IB responsible for Abdur Razzaq Massoud’s suicide

Lucknow: Aatankwaad kay Naam pe Qayd Nirdoshiyon ka Rihaai Manch has demanded a court case against the Hyderabad Intelligence agents responsible for the suicide of Adbur Razzaq Massoud. The agents pressurized him to because an informer pushing him to commit suicide.

At the meeting held in the Latouche Road office here, SR Darapuri, IG Police (retd) said that it appears that to tackle ‘terrorism’, the Congress government has allowed Intelligence agencies to do anything they wished. He said this was not the first instance of custodial torture leading to death; Faiz Usmani and Qateel Siddiqui had shared this fate earlier.

Darapuri said it’s these events that steal the essence of political democracy and where Mossad and CIA plans get unfolded. He added that the recent arrest of Fasih Mahmood was carried out without even keeping the Indian Home or External Affairs ministries kept in the loop.

Rihaai Manch coordinator Mohammad Shoaib spoke about the general persecution of Muslims by the agencies and the careless regard the U.P. state government has for the lives lost which is proven by its suppression of the Nimesh report.

PUCL UP secretaries Rajiv Yadav and Shahnawaz Alam demanded a probe into custodial deaths which should include the role of IB officials in these cases. The IB conspiracy of recruiting Muslim informers, taking advantage of their helplessness and then framing them as seen in the cases of Irshad Ali, Moarif Qamar and Afzal Guru. They said that the state of affairs could be taken as an indication that the “Indian Mujahideen” is operated by the IB to carry out terror acts in the country.  The speakers also opposed the training of Indian intelligence officials in Israel and America and demanded that this practice is injurious to the country and should be stopped forthwith.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 November 2012 on page no. 3

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