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Dismay at UK's decision to engage and rehabilitate with Modi

Dismay at UK's decision to engage and rehabilitate with Modi

Council of Indian Muslims—UK (CIM) has sent following open letter to Foreign Secretary Mr William Jefferson Hague protesting against British Government’s decision to “engage” with Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi responsible for the massacre of more than 2000 Muslims in his state in 2002.

17 October 2012
Mr William Jefferson Hague MP
Foreign Secretary
Foreign and Commonwealth Office
King Charles Street
London SW1A 2AH
Dear Foreign Secretary,

We are dismayed at the news of British Government’s failure to learn from history. We are aghast and appalled that like Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain’s unwise move to try to please Hitler in 1939 present Government has now decided to repeat a similar blunder and has gone out of its way to “engage” and “rehabilitate” Gujarat’s Chief Minister Narendra Modi who does not only belong to a fascist party but is responsible for the massacre of more than two thousand Muslims.

If this sounds exaggeration then please allow us to quote from the leaked report of British High Commission in India according to which the pogroms in Gujarat in 2002, “had all the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing and that reconciliation between Hindus and Muslims is impossible while the chief minister remains in power.” It further said, “far from being spontaneous” this massacre, “was planned, possibly months in advance, carried out by an extremist Hindu organisation with the support of the state government.” (Emphasis added) (

Sadly, for Modi there could be no opportune time, and no bad time for Indian Muslims, to be given such a “reward” when he is busy in his election campaign. Modi and his supporters — some of whom are, ironically, sitting inside the British parliament — are understandably jubilant at this grand success and have begun to portray it as Modi’s “moral” victory and a certificate of exoneration by what has come to be known as “International Community”.

We are particularly disappointed because no consultation was done with British Indian Muslims in general and in particular the families whose members were butchered by Modi’s foot soldiers.

Mr Foreign Minister, this is not the first time when British Government has shown such open weakness. We are on record to have requested present as well as previous governments not to allow into Britain Hindutwa leaders who had been involved in the demolition of Babri Mosque and the massacre of Muslims in Gujarat but not a single time has any one of them been denied entry into Britain. On the contrary Muslims, like Indian televangelist Dr Zakir Naik, against whom there is not even a single allegation of murdering or terrorising anyone — we do not necessarily agree with his views — have been denied entry into Britain.

Mr Foreign Minister, what explanation and what interpretation can there be for this brazen contradiction except the triumph of economic interests over principles of justice and fair play? If “engagement” and “rehabilitation” is the logic then such a flexibility would have been far more useful in Iraq and Afghanistan and would have saved the lives of British soldiers, British interests and as well as ordinary citizens in those countries.

We really find ourselves at a loss and have no words to express our utter disappointment, frustration and therefore very humbly request you to review your decision.

Council of Indian Muslims (UK)
66c Cazenove Road, Stoke Newington, London N16 6AA
Tel: 020 8806 1147 Fax: 020 8806 6859,,

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