“IB chief suppressed Rajiv’s assassination video”

New Delhi: A former CBI officer, who probed the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, has claimed that a video showing the assassin Dhanu at the public meeting at Sriperumbudur on the fateful day had been suppressed by then IB chief M K Narayanan who later rose to become National Security Advisor and now occupies the seat of the West Bengal Governor.

A letter written in this regard by Narayanan to then Prime Minister Chandrashekar makes a reference to the video but it was never brought to the notice of the Special Investigating Team, its then Chief Investigating Officer K Ragothaman has said in his latest book Conspiracy to kill Rajiv Gandhi - From CBI files. “The SIT came to know of the video following a mention by the Justice Verma Commission (constituted to probe the assassination) as it was never brought to SIT’s notice,” he said. The video was shot by a local videographer hired by the organisers of that fateful public meeting, he said. The letter by Narayanan, published as Annexure in the book says, “Barricading in the site of the meeting (to be addressed by Gandhi) was rudimentary. Neither double nor effecting barricade was evident. It was hence possible for those in the unsterilized areas to have access to the sterilized zone. It has not yet been possible whether the lady (assassin Dhanu) made her way into the sterilised zone once Rajiv Gandhi approached or whether she had previously managed to stand in line as one of those offering salutations to Rajiv Gandhi. Video pictures of this part of the meeting are presently being scanned to try and identify the lady,” the letter by Narayanan said as mentioned in Raghothaman’s book. “It is a suicidal note from him. Had he not written it we would not have come to know (about the video),” Raghothaman said. He further alleged that the issue was not pursued by the then chief of the Special Investigation Team D R Karthikeyan and Narayanan was allowed to “go scot-free”. [See last page to order the book]

MG comment: Narayanan is the person who used to harp day and night on “Islamic terror” in India, made tall claims about militants infiltrating into the Indian army and investing in the Mumbai Stock Exchange (both denied by the respective authorities). He is the person who, according to Wikileaks, bragged to the American ambassador (Roemer):  “He (Narayanan) added that after the Prime Minister spoke in speeches of India’s ‘shared destiny’ with Pakistan, he told the PM ‘you have a shared destiny, we don’t.’” It is difficult to understand how such a person is still in the government’s good books and is enjoying a lavish holiday in Kolkata’s Raj Bhawan (Zafarul-Islam Khan).

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2012 on page no. 1

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