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Security remains BJP plank, Gadkari remembers Azamgarh

Indore: Setting the broad thrust of the three-day BJP national executive meet beginning on 17 Feb. amid unprecedented security arrangements, national president Nitin Gadkari said never before had the country’s security been so endangered.

Talking to the mediapersons at the sprawling 90 acres Kushabhau Thakre Nagar, he said plans were afoot to grant autonomy to J&K, Chinese had crossed over into Indian territory and were clamouring for Arunachal Pradesh, Maoists were threatening armed insurrection, bomb blasts continued to recur, and yet some in the ruling party were talking of making a tourist paradise of a terrorist hotbed like Azamgarh. Behind it all was wrong politics and bad governance.

Mr Gadkari argued though politics was an instrument of social change and desperately in need of good people, not all good people needed to join politics.

While political participation was the responsibility of political workers, inculcating a political consciousness was everyone’s responsibility. Especially since almost all the ills facing the country could ultimately be traced to bad governance. “Rajya nahi samaj badlana hoga.”

Only then would talking of development and progress make any sense. Skewed priorities, said Mr Gadkari, had produced a society in which the truly meritorious became an IAS officer, the guy who got first-class a chief engineer, and the thrice failed a minister.    

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2010 on page no. 11

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