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Mushawarat deliberates on burning issues

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New Delhi: The Central Working Committee (CWC) of the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations, met here on 6 October at the AIMMM central office. The meeting was chaired by the AIMMM National President Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan and attended by Dr. Arshi Khan and Janab Mohammad Sulaiman (General Secretaries of AIMMM), Janab Nusrat Ali, Hakim Syed Zillur Rahman, Prof. Akhtarul Wasey, Prof. Shakil Ahmad, Prof. S.M. Yahya, Janab Zafar Jung, Grp.Capt. (retd) M. Anwar, Janab Ahmad Rashid Shervani and Begum Nusrat Shervani. The meeting offered condolences to the millat and families of prominent leaders of the community who passed away recently and prayed for their souls, especially DR ABDUL HAQ ANSARI, renowned Islamic scholar, former Amir, Jamaat-e Islami Hind, member, Markazi Majlis, AIMMM (died in Aligarh on 3 Oct. 2012) and others (see www.mushawarat.com for full details).

The meeting discussed a number of organisational, milli, national and international issues like AIMMM’s finances and state units, Assam, recurrent riots, especially in U.P., terror-related arrests etc. and passed the following resolutions:

ASSAM: CWC is seriously pained and alarmed at the situation developing in the BTAD areas of Assam where at least two lakh Muslims still remain displaced as a direct result of the undemocratic Bodo Accord of 2003 signed by the NDA government under which 27% Bodos have been made overlords over 73% of the area’s population which includes over 30% Muslims. Moreover, Bodo militants were left with their illegal arms including an estimaded 5000 automatic guns which they use to terrorise and kill their opponents. To overcome this undemocratic and unconstitutional situation, Bodos have been trying to drive away others from this area including tribals, Adivasis and Muslims in order to artificially become 50% of the area’s population. The state government is hand-in-gloves in this crime. After the current ethnic cleansing which started on 20 July, the state government first announced that all displaced persons will be settled again in their respective areas but, gradually, it conceded to the Bodo demands that only people with land holdings in the area will be allowed to return. CWC demands that all displaced people should be allowed to return to their homes and lands and any verification thereafter should be carried out only by competent judicial authorities. CWC condemns the Sangh Parivar attempts to brand all Muslims in Assam as “Bangladseshis” which is supported by chauvinist forces in Assam who use this false claim as a handle to disenfranchise Assam Muslim who constitute 31% of the state’s population and have been living in Assam since the middle ages. They are as Assamese as anyone else in that state.

TERRORISM: After a short respite in the wake of the exposure of the vast network of saffron terror outfits, the vicious campaign against Muslim youths is again seriously on. Innocent youth are being arrested, rather kidnapped, from various parts of the country on the basis of fabricated stories and mere suspicion. Police chiefs were recently told during their annual conference that the biggest threat faced by the country comes from the so-called “Indian Mujahidin” which the Muslim community thinks is a fictitious organization propped up by the IB to harass Muslims. Eighteen youths have been arrested recently in Bangalore and other places in a totally false and fabricated case which is clear from the changing stories dished out by Bangalore police about these youths.

CWC condemns this campaign which is part of a plan by saffron and communal elements in the IB and Police to retard Muslim progress. CWC demands transparency in the matter and establishment of fast-track courts to try such cases so that our youth are not pronounced “not guilty” after ten and fourteen years of incarceration which ruins their lives and careers. IB and Police officers responsible for fabricating cases and implicating innocents should be suitably punished and compensation to the victims should be deducted from the salaries and pensions of such officers. Further, CWC demands serious and tangible action against the saffron terror which is now being totally overlooked despite chilling details incorporated in Malegaon and Ajmer chargesheets and other sources in these agencies.

AIMMM welcomes the current effort by the government to raise Muslim representation in the Police force which has gone down to as low as 2% in some states. Muslim representation should also be raised in the Army, IB and other security agencies to regain the lost confidence of the Muslim masses.

AMU KISHANGANJ CAMPUS: CWC is concerned that the Kishanganj campus of Aligarh Muslim University is being delayed on minor technical grounds. CWC urges the government to release the funds for the Kishanganj campus quickly so that building of the required infrastructure and fencing of the land starts in earnest while technical hurdles are removed.

GUJARAT VERDICT: CWC welcome the court verdict in Naroda Patiya case and hopes that criminals in other pogrom-related cases and umpteen fake encounters will soon be punished in the same manner. CWC lauds the efforts of human rights activist Teesta Setalvad, lawyer Mukul Sinha and many others who have selflessly fought the legal battle on behalf of the hapless victims.

REPORT ON SPECIAL CELL: CWC lauds Jamia Teachers Solidarity Association for its continuous struggle to raise the issues of the victims of the fake war on terror. CWC lauds in particular JTSA’s most recent publication on the Delhi Police Special Cell showing how it systematically fabricates cases against innocents and implicates them in fake terror cases. Such forces should be abolished forthwith as they are incorrigible breakers of law and despite umpteen court censures continue to inflict wanton injustice on the weak and defenceless people.

EDUCATION: CWC welcomes National University of Education Planning and Administration’s estimate that 33% of the enrolments in classes I to VII is Muslim girls’ and there has been an over-all increase of 31% from the previous academic session. It is a known and laudable fact that Muslim girls are taking more interest in education compared to Muslim boys. It is time the community realised that education, meaning quality education, is the only way to attain progress and prosperity in our society. In addition to the government’s plans, the community too has to play its active role in making this possible.

RIOTS: CWC is alarmed at the spurt in communal riots in various parts of the country, especially in Uttar Pradesh in the wake of the inauguration of the Samajwadi government in the state. It has been noted that the police force either remains passive during these instances of engineered murder, loot and arson or becomes an active participant opening fire at will at Muslims with the intent to kill as happened recently at Masauri town near Delhi. We caution the state and central governments to be more careful in tackling acts of violence, pay adequate compensation to the victims of police fire and take quick legal action against the killers. CWC also appeals to the Muslim masses to show no unnecessary and hasty violent reaction to inflammatory situations created on purpose by communal forces whose eyes are fixed on the general elections in 2014 for which communal polarization is required so that their political party may benefit.
J&K: CWC condemns the J&K state government’s attempts to scuttle further probe in the 2156 unmarked graves which were unearthed by the state human rights panel at 38 sites in north Kashmir. CWC notes that there are around ten thousand people in Kashmir who went “missing” during the militancy years and that there are 2683 FIRs lodged with J&K police about missing people in the state, mostly in the Valley. Unearthing the reality and punishing the culprits in uniform is an important requirement for peace and normalcy to return to the tormented state.

FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: CWC unreservedly condemns the makers, financiers and supporters of a sacrilegious film about the beloved Prophet of Islam which is a reflection of their sick minds. CWC wishes to remind governments at home and abroad that all freedoms, including the freedom of expression, have their limits. In every such case the golden rule “your freedom ends where my nose begins” applies. No one, in India or abroad, should be allowed to insult religious beliefs and icons held in reverence by others. CWC appeals to the Indian government to take the initiative to urge the UNO to make a universal law protecting religions and religious icons from scorn and insult by insane elements who indulge in such crimes in the hope of accelerating the so-called “clash of civilizations”. CWC cites with satisfaction the example of Egypt which is tryig a Muslim for insulting the Bible.

WAQFS: CWC registers its protest against the continued exploitation of waqf properties by private individuals and government agencies. Of particular mention is the issue of graveyards (qabristans) which are being usurped or enchroached upon continuously in various parts of the country almost every single day. CWC appeals to the Muslim community to be vigilant about this common property and to not allow anyone to enchroach upon these lands as it will be increasingly difficult to bury our dead due to the high rise in property prices in both urban and rural areas. CWC appeals to the state authorities and especially to waqf boards to hasten to erect boundary walls around graveyards so that encroachment could be checked and prevented.

CWC further notes that the return of 123 waqf properties in Delhi, which are under illegal occupation of various government departments, to the waqf board is pending since 1984. The Burney Committee had pinpointed 247 such properties in Delhi but the government of the day had accepted to transfer only 123 properties to the Waqf Board but even these still remain under adverse possession. It is high time this matter is settled so that these properties are used for the purposes for which they were earmarked for by their settlors.

REGISTRATION OF NIKAH: The government has of late suggested that all marriages should be properly registered to safeguard the rights of both parties. Some Muslim organisations and individuals have hastended to oppose this on the ground that it is against Shariat. CWC notes that there is no provision in the Shariat which says that marriages should not be registered. On the contrary, the Qur’an orders us to write down all contracts and it is known that marriage is a supreme form of contract in the eyes of Islam. CWC appeals to the concerned parties to have a dialogue on this issue in order to arrive at a common ground. One wayout may be to accept the existing qazis as registrars of marriages for the Muslim community. In this case, provision should be made for their registration with courts or other government agencies and their marriage certificates should be accepted for this purpose.

IRAN: Iran continues to reel under illegal American sanctions which have no UN backing and flout the very bases and foundations of the NPT which allows signatories to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes and makes it mandatory for existing nuclear powers to help them. The most shrieking voice against Iran’s so-called nuclear programme comes from Israel which sits on a pile of around one thousand nuclear warheads and which has failed to sign the NPT and, unlike Iran, does not allow the IAEA to inspect its nuclear facilities. It is time Muslim countries came forward to end this charade and help end the unjust sanctions imposed on Iran.

SYRIA: CWC is deeply concerned about the ongoing killings and wholesale destruction in Syria by its government and opposition forces. CWC urges the Syrian government of President Bashar Al-Asad to hasten to arrive at an understanding with the opposition forces to save the country and to usher in a democratic, multi-party polity which serves not a family or a clan but the whole Syrian people. Failing to do so quickly will only push Syria in the same pit in which Qaddafi’s Libya fell earlier as a result of American and NATO military intervention which will not be in the interests of either the government or opposition in Syria.

EGYPT: CWC welcomes the outcome of the tussle between Egypt’s first democratically elected President and its armed forces. President Mursi should now hasten to unleash political and economic reforms to empower the Egyptian people and to bring in the prosperity which would make American aid redundant. Egypt should come forward to reclaim the leading role in the Muslim World it once occupied before falling in the trap of a fake peace with Israel.

BURMA MUSLIMS: Burma’s Rohingya Muslims continue to suffer from state-sponsored terror, concentration camp-like life and political disenfranchisement under the military junta. CWC hopes that the promised new civilian government will erase this blot on the face of Burma and allow a part of its citizens to live, prosper and contribute to Burma’s prosperity in peace and dignity.

A press conference was held at the AIMMM central office in the afternoon of same day where the President and General Secretaries Janab Muhammad Sulaiman and Dr Arshi Khan replied to journalists’ questions.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2012 on page no. 13

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