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Media saffron mentality; Muslims are remembered at dying moments

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Unveiling of RSS by Nitin Gadkari
BJP national president and a devoted, obedient and staunch sawyamsevak Mr. Nitin Gadkari deserved all praise and appreciation for overthrowing the very foundation and all the false, fabulous and self-made claims of RSS and BJP that both the organisations have been founded and always stand for honesty, faithfulness, Indian values, principles and above all patriotism, with no room for dishonesty, unfaithfulness, selfish and unpatriotic elements under their flags. However, the exposure and allegations against Mr. Gadkari for his involvement in shameful corrupt practices and miniting wealth from the illegal sources turned down the table against the two organisation alongwith other hindutva brigades. Certainly, the case of Mr. Gadkari is not isolated one as a large number of sewyamsevak throughout the country are coiled with such practices in the name of so-called service to the nation. Amezingly many of the stalwarts of BJP with irrevocable adherence with RSS with thick hindutva fabricated came out immediately in defenceof Mr. Gadkari calling the allegations biased and ill- motivated thus proving that both organisations are deeply involved in corrupt practices promote the evil activities amongst them which are definitely carried on by the unpatriotics and unfaithful organisations and individuals against their motherland as we se in the case of Mr. Gadkari, RSS and BJP. At public platform RSS has entangled itself from the Gadkari episode but internally it has flaged off sawayamsevak in BJP to go ahead in defending him in all the way.
Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013
Welcome initiative of Press Council Chief
Press Council Chief Markandey Katju has once again acted boldly by demanding immediate action against police personnel for reportedly arresting a woman in Mumbai protesting the shutdown in the city on Bal Thackeray's demise on social networking site Facebook. Everyone in this country has right to differ on issues like compulsorily showing respect to individuals. Earlier also Mumbai Police had to face a big showdown when it wrongly registered charge of sedition against cartoonist Aseem Trivedi. It should be hoped that Markandey Katju sticks to his words to initiate legal proceedings against Maharashtra Chief Minister in case adequate action like suspension, arrest, charge-sheeting and criminal prosecution against concerned the police personnel responsible for arresting the women allegedly on the ground of hurting sentiments.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal Chandni Chowk, Delhi 110006
Positive endeavour
15 yrs. old conjoined Saba and Farah belongs to Patna. Many T. V. channels air reports about them and their difficulties But alas, no body could think positive for their medical aid as IInd yr. law student Aarushi Dhasmana of Pune filed a PIL in S. C. for medical aid. This is positive thinking Ummah must inculcate among themselves. But Muslims waste their time and energy in wanton things like mushaira, politically gatherings etc. All India mushaira is organised in many state capitals and many cities but Muslims don't have own district level schools. What is beneficial to Ummah we must know.
S. Haque, Patna

"ISI agent speaking" - Mukesh Sharma
Mukesh Sharma, Mukhia Kujur north panchayat (Gaya) had phoned Gaya police top boss and threatened to blast in Pitra Paksh mela. Police officer Shafiul Haque (ASP) said "he had calaled me on my cell in dead night in September and introduced himself as an ISI agent and told to attack Pitra Paksh mela. He also threatened Gaya mayor demanding Rs. 50 lakh or face consequences he also threatened to attack Gaya Mehabodi mandir" The ISI agent Mukesh Sharma was caught by Gaya police lead by ASP Shafiul Haque. The court of CJM remanded him in judicial custody for 14 days The intelligence department had continued terror attack during puja days and attack on Mahabodi mandir at Gaya. Such important news is published on p-6 in newspaper.
S. Haque, Patna

China, Pakistan, B. D. & Nepal now
Nepal government slapped ban on Bhoj Puri films, songs and vehicles of Indian number as news appeared. Nepal is only Hindu country in the world and has been very friendly to India but now relation of India with Nepal is deteriorating day by day as our relations with neighbouring countries China, Pakistan and Bangladesh has not been gold. Now Nepal's relation tense.
S. Haque, Patna

Ambani's house on Waqf land
Arvind Kejriwal and I.A.C. convened a P. C. on 31 October and exposed BJP, Congress and Ambani how they are looting our country. Now public got clear picture of all and Indians are crying. Few yrs. back when Mukesh Ambani for his house Antila, Waqf land wrongfully captured. Muslims were complaining Waqf land grabbing by Ambani no one was ready to even listen our complain. Now are we have right to cry over the loot of Indians wealth by Ambani? Ambani has to pay for illegally capturing Waqf land for his Antila.
S. Haque, Patna

Media saffron mentality
H. T. / 7 October '12 published full page coverage report about Mamta Banerjee life journey from didi to madam, from street fighting credential to writer's building. How she travelled her political journey from an ordinary Congress worker to giant killer uprooting 34 yr. left rule from W. B. and paper display year wise events and her progress. But not a single word written about she promised reservation for Muslim and implementation of Sachar Committee recommendation. Though this is the major reason Mamta could topple 34 yr left rule. We can gauge saffron mentality of media
S. Haque, Patna

Cancellation of Pakistan tour is uncalled-for
Prime Minister Manmohan sigh has cancelled proposed tour of Pakistan to show his resentment and displeasure on the inaction of Pakistan on the punishment of masterminds of Mumbai attack .It is a feminine behavior of our prime minister.Being a Sardarji He could show his anger to the Pakistani authorities wielding a sword ,Now Pakistan can irritate Indian authorities by giving more leniency to the masterminds of Mumbai attack .Prime minister's gesture will be noted by China and other countries .India has given the impression that Pakistan is powerful than India. If our ruling leaders would be bold enough they take revenge immediately after the attack in the same fashion as Pakistani did with us .Instead of that we continuously showing our injuries to the world wailing before them .Muslims and Sikhs felt insult on the deteriorated policy of the ruling community .Showing weakness before a weak country is a great blunder and portrayeed our country a frail and weak nation China is taking undue advantage from our timid policy .It is nothing but the particular character of a particular community who are rulers of this nation .on such occasions they forget that we atomic power and having Agni missile which can target as far as 5000 KM .
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Why Imran deplaned?
News flashed on 27 October that famous Pakistan cricket captain turned politician Imran Khan was taken off a New York bound plane at Toronto and grilled by U. S. officials about his stance on drone strike in Pakistan. The world is so technologically advanced so any one can know others views by different means of communication even other's activities can be watched then what for Imran Khan deplaned? In segegration some pressure tactics, coercion blackmailing dealings and threatening tactics applied to change others views. Imran Khan was deplaned for some other reasons otherwise Imran had announced to stop drone attack in which innocents were killed views known to the world.
S. Haque, Patna

Muslims are remembered at dying moments
U.P.A. led by congress reshuffled the cabinet on 28th October 2012. Every one called it cabinet for 2014 M. P. election because Muslims 3 out of 22 i.e. 13.6% are given berths to garner Muslim votes but this expansion gives safe passage to BJP ruled states like Gujarat, M. P., Jharkhand and Bihar and A. P., W. B. represented heavily to counter Jagan Mohan Reddy and Mamta Banerjee. After approximately 4 yrs. now Muslims (show boys) are given chance. T.o.I. / 28th October published an interview of former C. M. (BJP) of Karnataka B. S . Yeddyrappa who quit BJP and ready to launch their own party taken by Naheed Ataullah. He answered a question like "A.S.C.M. all my programmes were secular I did not discriminate…. Muslims and Christians are going to get priority in my party". Congress by nature a party who used Muslims to win election and after winning congress dumps Muslims but now BJP and other parties follow the same tactics of use and throw.
S. Haque, Patna

Congrats NHRC & shut state min. commissions
Md. Firoz's death in Samasti Pur Jail under suspicious circumstance on 2 June 2008 was taken to NHRC by deceased relatives. After few round of hearings and going through all the NHRC ordered state government of Bihar to pay Rs. 3.00 lakh compensation to Md. Firoz relatives. To fetch Justice to Muslims is the primary duty of state minority commission but the posts of state minority commission are filled with the sycophants of ruling party leaders that is why they duck Muslims issues. So it is better to shut state minority commissions. Congratulation to NHRC.
S. Haque, Patna

Is justice in jeopardy in India?
This title may hurt our judiciary because it is very serious question about our judiciary system. The BJP national president Nitin Gadkari charged government for using C.B.I. and judiciary against opposition. He said country needs clean judiciary because judiciary is one of pillar of constitution. Earlier Mamta Banerjee had said that a section of judiciary was corrupt and decides case in lieu of money and government was pressurising judiciary. On the other hand court trifurcated Babri Masjid land. Judiciary accepted a case against establishing of AMU campus at Kishanganj. Thousands innocent Muslims butchered in riots, Muslims languish in jail in fake terror charges…. etc. But courts never delivered historical decision.
S. Haque, Patna

Computer engineer with fake army I-card
Rakesh Kumar computer engineer M. Tech residing at Patial has sneaked into many army establishment of H. P., J. K. and other cities army h/q in full army dress. He was caught by army on 29 October. Times Now channel aired this news on 29 October. Earlier wife of school teacher in Ahmedbad Beula M. Sam stayed in high security H / Q of I.S.R.O. with fake I-card. Such serious issues doesn't media attention but Muslim caught on police manufactured terror charge are media favourite issues. Why?
S. Haque, Patna

Media got coal blocks
Media is known as fourth pillar of constitution and it brag about themselves that they are clean and just. But news appeared that, Prabhat Khabar, Lokmat and Dainik bhaskar are some of beneficiaries who got coal blocks in name of their subsidiaries. Neera radia tape and congress M. P. and industrialist Navin Jindal press conference and P.C.I. chairman justice Katju statement about media etc. are enough to know real character of media what Muslims have been complaining that our media is biased and not fulfilling the criteria of journalistic ethos.
S. Haque, Patna

To change positive one person should lead
Dr. Alauddin Azizi Prof. in political science of S. P. Jain College sasaram came forward to establish minority hostel it was completed and 125 minority students live in the hostel. Minority hostel scheme was dream project of Laloo Yadav government But out of 34 districts in Bihar only 3 minority hostel in 3 districts are complete and 31 districts where minority hostels are incomplete and in very delapited conditions. This clearly shows that Muslims of Bihar are in deep slumber and their leaders don't know the value of education and Muslim organisation are pocket organisation. We must congratulate Prof. Dr. Alauddin Azizi for active participation in establishing minority hostel in Sasaram.
S. Haque, Patna

Failure of Akhilesh government?
The C. M. of U. P. Akhilesh Yadav said "riots are conspiracy against state government and he will take action against conspiracy planner" (29 Oct. '12). In 8 months of S. P. rule in U. P., 9 cities riot took place and Muslims suffered and lost lives. Conspiracy successful means government failure. The other speculation in the riots allowed and govt. blinks so Muslim must not exert for fulfilling the promises by Mulayam?
S. Haque, Patna

I think you are well aware of the problems of muslims in Assam.most of the mainstream newspapers here ignore our problems .so, we pray you to take the matter seriously.
Mazedur Rahman

Sad Suu Kyi
Aung San Suu Kyi's expressed sadness on the fact that India had drawn away from the Myanmar National League for Democracy in their very difficult days is justified. It is a reminder to the Man Mohan Singh government of its abandonment of the country's pro-democracy and human rights supportive policy. The Nobel laureate Amartya Sen has condemned the fact that India was "doing business" with the Myanmar junta. He has described this as the Singh government's preference of pragmatism against India's idealism. How much the Myanmar leader banks on India's moral and political support was clear from her answer when asked after her electoral victory what her expectations from India are: "More, more and more. India can never do enough for democracy in Myanmar. Idealism has been India's hallmark since independence. Idealism is Indian, it is Gandhian, it is Nehruvian. Man Mohan Singh has no time for it. To him not to break bread with Myanmar junta is bad business. Kuldip Nayyar has rightly said that in the name of national interest "the present day sappers and miners are destroying whatever is left of India's moral stature."
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054

Safe Toys
European Union Member States have approved new security measures for toys. These will prohibit poisonous substances and limit the use of heavy alloy. With this regulation, chemical substances that can produce carcinoma, modifying the genetic information or affecting the fertilization, will no longer be authorized in children's toys. Therefore, harmful heavy minerals such as lead or mercury will no longer be used in toys. These measures will prevent that children choked on removable parts of toys. Small toys, including in meals, will always be in a separate package. Toys that are attached to a food product, in such a way that the food product needs to be consumed to get access to the toy, will be banned. Children toys manufacturer should formalize an assessment about toys safety and provide comprehensive information for all toys. These must contain information about synthetic substances in order to make easier the inspection of market surveillance authorities. Importers must verify that manufacturers have made the proper examination of toys and must also carry out preliminary tests. The demands to the distributors of toys will also be strengthened. European Union Member States will have to allow that market surveillance authorities carry out the appropriate examination in the outer limits of the EU in order to ensure that hazardous toys are banned. They may also eliminate the toys that constitute a mortal danger. The new measures will replace the current regulations. After the entry into force of the recent legislation, toys manufacturers have two years to adapt to the new requirements. In case of chemical requirements, the adaptation time will be four years. Upbringing and education of children requires the action and the constant effort of parents. Trying to replace it with educational toys is to look for something as utopian as getting a machine to educate.
Clemente Ferrer Foro Independiente de Opinión

Why China is against India?
It is great tragedy and worrisome matter that a super power of sub continent is hostile and constantly vexing us .and keeping us under constant treat .In a new map on e-passport it has depicted Aruna chal Pradesh and Aksai Chin as Chinese territory .It has also asserted its claim on disputed island in South China sea. New Delhi alleges that Beijing is illegally occupying approximately 38,000sq kms of Indian territory in Jammu and Kashmir. In addition Islamabadceded5,180 sq kms of Indian territory in POK to China in 9163. China illegally claims
approximately 90,000 sq kms of Indian territory in Arunachal Pradesh and about 2000 sq kms in the middle sector of the boundary between the two nations China has diploid 300,000 army across the Tibetan border reiterating his claim over the whole of the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh. If China has diploid in such a huge number of Army India has responded by raising its military deployment from120, 000 to180,000 along with 30 fighter squadrons in the region The Indian diplomats should think of the hostile behaviour of China Being an Asian country it should have close friendly relations with India and have co operation in research ,business ,education ,art and culture etc .India had given full support in foreign affairs .. The Indian diplomats should taken serious note of this alien and hostile attitude of neighbouring country. What I perceive India has deep enmity with Pakistan since independence on political and religious grounds .Kashmir is the basic Issue of contention .India and Pakistan even laps of sixty years could not resolve this issue .China should have think to help Pakistan in friendly obligation might have taken anti Indian position In 1963 China attacked India by Rejecting its friendly treatment and grabbed its land 38,000 sq kmr..The other important reason .may be Indian rulers killed thousands of Muslims .Branding them as terrorists .Thousands Of Muslim youths were arrested and sent behind the bar for 10 to 20 years some youths were acquitted by the court of law ,But they lapsed their puberty in the Jails .The parents ,brothers, sisters ,wives children might have cursed to the politicians and police for their atrocities , China on the human ground is taking revenge from India .China enraged immediately after the hanging of Ajmal Amir Kasab. The Indian rulers who are blind in Muslim enmity never thought of this possibility and continuously running on the same track of victimization of Muslims
Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Role for religion in Egypt's constitution
Mr. David D Kirkpatrick has written the above article in Deccan Herald dated Nov12, 2012 The author has mentioned that after months of fierce debate over the place of Islam in government ,the assembly drafting a new constitution for Egypt. This is good move for the world and better news for the Muslim world .The Muslims believe that Islam is a true religion and guides the humanity in all the walks of life including the political arena ,The divine laws were revealed by God in the holy Qur’an .The holy Qur’an is the only book of God which is found in the original form .Prophet Mohammad has practiced in the complete shape in his life time and enforced all the divine laws .The non Muslims think that These laws are for Muslims only but the Holy Qur’an claimed that These Laws are for all the human beings of the world and Mohammad was the prophet and role model for all persons As the men are using the air, water ,sunshine crops etc. The Almighty has sent his laws through His messengers .He has said that this world is nothing but a testing period .Gods wants to see men and women as to who is faithful and obedient to his commandments and who are disobedient and turbulent .He will punish to those who are pagans and send them to Hell. He will send to those who are faithful and obedient will sent into heaven for everlasting period The Islamic laws are harsh but they correct the whole nation in few years .The hands of thieves are amputated .The adulterers and rapist are killed by stoning .But before implementing these laws the government will enforce the Law of Zakat (poor's' due) on the rich persons .Polygamy is permitted with the condition of Justice among the wives All the citizens come to the right path as the deterrence of laws Very few men loose their hands and very few men and women are killed by stoning . India needs badly the Islamic more than Egypt, The crime rate is higher than Egypt .Virtually India has become the hub of crimes .The cases of gang rapes are increasing day by day The women is not safe in the capital Delhi .Women are not allowed to come out of their houses with nude dresses .Music and dances are restricted to particular communities .Drinks are strictly prohibited .Prostitution and extra marital sexual relations are strictly band .It will check the STDs and AIDS . India has become worst than Arab who used to bury their live daughters .But here crores of Female children are aborted .The same evil was eradicated by The prophet .Now applying all methods the government has not succeeded in curbing the female infanticide .The only remedy is the enforcement of Islamic Law and Islamic Faith .Casteism ,Polytheism, no proper religious laws made this country a dungeon of crimes .Our leaders and politicians are corrupt than the British rulers All the European countries need Islamic laws .The Europeans think that This world is a place enjoyment .They think that there is no God no accountability no Hell and No Heaven .Monkeys were our forefathers .We can behave like them .Prophets and messengers are all fake and fraudulent stories In Europe we find gays marrying each other, Incest is rampant The girls are cleaning chimneys to equate men .Men and women do not feel shame to eat each other's feces .How the man going astray by avoiding the divine laws and regulations .Islam is the only religion which has recommend the share in the property of father and deceased husband 1400 years before .The other worships such as Namaz,Sawm Zakat and Hajj are unprecedented . Very few persons know that Gandhiji had applauded the Islamic system of governance he wanted to establish in India the government on the lines of Caliph Omer after getting the independence from Britain
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Deepavali Meri Janli
EVERY year we read in papers about the death of 10 to 20 persons occurred while celebrating Deepavaly .Therefore I selected the caption as Deepavaly Mere Jan li .I remind the words of Holy Qur'an INNADDEENA INDALLAHIL ISLAM .The only accepted religion is Islam by God .Islam has vitiated all the earlier religions and their mode of calibrations of festivals .It is said the festival is celebrated when Ram got victory over evil of Rawan .It is a prehistoric event may be right or wrong .But the mode of celebration is the Rawn style .Number of persons die in the blasts the children lose their eye site and become blind for rest of the life The atmosphere becomes frightful and dreaded when powerful crackers burst nearby .It is dangerous when the heart patients and old people come across the incident. The Hindu pundits ,Pujaris ,Prohits Jagat Gurus, political and social leaders should sit to gather and reform the procedure of performance .In each Festival Muslims think of poor persons They offer Zakat and charity in the calibrations of their festivals. But Hindus never care of such thing they waste corers of rupees on fire crackers and lightening .making the atmosphere pollute spreading poisonous gases .Instead they should visited the poor persons houses and make their houses electrified .Pay the expenses of the fees and make new cloths for the poor families .But we do not see such rituals in practice .Any way I feel that the new version and a new pattern of calibrations are quite essential for Hindus They learn from their Muslim brothers who are also feel distressed in Deepavaly but they dare not to speak anything good .as Hindus feel superior to Muslims On the every Deepavaly the kin of the deceased will mourn on the deaths and blindness occurred on the eve of DEEPAVALY .Am I wrong if I remark DEEPAVALY NE MERI JAN LI
Dr AH Maqdoomi Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated in 1991
Can we please know why his assassins are still in prison and why they are yet to be hung.... What is delaying this justice? Is Rajiv Gandhi not the husband of the Congress Head? How about justice for Rajiv Gandhi just as the Mumbai victims got justice by hanging Qasab..... ?
Shenali W (on IHRO yahoogroup)

Bal Thakeray
If Bal Thackeray (hindu) were Balal Khan (Muslim), he would have been treated as a terrorist due to his terrorising policy whole his life....Terrorising, killing to south Indians, Muslims, UP and Biharies. - Rejecting the rule of court - spreading regionalism over nationalism - spreading hate in society - accepting demolition of Babri Masjid ransom from industrialist - and terrorising to people who do not accept his instructions ...but he is now HERO.... just because he is Hindu.... lekin BALal Khan hota to ya to jail me hota ya phansi lag chuki hoti aatankwadi ke nam par. yah hai hindustan ke insaf ka paymaana...
Seraj Akram (letter on NRIndians yahoogroup)

Namaz and the Holy Qur'an
Namaz is a must for all the Muslims, who are healthy, of sound mind, and are adults. Namaz should be offered five times daily. Five times Namaz is not excused. It is God's command. Those who are mad, suffer from a very serious disease like leprosy etc. they are excused. Namaz develops Spiritual Power in us, and it is Momin's very powerful armour. Very few Muslims offer Namaz five times daily. It is very bad. If you read the Holy Qur'an and offer Namaz regularly, your face will be bright; and you will be successful in every walk of life. Act according to the teachings of the Holy Qur'an to be successful and happy always.
Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur - U. P.

Is it not incomplete decision delivered by S. C.?
S.C. refused to grant recognition to a M. P. based institute and turned down its plea to sympathise with the students studying in unrecognised. Institutions because students take admission without verifying. The decision seems to be incomplete because governments and concerned departments blink education mafia to spread such institutions. S. C. should have passed tough and strict ruling against government and concerned department with their connivance institution who spoils student's lives. Why I could say incomplete because S. C. could have tied the concerned department and states as S. C. had said "Sky is the limit of our power - S. C."
S. Haque, Patna

Politics in rape - shameful
N. D. A. convener & JD (U) M. P. Sharad Yadav said that "break the hand and legs of those who rapes Dalit women" in a rally organised by Indian National Lok Dal at Rewadi in Haryana. He was asking Khap Panchayat to take action against rapist of Dalit girls. This is very ridicules politics playing politics in rape cases. Does he mean to spare the rapist who rape non Dalit women? Such brozen politics in rape cases will not save women's pride as Narendra Modi comment about Sugandha Tharoor
S. Haque, Patna

C. I. S. F. fired on journalists
Media instantly reports police manufactured stories when any Muslims were caught for terrorism and propagates police theory when innocent Muslims were killed in fake encounters Now media must feel the wrath and heat of security personale because media when gathered to cover Dantewada naxal encounter when 2 C.I.S.F. were killed on 4 November 2012, C. I. S. F. fired on media persons and drunked jawans abused media It is lesson for media if media would support injustice other day media will have to face injustice.
S. Haque, Patna

Comparison b/w Swami Vivekanand and Dawood Ibrahim
BJP national president's comparison of Swami Vivekanand and Dawood Ibrahim's I. Q. on 5 November were same are deplored. But RJD Bihar state president Abdul Bari Siddiqui comment is historic. Bari Siddiqui said "If any Muslim had said this that Muslim would have declared anti national"
S. Haque, Patna

Asghar Ali Engineer
I am very happy to read about the Islamic Scholar Dr Asger Ali Engineer, published in MG 1-15 Nov 2012 for the first time who is the Real ''Pioneer '' contributing the mind boggling articles on Islam and impressing with eloquent speeches around the Globe. I thank the Editor -in-chief for publishing the Biography of Dr Asgher Ali Engineer by which we came to know the mission of Asgher sahib's selfless service to the Muslim Brotherin of the world.
Mohammad.Azam, Karimnager AP

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