16-30 Sept ‘’Sanjiv Bhatt’s Open Letters to Modi and Kodnani”. These letters are an eye-opener not only to Modi & Co, but to all the Saffron brigade. Sanjiv Bhatt should be congratulated for his boldness. He challenged Modi for his multiple communal misdeeds. Now it is the time for Modi to reply to the allegations made in the open letter.
Mohd. Azam, Karimnager, AP
Three C’S - greatest menace to the Indian democracy
Three C’s, i.e., Communalism, Corruption and casteism not only pose menace to the very existence of Indian democracy which is the largest parliamentary democracy of the world and the integrity of the country, Indian parliamentary system, Indian nationalism and our precious national composite culture will become a thing of the past. The need of the hour is that the Congress through whose efforts the country got freedom alone is capable of defeating these forces i. e. communalism, casteism and corruption by lunching a vigorous campaign against them.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-M.P., Delhi
Why India still follows British laws?
If one has to find a reason as to why ‘independent’ India has still on its law books, a bulk of penal laws, from the old colonial British rule, one may have to do some comparison between the British rule and the present Brahmin rule. Both British as well as Brahmins were and are a minority. Both ruled India with cunning and manipulations. India is hailed as being freed from the British rule, but unfortunately it fell into the grip of another minority, which though proclaiming independence, democracy and secularism, is still a oligarchic minority that has enslaved India. The Brahmin minority is treating rest of the people as their slaves and is mortally afraid of a 1857 like people’s revolt. It has therefore preserved all draconian laws that British colonials had devised to keep the Indians in bondage. The cleverness of Brahmins is that they have been successfully convincing the rest of the people that they are ‘Indians’ and therefore their rule is the rule of the natives. However, it is the same kind of ruse that Communists imposed on their people by calling their autocratic rule as people’s and workers’ rule, while a brutal oligarchy in fact ruled the Communist countries. Unless we the people wake up to the fraud that has been imposed on us and realize that the Brahmin Raj is a continuation of the colonial British Raj, we will never achieve ‘true’ freedom from our bondage. It is time for a wake up call.
Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai
What has Namaaz to do with a political move?
If, indeed, Mamta Bannerji has used the words “after the namaz” to announce the time of her ministers’ resignation, the statement is highly communal and smacks of warped secularism. The intention to appease one community, Muslims, was obvious and unshamed. The Muslim community should refuse to be swayed by any sort of hollow appeasement and make known their displeasure at such gimmickry.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai 400054
Why media silent on S. S.-BJP relation
Once shiv sena mouthpiece displayed bad taste poetry about Bihari “ek bihari 100 bimari….” Now SS 2nd top leader Udhav Thakarey raised issuing permit to Biharis. The media made some hue and cry but not a single media or a journalist asked BJP leaders particularly BJP leaders from Bihar about S. S. venom spitting against Biharis and BJP-SS relation and why BJP leaders continue relation with SS etc. The answer will expose media’s saffron mentality.
S. Haque, Patna
This word is used to mean different things. A sports commentary said, “The Valencia team imposes its pragmatism in El Sadar,” meaning that it applied every effective means to achieve a positive result. In this sense, pragmatism could be understood as the tendency to adjust to actual circumstances. We could distinguish two sides to this term-a philosophical pragmatism and a relativistic, or vulgar, pragmatism. The philosophical type has been developed by Charles S. Peirce, William James and John Dewey, among others. It acknowledges the validity of traditional issues concerning the truth of cognitive practices, and it seeks to reconstruct philosophy on that basis, starting from the notions of objectivity and truth. Relativistic or vulgar pragmatism is connected with a lack of principles, shrewdness, cynicism, and mere material efficiency. It seems to be quite frequent among certain businessmen and politicians. Manipulative advertising, deprived of any moral considerations, can obtain business benefits, even if this means deceiving consumers or creating artificial needs. For some politicians all opinions are worth the same, that is, nothing and truths do not exist as such. Their worth is merely based on the votes they help get. This is why, whenever a politician is asked about a particular fact, he typically does not reply to what is being asked, but rather answers with one or several well-built phrases aimed at creating a good image for himself or his party without stopping to think whether what is said is true or not. It is not the reality of facts that is sought, but rather to make a good impression on the audience and to secure their votes. Talking about this with a friend of mine who is a politician, he told me that at their summer schools they were taught the techniques for replying to mass media with arguments favoring their party and public performance, without taking into account whether their speech was true to the facts or not. This relativistic pragmatism bases social relationships on lies and creates a radical distrust in politicians, which is among the worst-rated collectives in many surveys. There is a clear need to base politics and human relationships on reality, and to always tell the truth about what we think and feel.
Arturo Ramo, DO-Teruel (Spain)
Commercialization of Education
All countrymen have to lament that education in the country has now become a thriving industry. Admissions to technical institutions and to institutions imparting education in professional courses are given on the basis of donations exceeding six figures. In flagrant violation of Indian constitution which provides for free and compulsory education to students up to the age of 14, public schools are charging excessive amount of thousands of rupees from the parents and guardians of students not once but after every three months during one academic session. These public school’s are public only in name but are really centres of worst kind of exploitation which is the norm of private sector or privatization. One has to pay for admission forms of universities not on payment or paltry amount. Mr. Kapil Sibal, the energetic H. K. D. Minister will really do a national service by adopting strong preventive measures to totally stop commercialization of education i. e. the conversions of education into a thriving industry.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, ex-MP, Mayur Vihar - Delhi-110091
Have Muslim leaders sold self-respect?
Janta Party leader Subramaniam Swamy wrote an article inPioneer (14 July 2012) exposing the conspiracy of Hashimpura killings. He wrote that the then minister of state for home  P. Chidambaram air-surveyed the riot-hit Meerut areas and told the local authorities:  “Teach Muslims a lesson as we taught Sikhs”. He had a meeting with PAC top brass where Mohsina Kidwai was not invited. Rather, she was virtually locked in the Dak bunglow. Mohsina Kidwai must answer the questions raised by Subramaniam Swamy and why she kept mum over the killing of 69 innocent Muslims?
S. Haque, Patna
Path of peace and progress
It is need of the hour to inculcate values of tolerance, brother hood, non-violence amongst our countrymen. Hatred, violence, intolerance etc are harmful to the development and progress of our motherland. It is elementary that with out peace, tolerance, unity, and rule of law no progress is possible. How the country can proceed on the path of progress when shops and houses are burnt, places of worship desecrated and demolished , property looted and innocent citizens are killed. Terrorism , communal and caste riots, bunds, bomb-blasts, naxalism, violent agitations etc retard all kinds of development and progress. There is no place for terrorism, violence, hatred linguism, intolerance etc in a secular democratic country like ours. We should adopt the peaceful and democratic methods of mutual understanding and discussions to achieve our objectives. The sprit of brotherhood, love, tolerance, co-operation, communal, regional and racial harmony and peaceful coexistence are essential for national unity, communal harmony and progress . We should launch a crusade against hatred, intolerance, linguism, regionalism, terrorism, intolerance, and violence prevailing in our country.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara, Maharashtra – 441904

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 October 2012 on page no. 23

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