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Please accept my salaam and mubarakbad for publishing a newspaper which offers us truth and honesty between the lines. Thanks for your brave steps against false and bogus news. Thanks again.
M. Samar, Maler Kotla (Punjab)
I first read about the Milli Gazette in the Indian Muslim blog. I would like to congratulate you and your laborious and creative team on the successful completion of the 10th year of your publication. It is a nice indicator for the Muslim community that a newspaper which is about and around the Muslim community has not only been existing but also improving day by day. It is a need of every educated Muslim who wishes to be aware about the community's successes, failures, pleasures and problems. You are doing a good job to publish such a newspaper. It is a great work which you are doing for our community. Thank you so much for this job. We all are thankful to you and of course your team.
Tajwer Sultana
Messiah of Madarsas
I congrats you for publishing a very wonderful story By Kaneez Fatima"The good that Madarsas do unnoticed" in MG of 16-28 Feb 2010 an eye opener to all Muslims in India and abroad. Late .Mr. Asif Ali of Old City, Hyderabad, and Telangana had established a Madarsa for Muslim dropout girls in 2004 and named it Jamaitul muslimaat. As an uneducated tailor he became famous for doing yeomen services to the minority poor school and his dream is fulfilled as the Madarsa is runing smoothly by his eldest daughter Bader Fatima after his death.This will be the only Madarsa which is imparting moral education, Computer Education along with religion education and formal education like, English, Science, Maths and Social Studies and so on. If a person is perfect in only religious education he may be appointed as Iman to a Mosque who may be lacking formal education and may not be useful for any Govt Job or any private job also. I have seen many scholars speaking only on the Dias and doing nothing. In the words of Abraham Lincoln"what you said is Forgotten, But what you did is remembered"and Mr.Asif Ali of Jamaitul Muslimaat of old City of Hyderabad had proved by doing extraordinarily and became a Messiah of poor hapless Muslims dropout girls for better living.
Mohammad Azam, Telangana
Prophet preached peace
In Islamic calendar 12th of Rabi-ul-Awwal is the day on which the Prophet of Islam was born more than 1400 years back. Although we do not celebrate the Prophet's birthday as per his authentic teachings, but this is a good time for groups like the Taliban, LeT, JeM and the ilk to introspect and assess whether any of their violent and mindless activities are in conformity with the teachings of the Prophet. He taught us to love the one God and emphasized that the path leading to Him consists of kindness, compassion and moderation. He taught the community to adopt a balanced way and avoid extreme tendencies in any aspect of life. But these ideals are hardly found in such groups who espouse only intolerance and violence to forward their so-called cause. Had the Prophet been alive today, he would have definitely disowned these people who have tarnished the name of Islam.
Mohd. Salahuddin, Mumbai
Hussain's Qatar citizenship
Hopefully M F Hussain reconsiders the Qatar citizenship conferred on him. He loves India too much to do that the facts of Godhra incident because on record she had said that Nitish Kumar was awarded by NDA Government for hiding the facts of Godhra incident. She had said this in Parliament when railway zone shifting was discussed. Mamta Banerjee is morally and constitutionally bounded to bring the facts of Godhra what she had said in Parliament. She had brought white on railway profit earned during Laloo Yadav tenure instead of this white paper she must bring white paper on Godhra incident. This is the major reason secular character of our country is rapidly fading instead of exposing true face of Bhgwa Mukauta the secular leaders fight each other. You see Congress targets Mulayam & Laloo with immense force but let Modi rule Gujarat.
S. Haque, Patna
 Do We Need Islamic Banking?
Are we going to use Islam to isolate us from the rest of the world on every issue? Do we want to become a cult with beards, burqas, triple talaqs, polygamy, Islamic banking and an aversion to music and dance? The idea of religion being a complete way of life was sound and valid to bring us out of jahalat in 7th century Arabia. Since then civilization, science, arts and commerce have made major advances throughout the world, and it is not sensible to keep ourselves out of the mainstream. As Muslims we are against excessive interest rates or usury, we do not want to see families being driven into bankruptcy on account of fraudulent lending practices, and we do not want to invest our money in certain kinds of businesses, but that should not require a separate system of banking. We need our religion to worship the one and only true God and to help us lead righteous and just lives. We should regulate our worldly affairs with the help of the brains that the Almighty has given us and with the collective wisdom that men of good will can develop.
Ghulam Mohiyuddin,
New York 12804 (via email)
True colours of Amitabh Bachchan
I feel very sorry to note that Big B has been appointed as a brand ambassador for Modi and Mr Bachchan immediately acknowledge "You have very graciously considered my appointment as a brand Ambassador for Gujarat, I accept this offer of yours with great humanity" Mr.Big.B is a famous celebrity and he should strive for peace in India  and for Muslims. Now he is shedding crocodile tears in the name of Ram, Rahim and Jesus. He cannot fool the Muslims for long by appointing Mr Bachchan as brand ambassador.Why coun't Mr.Modi appoint Shahrukh or Aamir Khan, why Muslims are regularly targeted. People should march forward for universal brotherhood and to achive peace and prosperity.
Mohd. Azam, Telangana
Double standard on M F Hussain and Taslima Nasreen
It is a clear case of double standard. Where as an Indian artist, a nationalist to the core, has been hounded out of the country to the extent of seeking citizenship in some other country, another artist who is a foreigner and who is continuously playing foul with the religious sentiments of Muslims for many years, is being protected by the Government of India by extending her visa frequently. The home minister's statement that Mr. M.F. Husain is welcome back and he would be given due protection could be termed as only an eyewash, since he has not woken up to the situation for the past four years, when he has been wandering about Dubai and England haplessly. On the other hand Taslima is favoured against the wishes of a sizeable population of the country and she has been a cause of concern to the law and order situation of the country and the recent episode has resulted into the loss of two precious lives with no fault of theirs. Why police didn't lathicharge when Hindu fanatics were demostrating against M.F.Husain?
K. Malikul Azeez,Chennai-12
Freedom of ex-pression is a fundamental constitutional right in civilized countries. M.F.Husain and Taslima Nasreen may have hurt the feelings of Hindus and Muslims respectively, but we have no constitutional right to be protected from hurt feelings and there is certainly no constitutional right to stage violent demonstrations to express our hurt feelings. Indian laws against promotion of hate or against incitement to riot have weak constitutional validity and are difficult to enforce. The only recourse to the hurt party is for them to use the same freedom of ex-pression to answer those whom have hurt their feelings, either through speech, writing, broadcasting or whatever other means of ex-pression they have available to them. The dictum that we, as mature communities, should not hurt each other's religious feelings is good, but unenforceable and of no practical value. Ghulam Mohiyuddin, Newat Ram Rahman an activist close to the  artist says, the 95 years old M F Husain is dying to die in India. His supporters in India have been campaigning to bring him back. They should make the artist understand that he can walk into the country any time he likes. The honour and "do ghaz zameen" are awaiting him. Only he has to apologize for offending a whole community by painting their revered Gods and Goddesses in the grotesque and offensive postures and agree to destroy that work. If he does that there is a great possibility that the 900 cases against him will be gladly withdrawn.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West, Mumbai
Postal department’s harmful haste
Currently, post department makes M.O. payment swiftly but as the message on M.O. form is not conveyed it creates confusion for the payee who does not accept the amount which is returned to the remitter. M.O. charges collected without doing the expected service.
S.A.U. Patel,
Khanpur Deh-392150
Iraqi elections
After the fall of Saddam Hussein, this is the second elections being held in Iraq. As Ban Ki Moon has rightly called it a milestone in the democratic process and has urged the Iraqis to vote during the elections. But the fact remains that the country still has deep divisions within. The Baathists are still camouflaged, Kurds have their own aspirations. The Shias and Sunnis have their own expectations of the elections. There is also a routine threat of violence during and post elections. The parties to Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), Delhi, is a symbol of freedom movement. Veteran freedom fighters and patriots like Maulana Azad, Dr. M.A. Ansari, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali, Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni, Dr. Syed Mahmood etc. had started it. Jamia Millia Islamia (JMI), Delhi, is a symbol of freedom movement. Veteran freedom fighters and patriots like Maulana Azad, Dr. M.A. Ansari, Hakim Ajmal Khan, Maulana Muhammad Ali, Maulana Hussain Ahmad Madni, Dr. Syed Mahmood etc. had started it. Dr. Zakir Husain, ex-president of India was also associated with it and was its first Vice-Chancellor. Jamia Millia Islamia society, a body registered in 1939 under the Indian Societies Act, 1860, have been administering the J.M.I. as a deemed university uptill 1988. The main aim and objective of the society as mentioned in its memorandum of Association was "to promote and provide for the religious and secular education of Indians, particularly Muslims." In the J.M.I. act of 1988 this very aim was cleverly removed. A basic principle of J.M.I. society was that "the medium of instruction at all stages of education in all the institutions maintained by the society shall be Urdu." This was also written off from the 1988 Act. Thus the soul and spirit of Jamia was taken away in the garb of making it a "deemed" central university. The entire Muslim comunity of India has extended its full support to the ongoing movement for restoration of minority character of the J.M.I. as guaranteed under article 30(1) of the Indian constitution. Justice loving non-Muslim brethren should also come forward and support Muslims in this regard.
G.H. Kaif, Bandra (M.S.) 441904
Motive behind Telangana movement
After leaping of BJP central leaders in the Telangana movement, the Congress mind may turn against the separation. The people of Telangana want a separate state for development and progress. After separation the steering leaders can get ministries and important assignments. What the agitating public will get, nothing.

Mr. KCR has become mute only God knows what guarantees or threats he might have received? The hidden Bosses of Congress will not be influenced by chain hunger strikes and suicides. They know pretty well that only dejected individuals commit suicides. They do more harm to their families than boosting the cause of separate Telangana. The congress feels more risk in formation of Telangana than pressing it down. The better way out for the people and the government to allocate the total budget for the development and progress of Talangana region. If the leaders can be bought why not the public?

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
Let's celebrate republic day more meaningfully
We all celebrated 26 January - 60th anniversary of our being a republic. Fireworks - salutes to the tiranga - distribution of awards - parades - display of our military might and all that. But within all this cacophony; the real question has been messed up somewhere. We boast of being a democracy for six decades and tease out our neighbours of not being so but the billion dollars question is sidelined to the background: are we really democratic? Have we lived up to the ideals cherished vociferously in the constituion? Does the intention of constituent assembly, dreams of Gandhi(s), Nehru(s) and Azad(s) have been fulfilled or not? If analysed in this perspective we are sorry to confess as Indians that our tryst with destiny has not come true. First is the threat to the very sovereignty of India. Our non-alignment has proved to be a farce (at least after 1990s). Our foreign policy has repeatedly tiptoed the dictates of Washington. Our recurrent votes against Iran in IAEA (that were also against our own national interest), our donning away with gas pipeline and instead opting for the expensive and ill-famed nuclear deal, commercialization of education, excessive privatization, reduction of vital subsidies, lavish investment in infrastructure - are just the tip of the iceberg - aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya? The second important front where we blatantly failed is in building confidence  in minorities. Suspension of the sword of uniform civil code despite assurances of personal laws, riots and continuous riots but no punishment to 'real' perpetrators, harassment of a particular community, fake encounters, titles of 'terrorist' and 'not true to the salt', reports like Sachar committee and Sri Krishna commission but no implementation have all aggravated the situation. In this scenario do we really deserve the titles (or is it face cover?) of democracy and secularism? The third front where we partially failed is meeting with regional aspirations. Not going into details I just name Kashmir and northeast - areas where we failed miserably. Bold steps are essential if these grievances have to be eradicated root and branch.In short; India is a nation of festivals, we can celebrate Republic Day as yet another festival. But if we want to gain something, if we have the sense of responsibility and accountability, if we want to fulfill the dreams of our forefathers - we must celebrate this day as introspection day and must take audacious steps to meet above mentioned challenges or else 26th Januarys have come and gone they'll continue to come and go without giving us anything.Let's pledge to make these celebrations and these days more substantial and meaningful.
Khan Yasir, New Delhi
Displaced Tamils
The victory of Mahinda Rajapaksa in Sri Lankan election is really unanticipated and unpalatable for the Sri Lankan minority. The fact cannot be denied that he managed to overpower the opponent by the tactic of favoritism.Though he won in a considerable majority and thus shown his eligibility to rule over the people, for people there are something to worry. The allegations made on him obviously have relevancy. In the last tenure 70% of the budget was controlled by his family. His four brothers were ministers and most of the crucial posts were hold by his relatives. The terrible bloodshed in the name of war against LTTE remains as a stigma on his presidentship. It is not sure, even now, that he would take a better stand towards the displaced Tamils.
Abdul Raoof KK, Aligarh
The boundary of cricket
Cricket is a noble game and has been mainly free from dirty politics. It prefers only the performance and skill. But these days, politicians are trying to take advantage from the cricket. Recently the IPL-3' franchises while auctioning for the players, neglected the Pakistani players to select them in their teams for their nationality of Pakistan. The move by the IPL franchises worked as fuel to the fire. India and Pakistan were already at diplomatic war since the 26/11 Mumbai attack but the arrogant behaviour of the Cricket Council widened the distance even more between the individuals as well. Whatever, Sharukh Khan and Amir Khan stated was right? They were not motivated by the spirit of being Muslim, but by being a just person. It is third IPL. In the previous two IPL series, the franchises never selected or rejected any player on the ground of nationality, but on his performance. But now the cricket council seems to be influenced by the dirty policy of India. The Sive Sena chief Bal Thakray has made a poisonous statement against SRK and Amir Khan and threatened some theaters to set them on the fire if they show the forthcoming movie (My name is Khan) of SRK. He should withdraw his statement and let the people live together peacefully. Such statement can only raise controversy.
Nehal Qasmi
Reminding BJP of its election manifesto
What is the remedy when a state governmen who does not accept the amount which is returned to the remitter. M.O. charges collected without doing the expected service.
S.A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh-392150

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 March 2010 on page no. 31

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