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The recent concerns pertaining to Indian and other Muslim communities of the world raised by All India Muslim Majlis Mushawarat is a welcome move. It is perhaps for the first time after independence that Muslims from all shades of thought under AIMMM have converged together to discuss their problems and raise the common concerns of the community. It is the grave predicament of history that Muslims of the subcontinent got fragmented for a seemingly noble cause, but Alas! The creation of an ideal Islamic /welfare state still remains a distant dream. There are no tangible signs that such a dream state could be established owing to our internal strife, weak economy, and leadership crisis, lack of proper understanding of Islamic teachings, intolerant, sectarian approach and other external resistive forces. The concerns raised by AIMMM are genuine and authorities should respond the situation positively. The need of the time is that Indian Muslims get united and forge a strong alliance to safe guard their interests. We should learn to shun the self created barriers, adhere to universal message of our religion without being parochial .If we continue to remain segregated on the basis of region, language, masalak or any other identity then we have no right to live and we shall be exploited, killed and subjugated. I think the agenda of AIMMM should be followed by all of us and make this emerging voice a strong and potent one. The Majlis has done well by raising the concerns of Muslims of Kashmir and Muslims of other parts of the world. Wa Salam with regards
Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar
Fast or feast flouting Qur'an
One of the sweet-selling advertisements appearing on the July 22 Gujarat Today depicts the Crescent 'Hilal' filled with samosas! But then such money-mindedness gives one no surprise when one sees the Urdu words "Misl" (like) [in small print] Taj Co. Lahore" on the copies of the Qur'an printed in India.
S. A. U. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150
My son is innocent
Recent spate of arrests of Muslims youths - 15 Muslim youth arrested on terror charge within three days. Obaidur Rahman is one of them. He was picked up by police from Gulshan Iqbal Colony, Bangalore. Kausar Begum m/o Obaidur Rahman said her son was innocent and it was a conspiracy to drag him in the terror net. Buela M., a Gujarati lady w/o a school teacher from Ahmedabad, stayed in ISRO guest house Bangalore on 19/12 September with fake I. D. card. As she was captured, news was being flashed that her mental status is not sound. Fake I. D. card was  found with her but the case was hushed up quickly.
S. Haque, Patna
Saffron thought is foreign
Every body knows that saffron brigade has borrowed fascism from Italy and Germany. Unfortunately our secular section is practices soft hindutva instead of total secularism.Saffron ideology must be confronted frontally because India as a nation can survive under secularism.
N.Jamal Ansari
Swine ways abounding
How the fidelity of spouses can be thrown down the drain can be seen in a published picture. It shows Israeli President Shimon Peres embracing and kissing U. S. secretary of state Hillary Clinton. Does this vulture culture want to overtake pigs in the spiralling shamelessness!
Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 392150
Dara, Kodnani and Kasab
Dara Singh killed Christian missionary Graham Staines and his two young children by burning them alive. It is proved that Dara Singh was guilty but he was not awarded capital punishment. Similarly Maya Kodnani of Gujarat, former minister of Modi cabinet, was proved to be a conspirator and killer of 96 innocent 96 Musims at Naroda Patiya but she is not given capital punishment. Kasab who attacked Indians with lethal weapons killing innocent Indians was awarded capital punishment. Is there any difference between Dara, Kodnani and Kasab crimes?
S. Haque, Patna
Shameless scorpions
One's conscience cries that only pork-eaters and wine-drinkers can create cartoons and films insulting the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) by ignoring the truth that insulting the Last Prophet amounts to insulting their own prophets (peace be upon them all).
Sultan A. Patel, Khanpur Deh - 39215
 Beyond monotheism & polytheism
Apropos the box item 'Ignorance is the mother of misunderstanding' (MG, Oct. 1-15). I'm afraid, Syed Abdullah Tariq has not understood the Vedic dictum 'Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan' in its entirety and translated it, 'There's only one god, not the second; No, nor, in the least.' His lopsided rendition is suggestive of Hinduism being basically monotheistic. It's fallacious. This Sanskrit exhortation means: 'The cosmic consciousness (Brahm) is one, all pervasive and undivided. It cannot be counted or quantified'. The Hindu deities are the manifestations of this consciousness (Brahm). Hinduism has always been proudly polytheistic. Though I'm no votary of polytheism as I equally criticise monotheism, I believe that whether it's monotheism or polytheism, Muslims as well as Hindus have hardly comprehended the fundamental difference in each other's respective belief system. Semitic and Eastern belief systems are diametrically opposite to each other. Monotheists will never understand the polytheistic devotion to so many gods or deities and a polytheist will barely understand the monotheistic monomania of worshipping just one god. Both are right and at the same time, wrong. One lifetime is not enough to understand one's own faith, let alone the faiths of others. And when you understand, you leave all, whether it's monotheism or polytheism. You find no truth in any man-made religion, however sublime it may appear from a distance. Always remember, your fellow human being is far more important than all the dead prophets and gods.
Dr. Sumit S. Paul
 Tainted Parliamentarians in Parliamentary Committees
Abhishek Manu Singhvi could not remain chairperson of a Parliamentary Committee after his name figured in a controversial CD. But breaking all norms of morality in public life, tainted Parliamentarians having spent long days in jail for corruption-charges have unfortunately been placed in Parliamentary committees even though they are not cleared from the charges levelled against them are presently on bail. Such appointments are especially improper because Parliamentary rules do not allow every Parliamentarian compulsorily to be in Parliamentary committees. Significantly Union Sports Minister Ajay Maken had recently gone to the extent of opposing tainted Suresh Kalmadi taking part in London Olympics. If inclusion of A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi and Kanimozi in Parliamentary committees is justified, then why another tainted Parliamentarian Madhu Koda was deprived of enjoying privileges of being a member of some Parliamentary committee? Such acts of our decision-takers of political system make public demand for some strong anti-graft mechanism. Chairpersons of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha keeping in mind strong public-reaction towards notoriously tainted Parliamentarians, should turn down any proposal to include persons like A Raja, Suresh Kalmadi, Kanimozi etc in Parliamentary committees.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006
 Identity crisis for the Assam Muslims
The saffron terrorism was not able to establish its narrow communal base in Assam earlier as it was able to do in other parts of India. But, now, so-called secular Assamese organisations have reportedly handshaked with communal forces like Bajrangdal, RSS, VHP, ABVP and BJP and are being allegedly funded by these hardcore Hindutva outfits. These so-called saviors of Assam are labelling all Bengali-speaking Indian Muslims in Assam as “Bangladeshi” or “Bideshi” (foreigners) whereas actual Bangladeshi Hindus and other illegal communities in Assam have become their dear ones, which clearly proves that their so-called “Bideshi bitaran” (ouster foreigners) movement is against only Muslims. And when we protest it they label us as communal. The most tragic episode for the Muslims in Assam was the recent violence and riot in Bodolan when our people were being slaughtered like animals, the inhuman people like  Advani dubbed it as deshi vs. bideshi (citizen vs. foreigner) clash; the biased media and most of the people in Assam supported it. The human crisis was overlooked and the movement against so-called “Bangladeshi” Muslims has started and has become the main cause of suffering for the poor Muslims who are genuine Indian citizens.
Md. Shah Jamal Alam,  Assam
 Travel expenses of Union Ministers
RTI response reveals that tour-expenses of Union Ministers in the financial year 2011-12 is rupees 6785260000 which is twelve times the amount spent on such tours in the preceding year. An enquiry should be made into sudden jump in the travel-bill of Union Ministers to such sky high limits, and responsibility should be fixed on some over-spending ministers who should be expelled from the Union Cabinet as a caution for future such misuse of public funds by our 'ever-flying' Union Ministers. In addition to curb frequent foreign-visits by Union Ministers, other measures should be taken to reduce their travel-bills and to make them feel like ordinary citizens. Rule should be only economy-class travel allowed for Union Ministers during their foreign trips that too with every day of their trip to be justified through a detailed study-report compulsorily to be submitted after every foreign-trip.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006
Anti-Islam Film and Reaction in the Muslim World
This is with reference to a wonderful article published in M.G 1-15th Oct by Mr.Asghar Ali Engineer ''Anti-Islam Film and Reaction in the Muslim World'. I read it with interest . I fully agree with the views expressed by him. The Westeren media is playing a game with the innocent lives of Muslims by producing 'Hate the Prophet Films' on the Net and creating conflict in the name of ''freedom of speech. Islam preaches peace by words and not by swords. Our scholars like Maulana Waheeduddin Khan and Dr. Zakir Naik should condemn this idoitic act of hurting the sentiments of millions of Muslims around the world.
Mohammad.Azam, Karimnager A P
Dr Zakir Naik on Ganpati
Dr Zakir Naik, s apology for his comments vilifying Ganapati is no apology or expression of regret at all. It reminds us of Salman Rushdie's apology for writing what he did in his book "Satanic Verses". He had "regretted profoundly the distress the publication has occasioned to the sincere followers of Islam….." He had regretted the fact that the book caused distress; not the fact that he wrote it. The Muslim world never accepted this as an apology and the author stands as persona non-grata to the community. Dr Naik, a la Rushdie, is sorry only for the fact that he may have hurt the sentiments or feelings of any person and not for his words vilifying the deity. He is also ambiguous whether he has disapproved of the contents of the postings on the social network done by his staff or has only disapproved of the fact that the staff posted them. Home minister RR Patil has rightly asked the police to examine Naik's statement to see if a case can made out against him as demanded by Hindi Janjagran Samiti and others. It is noteworthy that internet Muslims are already condemning Dr Zakir Naik's views.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054
Police and Muslims
The remarks made by the Supreme Court Judges H. L. Dattu and C. K. Prasad, that police must ensure that no innocent person had the feeling of suffering only because "my name is Khan, but I am not a terrorist". This comes as a whiff of fresh air. Recently, while allowing the appeal by Ashraf Khan and 10 others, the Supreme Court bench has rightly lambasted the Gujarat TADA court order which convicted them without taking cognizance of the mandatory requirements of the TADA, that stipulate the recording of offence with the prior approval of the District Superintendent of Police. It is heartening indeed, that the Indian Judiciary has been steadfast in its judgments time and again, which gives confidence in the hearts and minds of the beleaguered Muslim community.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin,Kadapa (A. P)
War-crazy US
The war-crazy and Islamophobic US with its murderers and killers to 'kill at will,' is in a perpetuated 'state of war' with the Muslim nations. A war comprising unilateral invasion. Some of such 'wars' are going on, and some are in offing. While in this 'state of war' no less than 2 million innocent (non-combatant) Muslims - including foetuses, babies, children, women and aged people - are killed indiscriminately and tens of hundreds of tonnes of white phosphorous, and innumerable sorties of napalm bombs and cluster bombs are poured upon, the US terms it as 'collateral damage.' But when even four US people die during the same 'state of war,' most of the Muslim intellectuals cry out, "This is un-Islamic; they were 'innocent'," suggesting - of course wrongfully - that Islam does not endorse collateral damage as a natural consequence of war. Dr. Javed Jamil rightly opines (Radiance 30 Sept - 6 Oct, 2012) that "The Muslim anger is not just limited to the anger against the film. There is a clear indication that this anger is directed against America and its policies towards Muslims." Violence during demonstration is of course condemnable but the other side of the coin is that the Muslims are not supposed Islamically to be such 'ahimsavadis' as to perish "peacefully" (like worms and rats). The 'crisis-time-preachers' of Islam, preach the Ummah to do Da'wah work on such occasions. Most of them are those who hardly happen to utter a single sentence emphasising Da'wah during 'normal season.' Does this not imply that the Ummah wants, and should wait for, some sordid incident of the Prophet being abused and humiliated, or the Qur’an being desecrated, to perform Da'wah?
Z. A. Mansoorie, New Delhi - 25
Krishna on J&K
The statement of Mr. Krishna, Indian foreign minister regarding the status of Jammu and Kashmir is quite unfortunate, unrealistic and untimely .The statement was issued in response to the statement given by Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari at U. N. It is India's stubborn attitude which has delayed any honorable solution to the vexed problem of Jammu and Kashmir. The present status quo of Kashmir has made the common masses of this region to suffer a lot in addition it has been draining the fragile economy of all the stock-holders. It has a direct bearing upon the poor Kashmir people who have been bearing the brunt of this problem now for more than sixty years. The resources of this state are being exploited brutally, the tourist industry at its low ebb due to closure of all natural routes which could have connected this region to central Asia, Gulf and even to Europe via Turkey resulting in the staling of Kashmir fruit, handicrafts, wooden work, papier mache etc thus delaying their timely marketing, thereby badly affecting the economy of the state. Despite having enormous water, forest and bioresearches the people of the state do suffer a lot for want of hydroelectricity, timber and cooking fuel. As such it becomes imperative upon both India and Pakistan to pave way for an amicable and lasting solution to this imbroglio. So that the plight of the people of the region gets better and improvised. It is not advisable for any party to stick to the hardened stance owing to the fact that the disputed nature of Jammu and Kashmir has been bleeding the people of the region to an enormous amount.
Nasir Hussain Peerzadah, Srinagar-190006
Conspiracy to wipe out Sher Shah name
The great founder of Suri Afgan dynasty, Sher Shah ruled India for a short period of five years before his accidential death in the fort of Kalinjar in 1545 AD. His contributions are historical including the construction of "Grand Trunk Road" running from Kolkata to Peshwar and introduction of currency called "Rupihay" the first version of Indian rupee. In Indian jurisdiction grand trunk road name changed to National Highway and Rupiyah. Now Sher Shah Suri’s mausoleum is left uncared though it is the responsibility of ASI. It is included in UNESCO's tentative list for declaration as a world heritage list since 1998. Union minister Jai Ram Ramesh wrote a letter to Union culture minister Kumari Shelja that water in the Mausoleum's pond was very filthy. Grabage was strewn all over defacing the whole place and there is no light at all. ASI didn't move a bit. Letters writing, establishing committees, announcements etc. are Congress modus operandi to please the saffron brigade clandestinely destroying Muslim monuments.
S. Haque, Patna
 Mango People in Banana Republic
It refers to on-going war of words between Arvind Kejriwal with his associates on one side and son-in-law Robert Vadra of Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi with full force of Congressmen including those in government on one side. By all practical accounts, personality of Robert Vadra as a public-figure can and should not be denied, and all those in public-life should be careful, responsible and accountable by their statements and deeds. It was not fair for Robert Vadra to use phrase like 'Mango People in Banana Republic' on his Facebook-account even as remarked in a lighter vein especially at a time when even cartoonists in this country are charged with serious-most charges like of sedition. Clarifications given by Robert Vadra and DLF on their so alleged undervalued business-deals because of old friendly ties are not acceptable, and require sue-motto probe by concerned agencies. Otherwise all property -deals, which almost in all cases are grossly undervalued to utilize black money in such deals, will be out of scrutiny on basis of being out of old friendly ties. Whole episode has exposed of big role of black money in property-deals because of circle-rates being much less than actual market-price. Circle-rates should be revised every three months also by ensuring that these are not less than actually prevailing market-rates. However registration-fees for property deals then should be drastically reduced to say two-percent and capital-gain to ten-percent to make people voluntarily make true disclosure of property-deals.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi 110006
Indian Mujahidin”
These two words mismatch totally! India is an independent country. A Mujahid means a freedom fighter. Yes, Mujahid also means the one who fights against injustice, oppression, suppression and repression etc. Look at our Muslim society. Mujahids are supposed to come from the youths. Look at any Muslim youth with a little bit of  curiosity! It will not take you a long time before you see he is walking like a viper [English film Vipers] victim [bloodless one]. If you ask him "Janab! Who has made you like this?" He will answer," Nauzbillah! brother, don't talk of them! They are our own leaders!"
Izaz Ahmed

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 October 2012 on page no. 23

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