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AMU minority character
All the well-wishers of AMU consider it a high time that the Minority character case pending in Supreme Court for the many years be disposed of before the next parliamentary elections. In this regard the VC of the AMU should do whatever is necessary. Another crucial issue is the prevailing very low representation of Muslim community in defence services. This problem should also be addressed by the present VC and his administrative staff. All efforts should be made to encourage the students to accept the challenge. Recently a workshop on “career in Indian army” was organized in the university in which Col. Jagroop Singh informed the audience that there exist many opportunities for graduates in Indian armed forces. Our VC should be congratulated for the creation of such a conducive atmosphere here for the purpose. A training / coaching Military school should be established on priority basis here. It will be a great & important service of community

Prof. Shaista Bano   Aligarh (U.P.)


Where is Mazharul Haque University?
Mazharul Haque University was announced by Laloo Yadav but it kicked from one government flat to another flat. Lastly this University was kicked off from Bailey Road government flat because the space was allotted for museum and the University is running in rented house. Now on 3 November Bihar cabinet allocated funds for Bihar universities staff and professor salary but Mazharul Haque University name omitted. For universities fund allocation 9 universities name mentioned in that list Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit university got 3.71 crore fund but Mazharul Haque University name not mentioned.

S. Haque, Patna


Mushrooming of Muslim outfits
In the backdrop of withdrawal of support to Congress coalition government in Andhra Pradesh by MIM (Majlise Ittehadul Muslameen), that threatened the state government which has come into minority, the use of the new term for Muslim assertion: Mushrooming of Muslim outfits, by Congress General Secretary, Digvijay Singh, points to a new phase in Muslim politics in India. Not confined to Andhra Pradesh, the movement to float new Muslim led political parties all over the country in different states, poses a grave threat to Congress as a 'national' party that could rule in the centre, with support from its own tally of Members of Parliament and from coalition partners, as all such Muslim political parties - derogatorily and contemptuously branded by Digvijay Singh as 'OUTFITS', are directly eroding the Congress Muslim vote bank, that had assured Congress continuous supremacy in the pecking order of political parties. Though the trend is still in its infancy, the results, say in Uttar Pradesh, where Muslim parties, had registered an impressive showing, as the formula of inclusiveness, now borrowed by these new comers from Congress itself,  is giving the Muslim outfit across the board support from all communities. These political parties, are fully aware of the power of mixed constituencies, and are ready to offer tickets to other community members, who represent majority vote bank in their local constituencies. Since it is only the beginning, all such Muslim political parties have more flexibility than the two Brahminical bigwigs, who are reluctant to share power with others. Muslim political parties have no such hang-ups. They know the limits of their voting power, and now concentrating on wheeling and dealing first to destruct the vote banks of other parties, and later build up their own distinct identities. Congress and BJP, the two Brahminical outfits that proudly present themselves as natural party of governance to rule India, are now finding a new entrant with some past reference to rule and govern India and that too in a more celebratory secular ethos than that practiced by the both the Brahminical exclusivist outfits.

Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai


Tazia juloos
We take out Tazia Juloos on the day of Aashurah the 10th day of the first month Moharram. Unfortunately many of us have not understood the revolution of the grand son of our beloved Prophet.When Imaam Husain the second son of Hazrat Ali and Maa Fatima was in his youth, the people had forgotten the basic principles of Islam. Many of them had gone astray. Imaam Husain a.s. wanted to remind them the true teachings of Islam. He was a peace loving, just, truthful and knowledgeable Imaam. He was hated by vested interests. He was not given food and water by his enemies on the land of Karbala. He fought for the cause with his limited army of  72 Sahabas. His enemies were far more powerful. Imaam Husain and his family as well as other Sahabas were tired, thirsty and hungry. They fought and their bravery was exceptional. They had neither food nor water for three days. They all became martyrs. After this tragedy people understood the truth of Islam. It was spreading fast at that time.Thus Imaam Husain won the battle in true sense. People cry on the day of Aashurah in remembrance of the pain of Imaam Husain.

Nazneen O. Saherwala, Surat


Black money
We feel happy that Mr. Kejriwal is unearthing the impossible task of bringing in to lime light of 'Black Money' of not only Congress stalwarts,like Robert Vadra, the only son-in-law of Sonia Gandhi and Salman Khurshid & Modi and Gadkari ,who are having Swiss Bank Accounts. He is bold and putting the scandals of these people every day 'live' in the Electronic Media as a single person. It would have been better, that Mr Anna Hazare might have join hands with Kejriwal to strengthen the movement of 'India Against Corruption'. Let us all support Mr Kejriwal in, fighting with the Corrupt People as a duty of a' True Indian'.

G A Rahim, IPS Rtd, Hyderabad.AP


Girl children
This refers to the letter by Mobina, Firdos & Tabasum of Kadpa (MG 1-15 Nov2012). I congratulate them by raising this issue of 'Toilets to the Girl Children' in Govt Schools despite of Supreme Court orders to complete the work by 31st December2011, but so for no action was taken as on to day. The enrolment of Girls is more than the Boys. The Govt should provide basic needs ,like drinking water, Toilets to the Girl students, boundary wall and play ground, so that the number of dropouts may be curbed.

Mohammad.Azam, Karimnager, Telangana


Festival of light or pollution
Diwali is considered as a festival of lights. However it has become mainly a festival of sounds with crackers blasting every now and then all over the country. It contributes lots of pollution in our atmosphere, which is sadly already a polluted space. Hence we need do our best to prevent crackers and instead using a number of noisy crackers, people could opt for the non noisy forms of fireworks like sparkles etc. Deepavali is celebrated for victory of good over evil, of Ram over Ravan and we should do everything to promote values like justice, peace, compassion and love which bring about goodness in society. Hope we people of country abide by the values, which this festival of lights is meant for and avoid doing things which corrupt and pollute our society.

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur - 440013


Social Media and Our Society
Indian society is undergoing rapid transformation and internal turmoil. With the advent and frequent use of social media viz. facebook, twitter, etc., social issues are posted and discussed. It feels good to see Indian youths engaged in discussing social issues. But the communal forces and hate groups also seems to be very active. They don't miss a single opportunity to communalise these issues with their communal interpretation, hate speeches and spreading rumours. Unfortunately we don't find "users of social media" understanding their motives. They are hijacked with their opinions and fulfill the purposes of communal forces. Thus, we see that inspite of  "they" solving the problem, end up with chaos all around.

Md. Maroof Azam, JNU, New Delhi


 Is Islamic Banking issue election gimmick?
Congress led UPA is preparing to modify Banking Law to mend the ways for Islamic Banking. This is another trap of Congress to woo Muslim votes Because just before Parl election congress seems to show very devoted for Muslim cause. These are mirage and without proportionate representation in jobs justice in farce.

S. Haque, Patna


It is fitting that Shri Thackeray should have received a State funeral and an obituary reference in Parliament.  He was, after all, a senior military officer: the commanding general of his personal army of goons.

Mukul Dube, Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi 110091


I am proud of Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan, editor of the Milli Gazette, and the MG team for taking much pains for beautifying the Milli Gazette in the interest of the readers providing them informative, useful, interesting and upto the mark articles. Undoubtedly, the articles increase knowledge of the readers. This fortnightly English newspaper is not only read in different cities, towns and villages of India, but it is also read in foreign countries. There is no exaggeration to say that the popularity of this English fortnightly newspaper is due to its editor and the MG team. Undoubtedly, Dr. Zafarul-Islam Khan sahib is like a shining star on the horizon of literature.

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur U. P.


Secularism and BJP
This refers to the Fantastic Article by Shri Ram Punyani MG 1-15 Nov 2012 ''Secularism and BJP's dilemmas'' is an eye opener to all the BJP stalwarts, that how best they can come to power. Mr Ram Punyani has given the complete road map of the NDA in an authentic way. which is very interesting. They are playing a Game in the name of Secularism, by shedding Crocodile tears and changing colours like Chemilion for seeking minority Votes. We thank the editor-in-chief for publishing such valuable articles time to time.

Mohd. Azam, Karimnager, AP


Kejriwal's is people's voice

 A media house recently took it upon itself the onus to verify the truth and substance in the allegations of corruption made by Arvind Kejriwal against political bigwigs and others.  In order to conduct a mock inquiry into the financial transactions of Robert Vadra and Nitin Gadkari  this media house, as an exercise, constituted a panel of non-partisan experts consisting of a corporate lawyer, a former Income-tax commissioner and a CA. All the evidence on the strength of which Arvind Kejriwal had demanded an inquiry by a competent agency were placed before this experts' panel. It was Kejriwal's contention that the evidence provided is enough for the government to go after the two accused. This experts' panel deliberated extensively on the evidence provided to them. Within the panel there were differences on certain points while there was agreement on some. Ultimately what the panel agreed on was that prima facie there was enough scope for inquiry and possible action against the financial transactions of the two gentlemen. This mock inquiry has lent considerable credibility to Arvind Kejriwal. If, indeed, the UPA government is serious about eradicating corruption, as they claim, nothing should stop them for instituting an immediate inquiry in all cases exposed by him. If the UPA fails to recognize Kejriwal's voice as people's voice, there is no doubt that the same voice will echo in the polling booths.

Dr  Mookhi Amir Ali, Mumbai 400054 


Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

Muslims should be grateful to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan, who established the Aligarh Muslim University in the interest of the Muslims. He wanted that the Muslims should be highly qualified, so that they may occupy high position, high posts all over the world. Thank to Sir Syed Ahmad Khan that this University has established or made the Muslims to be worthy of the higher position. They are well settled in different parts of India, and also abroad due to the Aligarh Muslim University; and also due to the late Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. Allama Iqbal's couplet is true of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan. "Hazaron saal Nargis upnee be noori pe roti hai, baree mushkil se hota hai chaman mein deedavar paida

Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur U. P.


 Congratulation Razzaque Anwar

Razzaque Anwar s/o Haji Zainuddin of Rahika Tola Arraria is doing PhD in diabetics in Jamia Millia University has invented medicine for diabetic cure. Insulin, injections are commonly used to control diabetic problem. Razzaque Anwar has invented the medicine for diabetic disease from aquatic lives. This is complete herbal medicine having no side effects.

S. Haque, Patna


Yes, accusations against Salman Khursheed are weighty
It is observed that Mr. Salman Khursheed, Union Minister, instead of answering questions of Kejrewal trying to convince the levelled against him and his Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust by Kejriwal. His excuses couple with threatenings for legal action against T. V. channel thus expected to inviting future imbroglio for himself and Mrs. Luis Khursheed who is whole and sole of the Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust although registered under Public Trust Act but turned to be a Family Trust. Besides the veteran Congress man and Law Minister Mr. Khursheed, Congress which is credited with the assembly of all sorts of corrupt practices as the persons under its roof right from top to bottom proved to be most dishonest, corrupt and absolutely disloyal to the party aswellas the country. Surprisingly the congressmen without assessing the gravity of the charges overtly supporting the Law Minister for the sake of denial without uttering a word that the party is ready to enquire into the charges through independent agency. On the other hand the outburst and behaviour of Mr. Khurshid is like a layman whereas being a veteran congressmen. Highly educated Law Minister and demagogue to act in a most civilised way and responsible manners. One thing is not made clear by him that as to what was the propriety to form the Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust in association of his family members whereas being a popular personality, veteran politician and Law Minister, he had countless opportunities to serve the people in a better way selflessly. Alas, P. M. Dr. Manmohan Singh has been trapped from all direction for countless wrongs of his partymen right from highups to an ordinary member / associate of the party as with the beginning of every day numerous scandles, scams, corruption, criminal allegation have become the routine of the country. On his part he is watching every happening helplessly as a mute king of yester years while oppositions and mediapersons holding him responsible for all the wrongs of his partymen. His present condition can be described fully as per the following Urdu couplet. Who poochhte hain keh dard kahan hota hai, Ek jagah ho to bataun keh yahan hota hai.

Faheemuddin, Nagpur - 440013


 Do not fool others
According to Deputy commissioner of Police, the drama of 26/11 was enacted to kill three ATS officers .Karkare, Kalasker, and some other who had started enquiry about the Hindu terrorists .This showed the sincerity and honesty of the officers .But this gesture of these faithful officers was not liked by the Sangh parivar and bosses of the fanatic cadre of the ruling junta .They made this Drama of Mumbai Attack on 26/11 .In this pandemonium the three officers were killed mercilessly .The object was gained .The other innocent people 160 were also killed .The unbelievable story of 10 terrorist came from Pakistan and attack on Taj Mahel hotel CHST .How it was possible for the terrorist to enter into the city and kill the officers Were they aware of the identity of the officers ?. Mr. Musharraf has given the details of the strategy. Kasab was not a terrorist .His innocence on his face is clearly visible. But producers of the Film wanted such a character the poor and innocent boy was caught and he acted in the film though not satisfactorily. Abdur Raman Antule posed a query in the parliament but he was silenced any how Why such a long period was taken for his punishment Rupees ten crores were spent on this fake criminal .Was there no scare of Pakistan or Taliban? They wanted a hateful gesture should be maintained against Pakistan .May it be harmful or beneficial .Now we learnt that Taliban of Pakistan have decided to take revenge of Ajmal Kasab .Already our relations are not good with China which is a close friend of Pakistan .This the fall out of wrong strategy .We killed the three honest officers made their wives widows and their children orphans .In Afghanistan we needed good relations with Taliban The whole thing is that our leaders have no ideals and morels in their. Life They do not have any valid source of high ideals and morels .They are under desperation themselves and keeping the whole nation in desperation and agony God knows better the future of this nation

Dr AH Maqdoomi, Hyderabad

 ... couldnt have agreed more with the author... he needs to be lauded for this analysis and exposure of this disgusting crass mentality of gloating over this 'hanging'... now who exactly was kasab?... what was his background... did he not belong to the same humble rural ilk as millions of others in our sub-continent... he was a mere tool of the perpetrators of heinous crimes more rampantly seen in this century the world over... the poor guy was already sentenced to death by his handler's... and was misguided that he would attain matyrdom in heaven (if at all there is one)... now justice after all has to be just and fair and cannot be subjective... there are 300 waitlisted for the gallows... why jump the queue... and who were the real perpetrators... they probably are busy planning their next barbaric act... wonder if true justice has been meted out and there was no ulterior motive behind this 'hanging'... hopefully not... only time will tell... in the mean time let us wait and watch... my humble 'salute' to this fearless author...'pen indeed is mightier then the sword'...

Col. Manobendra Roy


 Saffronization of kid's brain
How kid's brain saffronized by media? Hindi national daily published special supplementary for juniors. On 2 November special supplementary a letter written by class IX student about Bihar each word as - B for Bharat, I for India, H for Hindustan A for Aryabhat, R for Ramjanam Bhoomi on what logic Bihar last word R stands for Ramjanam Bhoomi? Media poison's kids brain.

S. Haque, Patna


Madhubani & Forbesganj police firing
Police fired on mob rampaging at Madhubani on 12-13 October in which 2 persons were killed. Bihar government instituted judicial inquiry headed by retd. Justice Udey Singh who visited Madhubani for inquiry on 3 November within a month. On the other hand the judicial inquiry headed by a retd. Justice is unable to submit its report passing 18 months about killing of four innocent Muslims in police firing in Forbesganj.            
S. Haque, Patna


2 arrested after Facebook comment on Thackeray...
We are sorry, SHAHEEN DHANDA. You had done a great job that we could not do, salute to your plain speaking... FREEDOM OF SPEECH A LUXURY ENJOYED BY BALA SAHEB THACKERAY THROUGH OUT HIS LIFE UP TO THE OPTIMUM LEVEL, DIED ALONG WITH HIM IN INDIA ON 17/11/2012.

Azimuddin MohiuddinNagpur


Moral of the story : Next time you want to protest something burn a bus. Don't post about it on Facebook.

Naomi Datta@nowme_datta(on Twitter

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2012 on page no. 23

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