U.P. ATS planting stories to delay Tariq-Mujahid release

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Randhir Singh Suman
Advocate, Barabanki

Special Secretary Rajendra Kumar’s reports to district magistrates registers Barabanki’s terror accused records at 1891/2007, Faizabad at 3398/2007, Wazirganj, Lucknow and Gorakhpur Cantt at 547/2007 and 812/2007, respectively. The letter points out that innocent Muslim youth in these districts are detained in the name of terror acts and the government needs to be notified about their charges to take appropriate action to free them.

For the accused youth of 2007 serial blast case in Lucknow and Faizabad court premises, there seems to be a ray of hope for their release as the state government has decided to withdraw the case.

High-ranking ATS and STF officials are holding meetings in Lucknow to plan their moves. In order to  hide their heinous acts they are getting news reports favouring them published in the electronic and print media.

Under pressure from advocates and the public, the ATS kidnapped Tariq Qasmi from Azamgarh on 12th December 2007 and Khalid Mujahid from Madiyahu Bazar in Jaunpur days later, on the 16th December.

Mainstream newspapers ran headlines that Khalid Mujahid had been kidnapped by white-clothed men but an RTI filed later disclosed that he had been “arrested” on the said day.

A major turn of event was that Barabanki district administration was not informed and it was reported that Khalid and Tariq had been nabbed with explosives at the Barabanki Railway Station portico on the 22nd of the same month.

The arrests made in the railway premises ought to be recorded in the GRP police station; there too the protocol was not followed. Similarly, there are many loopholes in the handling of this case.

Explosive ingredients said to be seized from the youth were never presented in the court and never showed to the media.
Justice RD Nimesh’s investigation into the matter bore a report which was submitted a month ago and if it is reviewed and implemented, justice will be dispensed to the youth languishing in the jail for years.  

Lucknow ATS authorities, however, do not want their secret disclosed and are pressurising prosecution authorities not to withdraw the case and are getting reports published in the media in order to drum up  support among the public to this effect.   

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2012 on page no. 1

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