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May the Milli Gazette team with its ever-rising steam continue to support justice which indeed is a noble practice without any pause. In defence of human cause May the MG ship's voyage make us enter a new age.               
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh - 392 150
I am a subscriber of 'Milli Gazatte". I like it very much and am also circulating it amongst my friends.
Rehana Rangwala, Indore(via email)
AMU centres
I have read "Pros and cons of AMU Centres" (MG, 16-31 Oct 2012) carefully. I am happy to learn from the tone and tenor of the write-up that the author has diluted his aggression against the opponents of the AMU "Centres" which was the hallmark of his writings on the subject during the tenure of Prof. P. K. Abdul Azis as VC. I remember, in one of his articles, the author had attributed serious but unfounded motives to some of respected Old Boys who had been opposing the establishment of the 'Centres'. Now, let me revert to the substance of the article. To put the record straight, I inform for the benefit of the readers that there is not one but two writ petitions pending disposal before the Allahabad High Court challenging the establishment of the AMU centres. In the writ petition other than the one received after remand from the Supreme Court, I have been appearing for Mr SMS Naqvi, the petitioner. The writ petitions pending before the Allahabad HC have been filed on sound legal grounds which cannot be discussed in their entirety here for the matter is sub judice. None-the-less, I would like to refer to the preamble of the AMU Act 1920, which would alone be sufficient to demolish the specious arguments of author. The Preamble says, "…an Act to incorporate a teaching and residential Muslim University at Aligarh." The intention of the legislature is crystal clear that the University has to be a residential institution and it is to be established at Aligarh. Moreover, section 12 (2) provides the procedure for carrying out powers within territional limits prescribed in section 5 (9-A) of the AMU Act. The provisions of Section 12 (2) and section 5 (9A) are liable to be read in consonance and not in isolation as otherwise both the provisions will appear to be in conflict inter-se which would make one of them unworkable and redundant and no rule of interpretation can be applied to reach this unwarranted result. The purposive rule of interpretation can be pressed into service only when the language of the provision is ambiguous or uncertain. Here the language is plain, simple and does not allow any ambiguity. The High Court will, however, pronounce its verdict upon the correctness of rival arguments. There is another aspect to this matter. The residential campus of the university at Aligarh has evolved a unique character with the passage of time which cannot be expected from the centres established over night thousands of kilometres away from Aligarh. The author must be aware that the Murshidabad Centre is being run in a Bidi factory. However, I am in complete agreement with him where he concludes with an advice full of wisdom and farsightedness that all efforts should be made by the present VC to get the Minority Character case disposed of by the Supreme Court before the next parliamentary elections during the present political dispensation. This is really a sincere advice on the art of author.
Syed Khurshid Anwar, Advocate, Allahabad High Court
Media nexus with scamsters exposed?
"Is media's agenda to protest scamsters" (MG, 16-30 Sept. 2012) is proved correct within a month. Media claims they exposed scams but no one knows what amount gulped by industrial house or business houses from 0.76 lakh crore - CWG, 1.76 lakh crore - 2 G scam and 1.86 lac crore. But media concentrate on political wrangling to divert people's attention from scamsters business houses. Now quid pro quo between media and business houses exposed when business tycoon Navin Jindal complained about Zee News of blackmailing for not airing coalgate News demanded 100 crore and aired a tape in which discussion of 20 cr. Contract converted into 100 cr. etc. (25/10/12). Zee News aired its views on its channel that Jindal wanted to buy Zee News journalistic morality for not showing coalgate scam news. Under glove beaty between media and business houses to protect and cooperate each other rarely break. Now we are seeing in Navin Jindal press conference and Neera radia tape was example of using and saving each other.
S. Haque, Patna
Foreigners' issue in Assam
There is absolutely no proof of large scale Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh into Assam. This issue is raised to drive the Indian Muslims out of the state and to prevent Muslim political leader from the state from becoming the chief minister of Assam in future. The most of the Bengali Muslims live in Barak Valley and undivided Goalpara district which were part of East Bengal (Now Bangladesh).The British incorporated these regions to Assam. These Bengali Muslims are indigenous to their place of settlement. They cannot be termed as immigrants or Bangladeshi. This is highly objectional. Their right to their land and other resources cannot be taken away falsely branding them as Bangladeshi.
M. H. Rahman, Garo Hills
Stop exploitation of women
Woman has become a commercial commodity. Industrialists and businessmen are using woman's semi-naked body in advertisements for promoting their business. The commercial and cultural exploitation of woman by print and electronic media and by cinema is an oppression against woman who is mother of humanity. All forms of oppression against woman and exploitation of woman like semi-nude posters, hoardings and advertisements, obscene and vulgar films and T. V. serials, fashion show, beauty contests, valentine day, abduction, burning of brides for dowry, rapes etc. should be banned and criminals andn oppressors be awarded deterrent punishments.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara - 441904
Child Marriage
Child Marriage could be called as a social injustice which still occurs in many parts of the world. India is leading country to have this stigma. As per 2009 Unicef report, a child marriage rate in India is 40%. The Prohibition of Child Marriage (PCM) Act of 2006 has proven ineffectively in preventing the high number of child marriages in the country. As per the experts, the ongoing child marriage scene in India will have severe repercussions. As estimated by the experts 100 million girls are fated to child marriage by 2014 worldwide, reported Rashme Sehgal for Deccan Chronicle. The number is unbelievable and demands effective remedy. Reaching in a high end age, these figures reported by different agencies and activists sounds very shameful. Will India ever get rid of this social injustice act called child marriages?           
Mohd Ziyallah Khan, Nagpur - 440013
Karnad And Naipaul
There are people who try to spit on the moon ,there are people who applaud their action .There are number of people who deny the existence of God there are some men and women who eat the feces of other men and women in Europe and America .There are great number of people who not only believe in oneness of God and believe all the messengers of God .They also believe prophet Mohammad as the last prophet of God .Mohammad not only brought a perfect code of life and more than 100 crores now present in this world. 57 countries are ruled by them .We saw just one week before 30 lakhs Muslims gathered in Mecca to perform Hajj which is obligatory on rich Muslims to perform once in life period .Mecca is the place where Prophet Abraham had constructed a house of God .His infant son was crying for water ,God sent Gabriel to make arrangements of water .Gabriel hit his foot beside Ismail .The water came as a jet from the ground, Hager the wife of Abraham made a trench and called the water ZamZam meant stop stop .The same spring is present till now near the house of God called KABA. The water is coming out since last 4000 years and crores of people drink and carry to their countries .It is the live miracle to the people of world No other religion can give such lucid example .It is the proof of truthfulness of Islam The pagans like Naipaul are not allowed to enter the house of Allah. Though he was awarded Noble prize but he lost his own nobility and could not appreciate the contribution of Prophet Mohammad to the humanity. He deprived himself from pilgrimage of Mecca It is the great misfortune of Non Muslims They will have to answer God after death .And they will be thrown into Hell for ever Naipaul's Noble prize will not be of any use then Jews, Christians and Brahmins are anti-Muslims and anti-Islam .There are some Historic reasons for the enmity of Muslims .But Brahmins oppose as they believe that they are superior caste and they born from the head of God .This is the false and unscientific belief behind their animosity. Islam as other religions believe that whole humanity has born from one father Adam and one women, Eve .The Brahmins think that the faith of Islam spread in India the fabricated superiority of Brahmins will end. Mr. Naipaul is a Brahmin by birth has failed to study Islam with unprejudiced mind .he tried to spit on the moon but the spittle felled on his mouth and he will malign the the Noble Prize awarded to him Mr. Girish Karnad wanted to save him from getting bad name and nothing else. It was his moral obligation
Dr A H Maqdoomi, Hyderabad
The people who gave V.S. Naipaul an award in Mumbai had the right to give what they pleased to whom they pleased. After all, they paid for it. Pay the piper, call the tune. They were not authorised by the people of India to give the award: they had appointed themselves. Thus by no stretch of the imagination can it be said that India gave Naipaul an award. In the world of music, of which Girish Karnad spoke, it is routine for musicians to be honoured by associations which they themselves have formed for the purpose. Such puppets propping themselves up are only to be smiled at if not ignored completely. Similarly, I have the absolute right to declare Karnad a saint, and no one may look askance at that or at what I expect or get in return. My antics do not drain their pockets, after all. On the other hand, Karnad -- and all Indians who can think -- can and must denounce a writer who has been honoured apparently for giving vent, in several published works, to a blind hatred for very many Indians. That hatred is to be opposed specially because it has the power to reproduce itself in the weak minds of many who will then use their muscles to act upon it. That hatred is to be opposed because it both draws upon and feeds the malign plan that the Hindu Right has for the destruction of all that is civilised about India and, thus, the destruction of India itself.
Mukul Dubem, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091
Venereal diseases in our country
There are more than 31/2 crores victims of venereal diseases in our country. The dreaded disease AIDS is also spreading very fast. Sexual anarchy and immorality are generally its main causes. When moral and spiritual health of a society decays, the physical of its individuals deteriorates and effects the coming generation. The opening of hospitals for this purpose is essential but what is more important is to get rid of its main causes i. e. obscene and vulgar films, T. V. serials, dirty books and magazines free mixing of both the sexes in clubs, bazaars, colleges, parks etc. and mother of evils liquor drugs etc. Mere condemnation and legal measures in this regard are not sufficient. We must face this challenge of educational, moral and spiritual levels also and save our males and females, particularly youths from the onslaught of immorality, intoxication, venereal diseases and Aids. We must realize the role of religious and moral values in our individual and collective life.
G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara - 441904
What a coincidence
Media was engaged in airing Fasih Muhammad as terror darbhanga module and its arrest broke the backbone of terror link. Even R. K. Singh home secretary said Saudi Arabia cooperated in handing over terrorist. As our memory go back home ministry had tipped Ishrat Jahan as terror module but at judicial test she was proved innocent and encounter was fake But at the same time police caught Parasmani s/o a police havildar belongs to Darbhanga with 7.23 lakhs of fake currencies from Mandiri Mohalla of Patna. This news meekly aired.       
S. Haque, Patna
Timid Muslim leadership is real problem
Why Muslims are robbed off their dues and Muslims don't get justice despite the Muslim votes able to change the governments. It is many times experienced. Even then Muslims problems are not solved. Ummah has not tried to think and visualise through this angle that Muslim leadership are timid so Ummah voice not considered by establishment. Just see at the gruesome killing of four innocent Muslims killed by police in Bhajanpura (Forbesganj) minority commission chairman of Bihar didn't meet the deceased relatives and issued an statement "what happened at Forbesganj should not have happened" after 15 day of firing and BJP leader Shahnawaz Hussain (M. P.) stated that justice would be given after one month. On the other hand Vijay Kumar Chaudhry minister visited Umesh Singh house when naxal killed Umesh Singh. But Muslim leaders are champion of organising mushaira. That is why 15 months passed and justice is kept in abeyance.        
S. Haque, Patna
Fasih Mahmood & media
Terror suspect arrestd. He is founder member of I. M. Some news channel were airing news about Fasih Mahmood on 22 Oct. Other news channels were airing Fasih Mahmoood is Lashkar terrorist. He was arrested in Saudi Arabia and handed over to Indian authority on 22 October. Some news channel aired that Fasih Muhammad is arrested at Delhi airport. Some news channel explained that he belonged to zamindar family from Darbhanga etc.
S. Haque, Patna
Communal riots and terrorism
National media did not pay any attention "who killed karkare" and other revolutionary work of Muslims is giving publicity to a book "communal riots in India and terrorism" written by former I. A. S. Prateep K. Lahari. Police killed many Muslim youths and arrested on the name terrorism with the charge levelled by police that they planned to attack or kill Modi, Advani etc. to take revenge of Gujarat riot or Babri Masjid demolition. The book name itself endorse the above mentioned modus operandi idea that terrorism born out of communal riots which is unfair if it tangentially exists in the book? And dangerous too.        
S. Haque, Patna
 Awekening call for Ummah
English newspaper writes "The number of boozers is steadily increasing, particularly in Forbesganjj and Arraria towns" said by Dr. Anand Kumar superintendent excise dept. Arraria. The paper's heading is "liquor worth Rs. 50 cr. consumed in Araria" and begins the report "It sounds unbelieveable but true. Boozers of Araria have gulped down liquor worth Rs. 50 cr. in 5 months" These area are thickly populated Muslim zone. How come this steep increase in liquor consumption possible? In Araria & Forbesganj police killed innocent Muslims, seven months kids solf in 65 rupees. Where we failed?         
S. Haque, Patna
Has Urdu media lost courage?
Hindi daily carried reporting of road condition and peoples opinion about worst condition of road and highlights the pathetic condition. It is carried for one road in a day issue. English dailies also highlights the pathetic conditions of roads. Hindi & English dailies don't care Muslim locality problem. It was responsibility of Urdu media to present Muslims problem or Muslim locality problems But Urdu media has lost courage and dumped journalistic responsibility under the weight of government tender and advertisement. That is why Urdu media escaped pathetic condition of Muslim locality to please political class.
S. Haque, Patna
 Gujarat Elections and Minorities
Mr. Arvind Kejriwal should participate or guide the people not to vote for congress or BJP They must vote to Kesho Bhai Patel .Muslims should not forget the role played by Narendra Modi in the genocide of Muslims in the year 2002 .They must not forget the barbaric behaviour  of fascists organizations who compelled the Muslim ladies to run naked on the roads of Surat .The central government in Delhi played hypocritical role It did not punish to the perpetrators and became mute spectator .It is high time that a delegate of Muslim parties of Delhi such as president JIH Maulana Jalaluddin ,president Welfare Party Mujtaba Farooq president Muslim Majlis-e- Mushawarat Mr. Zafrul Islam Khan ,Azam Khan etc should Visit Ahmadabad and address a press conference ask the people of Gujarat to vote Mr. Kesho Bhai Patel They must clarify the role of Congress and BJP .They can request Kejeriwal to accompany with the delegation It is proper time Muslim leaders should play their part without the fear of congress and BJP stalwarts They should show strong faith in Almighty Allah .Allah will help Them .The delegate should not forget the sacrifices done by their predecessors. Wastanvi has no political consciousness he can be exploited by congress. he had praised Modi and as a fall out he is favouring Congress both of his stances are wrong .Badruddin Ajmal is also not on the right track .
Maqdoomi Hyderabad 
Modi and media
Recently, Mr. Modi was seen making a headline in media claiming that his Twitter fans and followers have touched one million. However, as per the reports of TNN from Ankur Jain, more than 50% of these Twitter followers are fake. As per one internet tool called 'Status People' Modi's account has 46% fake and 41% inactive users. This tool using specific algorithm identifies inactive and fake followers of any Twitter user. Modi has been using Twitter since past 4 years which was reported having around one lakh followers, however, in the last year, there was a drastic increase in this fan following. Though Modi and his camp may not have paid the fake account holders, yet this is merely an attempt to cover a number of blots which this person has on his character.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan  Nagpur - 440013
 Ideals of Ramayana still relevant says Belamgi
The Animal Husbandry Minister, Mr Rerevu Nayik has said the life of sage Valmiki is an example of how a person leading a wayward life could become a Maharishi by following good ideals.. Mr. Belamgi has also said the teachings of the Ramayana, authored by Valmiki were still relevant. May I ask the minister then why Hindus are lagging behind in following the principles of Ramayana .What Ramayana says about the present system of government .Why corruption is so rampant in the present politicians .Has Ramayana mentioned any punishment to such politicians ? Any man who has practiced on the principles of Ramayana be treated as a role model and people follow his suit .We see discrimination of caste .Has Ramayana endorsed the difference of caste .Does it say that Brahmins have produced from the head of God ? and the Dalits have taken birth from the feet of God .What is the position of scheduled caste ? Has Ramayana advised ayn reservation in jobs and in educational institutions? Now a days there are atrocities on women are more and more what is the punishment prescribed by Ramayana ? There are gang rapes, honor killings ,atrocities on Muslim youths ,Thousands were arrested and sent behind the bar .Is there any direction is found in Ramayana ?
Will the honourableminister reply to the above queries and satisfy me and himself .I don't want that his faith on Ramayana be tilted .But a blind faith is also not advisable
Maqdoomi Gulbarga

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2012 on page no. 23

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