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Pessimism, dissatisfaction and lost faith and other letters to the editor

Pessimism, dissatisfaction and lost faith
We, the people of India are surrounded by Pessimism what 21-nation Pew Global Attitude Survey result shows. According to survey Indians have lost faith in our economy and only 38% are satisfied and 62% are not satisfied. Out of 21 nations we Indian are most pessimist about our economy. Survey explained some major pain points like 80% unemployment, 79% rising price, 72% rich-poor gap. The major reason for this is due to failure of justice system. Rajdeep Sardesai editor in chief IBN-18 network wrote how we Indian have lost faith in justice system (Eng. Dailies / 24 August 2012) he wrote “Indeed both majority and minority communities appear to have lost faith in the criminal justice system the manner in which the justice Krishna report inquiring into the 1992-93 riot was literally thrown into the dustbin of history by BJP Sena Govt. when it came to power in 1995 convinced most minorities in Mumbai that state will not act against Sena leadership.” A scores of high level judges commission instituted to give justice to Muslim and every commission report thrown into dust bin by every ruling parties across secular or saffron government justice has become mirage to oppressed, weak and poor but who cares….
S. Haque, Patna

Beef Festival
Last year in Osmania University, Dalit students organised beef festivals. Dr. Kkanchaillayah world famous social issue orator and historian supported the beef festival in Osmania University at the programme manuwadis groups attacked. Now JNU progressives student union are organising beef festival on 28 Sept. Dr. C. P. Thakur had been in congress for decades and had been M. P. of congress but he joined BJP and now he is state BJP president. Now he raised issue of declaring national animal to cow. Now a supporter of beef festival raising question that why lakhs and lakhs Indian abroad not raise issue of banning cow slaughter? If cow is pious here why not pious in abroad?
S. Haque, Patna

Pandit Nehru secret G. O. ruined Muslims
According to UNI / 11 September 12 Asian Centre for Human Rights revealed that police, civil officers and defence personnel deliberately ducked the duties to save human lives in Assom. From thana incharge to top brass of administration were not interested to douse the fire of riots. Congress leadership were in deep slumber as if the whole ruling class were waiting to spread the riot so thousands human lives lost and lakhs and lakhs families become homeless. Because they know Muslims will be at receiving end. Then Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi and P. M. all would play sympathy game. They think this would pay in 2014 M. P. election. Pandit Nehru issued secret G. O. to police, intelligence and other sensitive department not to recruit Muslims. Injustices against Muslim started from there an continued in 37000 anti Muslim riots and now in Assom we saw how police, defence personnel, administration are least interested in fulfilling constitutional duties. Is that why Pandit Nehru is knows as great secular?
S. Haque, Patna

Muslim and Mahadalits fooled in Bihar
BJP in ruling partner of NDA led by Nitish Kr. who coined a slogan “Development with Justice” but BJP M. P. from Purnia. Uday Singh who is going to stage sorrow agitation. On 30 September which will display failure of govt. schemes and loot in scheme, fooling of Muslims and mahadalits. Wine and intoxication at every door and muhalla etc. BJP M. P. Uday Singh is anticipating the fear of loosing election because in Purnia if Muslims go against anyone with full vigour, he would to certainly loose. And Muslims are not give due share in jobs, Urdu teachers, Mazharul Haque University, minority hostels, wine shops in Muslim area, bad condition of roads, water problem, electricity etc. aggravated in Muslim area. Forbesganj, Arraria, Muzaffarpur etc. Muslims were killed by police and government set over inquiry commission. Urdu media ego is dying under the weight of government ads, and tenders.
S. Haque, Patna

Who is to blame?
“Muslim India shamed” MG / 1-15 Sept. titled report written by Faheemuddin is an eye opener for Muslims and Muslim society must ponder over our insensitiveness. Muslim world has forgot the revolutionary teachings to help the destitutes “Wa Zil Qurba Wal Yatama Wal Masakeen…”. The heart rendering news of Shannu Khatoon brought by English media. Now Hindi newspaper / 3 September 2012 has brought the painful story of the demise of Naushad Ansari. A handicapped 20 yr. youth from Gaya, Atri Block, vill. Dihuri Naushad Ansari died of hunger. Naushad’s mother Tourum Nishan said her husband left her two year back, she prepares flavour stick but factor owned did not give money since one month. She met ample times to block officer for help her out by giving handicap or poor scheme benefit even Mukhia did not pay any heed. She was not having any food since 3-4 day. Naushad died of hunger. Urdu media hides such news. Muslim organisation busy in organising Sham-e-Ghazals as if Muslims are most entertained and least informed. To whom we blame?
S. Haque, Patna

Congratulation Mahasalit Commission
Phoolchand Bhuiyan and Kailu Bhuiyan of Dumariya P. O. of Gaya District was killed in an police encounter as police claimed. This happened after a cobra battalion jawan was killed in landmine blast near chaker bandha village on 10 June. Mahadalit commission thoroughly investigated the police claim but found the two mahadalit youths was killed from blank range. The youths were not having any crime record and was working in Jalandhar and came to village for holiday. Police picked them when they were feeding their cattle. Those youths was killed in “fake encounter” on 12 September and asked government to take action against “Erring” police. We congratulate mahadalit commission for fetching justice within three months. Contrary to this 14 Muslims family are getting just 1 lakhs (which is nothing) for their family member death or loss in 1989-90 Bhagalpur riot this is after 22 yrs. For this some one must feel shame who? S. Haque, Patna

Congress strategies of price hike
Congress cannot reach near to grab power without Muslim vote and garner Muslim votes congress promised reservation. But congress never ready to give Muslim due shares so knowing this now Muslim will not help congress that is why congress leaders name surfaced in many ghotalas. Due to scams treasury sucked out. On the other hand to compensate the treasury, fuel and gass price hiked. This will effect Aam Aadmi. Congress is knowing Muslim cannot be cheated in 2014 (IIIrd time) election on false promises of reservation, so certainly loose the election. To save the face and deny Muslims importance in congress win in previous two M. P. election, congress would tell price hike, media sensalisation of scams etc. are reason of loss in election as after U. P assembly election. Congress blamed overtone of leaders. Parties structure etc. but not accepting Muslim deserting congress.
S. Haque, Patna

Congress plays with Muslim’s poverty and backwardness
Congress has geared up announcements for minority welfare seeing 2014 parliamentary election nearing. Finance minister P. Chidambaram announced to open banking branches in minority dominated area when he visited Sheo Ganga on 25 August. In 2008 and 2009 before last parlm. Election former finance minister Pranab Mukherjee issued a letters to banks to give loans to minority communities and to open branches in minority dominated areas. Banking and financial institutions know the realities of such GOs and announcements they just throw such orders in dust bins. Congress could release funds for constructions of CUB in Mothari and Goya within three months but could not release fund for AMU campus in Kishanganj after three years. S. Haque, Patna

Media declared Md. Fasih a terrorist
HT/27 August 12 on page 9 wrote Ghaziabad RTO issues license to “terrorist” i. e. Md. Fasih who belongs to Darbhanga employed in Gulf and languishing in jail. Aamir Khan who was sent to jail for 14 yrs. on manufactured terror charges of 20 numbers. Court declared him innocent. Judicial process even not started for Fasih, yet media is branding him terrorist! S. Haque, Patna

Kasab, Kodnani and Koyla
What is difference between Kasab and Kodnani? Certainly no sane person finds any difference, both killed innocents but why media debated Kasab and Kodnani not even got 1% of time Kasab got in debate. It is interesting that Parliament debated Kasab Koyla (coal) but even not touched Kodnani issue so as our society not even ready to expose Badrang Bajrangi that is why Kodnani and Bajrangi news treated as routine news. S. Haque, Patna

Tomorrow they have to suffer
Muslims of Assom are binding force for India because Muslims opposed separate Bodo land. N E are burning for separate identity. Bodo land is one of that where Bodos collected huge arm and ammunition and their arms revolution had dent India’s integrity. Muslims opposed these separatism. That is why recent riot Muslims paid heavy price. Saffron brigade praised Bodos killing of Muslims. In Kishanganj Adivasis were invoked to capture the land allotted for AMU campus and the land purchased by Maulana Wali Rahmani for educational institution. Saffron group patted Adivasis for illegally occupying AMU and Wali Rahmani’s land now they have to suffer. Adivasis captured lands in Purnia. The tribals with traditionals arms captured land in plany parts of Purnia. Now society has to suffer for what they silently praised the wrong in Kishanganj.
S. Haque, Patna

Nira Radia tape must be made public
The Nira radia tape leakage exposed the irregularities in the allotment of 2 G spectrum. Thus country could know about 1.76 lac crore loot of public exchequer and then some politicians with few Forbes list CEO’s could be sent to jail. Then why investigation of leakage of Nira radia tape is going on. Even Tata moved S. C. on November for ban on the publication, and broadcasting of the tape contents. Why such demands are being prayed? To expose the nexus of looters of public money this tape must be made public so that people could recognise the faces. S. Haque, Patna

Is this example of development with justice
After dislodging Laloo Yadav with the help of BJP, Nitish Kumar launched a slogan “Development with justice” but Nitish Kumar government don’t have ready lists of victim of Bhagal Pur anti Muslim riot 1989. Aamir Subhani home sec. appearing in a PIL filed by Md. Wahid in Patna H. C. who alleged that several riot victim had not been given compensation by state govt. yet H. S. assured court to submit the list by next date of hearing on October 24. Nitish government extended the term of Bhagal Pur riot commission till 28 February 2013 which was ending on 1 September 2012. Retd. Just. N. N. Singh is heading the commission. Forbesganj police firing judicial commission has not done anything concrete and police personnel, and BJP managed witnesses were pumped in for interrogation until commission stays at the site its finding will be trampling justice. Many examples like MSDP scheme failure, minority hostel, shares in job etc. are against Natural Justice. S. Haque, Patna

Are women judges more sensitive?
Historical judgment pronounced by additional principal judgeJyotsna Yagnik name Maya Kodnani ex minister of Narendra Modi government as “Kingpin of riots” and sentenced her for 28 yrs. under two sections and ex Bajrang dal president of state was given jail till death and other 29 simple life term jail in Naroda Patya worst massacre of 97 innocent Muslims in 2002. She said riots are blot on our democracy. Jyotsna Yagnik add. principal judge of Ahmedbad special court name will be written with golden letter in judicial history for such revolutionary decision. Women judges are more sensitive and just as Gita Mittal additional judge of Delhi H. C. who delivered historical judgment about the government (2001 - Vajpayee govt.) ban on SIMI was unconstitutional because proofs produced were very feeble and imaginary. Then congress led U. P. A. dragged the ban in higher courts. S. Haque, Patna

Nitish Kumar will get credit
Nitish Kumar has a credit of alliance with BJP since 1995 and ruling with BJP in Bihar giving strength to BJP. Otherwise both the national parties congress and BJP had lost the ground in Bihar. Now Nitish Kumar has developed close intimacy with Israel and facilitating Israel to strengthen their foundation in Bihar assembly Bihar C. M. Nitish Kumar would credit for this step of Israel foundation strengthening in Bihar by tying Bihar with Israel.

S. Haque, Patna

Digvijay Singh created new definition
In Indian politics Rumour spreading society had put black spot on our democracy but recently senior congress leader Digvijay Singh (gen. sec.) said in rural area people has to sit in field for daily routine which can be “Rural swadeshi sandas” (R. S. S.) called. (Agency / 24 August 12)
S. Haque, Patna

Facts and figures about propaganda of Assom
Rumour spreading society and media with some political parties are busy in shouting that illegal immigrants are route cause of Assom riots. Now they loved Bodo which were armed militant and still possessing huge sacha of arms. The propaganda created an impression that all the Muslim population are illegal immigrant but researches show that only approxm. 10% are illegal immigrant from Bangla Desh (Harsh mandar article Hindustan / 22 August 12) no media is ready to air the facts and figure.
S. Haque, Patna

Sky rocketting prices
On account of sky rocketing prices of essential commodities, the country today is facing a most formidable solution-defying crisis which has made the life of the common man extremely miserable. On this account the congress and its leaders who are committed to the welfare of the common man are riahtly very much perturbed. But they should not feel depressed as the past history tells us how a similar crisis which had also similar huge proportions had been successfully solved by one of its most popular and legendary leader Rafi Ahrnad Kidwai. During the 50s the country had to face the food problem and in those days it had to face the worst food situation. The target of self-sufficiency had totally failed and there was a cut in rations by one/third on account of food grain shortage. Semifamine conditions prevailed through out the country. Black- marketing and hoarding were responsible for worsening the situation. Hoarding and black-marketing had very considerably worsened the situation. Kidwai who had been given the food portfolio not only successfully tided over the crisis but made the country self sufficient and over and above all this be proved to be a miracle man by converting the country into the land of plenty. This he did by his extraordinary administrative talent and totally abandoning the cumbersome and time consuming bureaucratic procedures and by taking stern measures against hoarders, black marketers and profiteers. His measures are still alive, the government should adopt these measures and should open shops of essential commodities where these items should be sold at cheaper rates and stern preventive measures should be taken agains: hoarders, black marketers and profiteers.
Dr. M. Hashim Kidwai, Mayur Vihar – Delhi

Bharat Bandh Is A Futile Venture
The opposition parties should be conscious that the public is fully supporting the step being taken for the price rise of diesel, cooking, gas and the FDI .. To call Bharat bund is additional punishment to the people .The make the atmosphere polluted by burning the effigies ,old tires and other things .The people themselves has to inhale the poisonous gases .The shops schools and colleges are closed making the students lagging behind in education .Nothing will happen if the government is paralyzed for a day or two .The opposition parties should know the line of action for lowering the prices and stopping the FDI move .If it is possible only by removing the government and fresh elections then the government should be dropped .. If the next government also will not be able to allay then no use of falling the government . I should appreciate Mamta Didi for her upright action .But there are parties which have no public mercy they want to grab power for their party .It is just a political game for them .It is possible that after gaining power they will try to appease the foreign countries more than the present UPA government .But presently the elements who are being benefitted with price rise of diesel must be brought in lime light
Dr Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Beware of Chinese dragon Union home minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said “Naxalism is a grave challenge in thirty districts of India”. In fact Naxalism is Chinese Maoism which is spreading fast in seven states of India. Naxalities (Maoists) are trained and armed. They believe in violence and blood shed. They killed hundreds of policemen. They have been running parallel govt. in their areas. Most of the poor tribals and villagers are their sympathizers and supporters. Educated youthare also with them. They have been spreading their message through speeches, literature, mobiles etc. They are deadly against capitalism, communalism, religion etc. Their slogan is red flag on Red Fort of Delhi. Their mentor and ideal china has become second super power. China had invaded north east India in 1963 and had occupied large area of Northern Assam. It says Arunachal Pradesh is china’s territory. Capitalism, communalism, regionalism, linguism, rampant corruption, poverty etc. have weakened India. In such a situation, china with the help of India’s naxalities and maoists can try to hoist red flag on Red Fort. Beware of Chinese dragon my countrymen
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (M. S.) - 441904

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