RSS “Hindu Sangam” sans Hindus

While addressing a Hindu Samagam on the eve of Holi at Lal Parade ground in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat said that 'Not Hindu? You are not Indian.' His logic is faulty and it is a blatant negation of Indian Constitution and disrespect to the secular fabric of India. It is to be noted that including the home minister there were many ministers of the BJP Government as part of the gathering. It all happened in front of the M.P Police head quarter in the presence of many police officials.

He has challenged the Constitution of India to which all the citizen are wedded and in particular, the ministers and officials have taken oath to safeguard it. It is in their presence that the basic secular tenets of Indian Constitution were insulted. A person if forgets to bring down the National Flag at sun set or makes a mistake in tying it, immediately police register cases. If those individuals happen to be Muslim or Christian then it is termed as anti-national activity. Here police had no objection to insulting the Constitution of India.

It was also an indirect call to incite communal passion. He tells people that Lord Jesus and Prophet Mohmmad are revered figures but in their name, India cannot be united because they are not Indians. Any person with common sense would understand that it is a silly logic. How could one believe this for the simple reason that this organization continues to praise a notorious western dictator Hitler even today. He also went on to say that western life style we should not embrace. It is very interesting to see him standing in shorts and Shirt, a purely western dress.  This organization needs to abandon its western identity.

The RSS takes pride in describing itself as the only voice of millions of Hindus in the country. It takes only men into its fold. That means 50% Indians are barred from it already. It is clear from the appeal made to people in general to join RSS or its Shakhas to understand the organization. If its claim were to be true, then the worried and anguished voice over poor participation of people in the meeting would not have been heard from such an organization that claims to be number one in the world.

It is a warning bell. RSS has tried hard eighty-four years to indoctrinate the secular conscience of this country to buy its concept of Hindu Rashtra. It has always tried to suppress the voice of majority of the Hindus who are secular minded. It is also a sign that the secular conscience of India is awakening.

It is a general principle that works in the media, 'negative publicity is more publicity.'  If we analyse the statements made by this organization about Christians regarding religious conversion, it must be honestly told that it has given wide publicity to Christianity in the country. People are made to think seriously, what is it that makes Christians to serve the poor and the downtraddess despite all these abuses? There is an eagerness created among a good number people to know more about Christians. It is a warning bell to the RSS that it can no longer go ahead with its poisonous ideology against this nation and its Constitution.

Fr. Anand Muttungal

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2010 on page no. 14

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