Engineer deported, doc detained in Saudi

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New Delhi: Engineer Fasih Mahmood was suddenly deported to Delhi on 22 October after spending five months in Saudi Arabia after his detention in Riyadh at the request of Indian authorities on 13 May this year. The delay in his deportation was due to India’s failure to provide evidence to the Saudi authorities about the “terror” charges levelled against Mahmood in India. He was finally deported as Saudi could not keep him under detention for long and they could not release him inside Saudi Arabia as well as the charges made against him. Here in India the Police was quick to fabricate a story that Mahmood was imprisoned in Saudi Arabia for some offence he committed there which is a plain fabrication as we are used to Police’s cock and bull stories here. Earlier too the Indian authorities had feigned ignorance about Mahmood’s whereabouts when Saudi sources were saying that he was detained at India’s request. Later they admitted his detention after one and half months when his wife filed a habeas corpus case in the Supreme Court of India.

Now after his arrival in India, the usual drama has started and all kinds of accusations are being levelled at Fasih Mahmood. He is being charged with a hand in many bomb blasts although he was normally living in Saudi Arabia for the last six years and used to come only on holidays to India. This is common now that once someone is arrested on mere suspicion he gets charged in as much as 30 cases so that he will spend the rest of his life fighting cases in courts all over India. Mahmood is alleged to have been involved in the Chinnaswamy Stadium blast in Bangalore and the shooting near Jama Masjid (Delhi), both in 2010, and is wanted by Delhi and Karnataka police. He is being dubbed as no. three in the so-called “Indian Mujahidin” hierarchy.

Saudi police on 8 October reportedly arrested Usman Ghani, a physician working with the National Guard Hospital in Riyadh. Early in October, Saudi Arabia had, in similar manner, sent back A Rayees, a suspected “LeT operative” to Mumbai where team officials from Kerala awaited him. Earlier, in June 2012, Saudi Arabia had handed over Abu Jundal, a 26/11 “mastermind” to India. He is believed to be an informer of Mumbai ATS.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2012 on page no. 1

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