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Waqf Board has no money to pay employees and widows

New Delhi: Delhi Waqf Boad has no money to pay to its employees. In addition to this, the Imams of Masjids under the Waqf Board have not been paid their salaries for two months and pensions to widows have not been paid for eight months.

To add to the Board’s difficulties, its reconstitution has not been done for more than a year. Delhi State Haj Committee is working without a chairman for four years. New officers are given charge as interim chairman and the persons authorised to sign on behalf of the Committee are also being changed every now and then with the result that not only the employees but other people also are being put to great difficulties.

Delhi Waqf Board is facing financial crisis for more than a year and its reconstitution is being postponed on some flimsy pretext or the other, with the result that pensions to about 1200 widows have not been paid for about eight months. The reason for this abnormal delay in payment of pensions, it is said, is that a fresh and updated survey of widows is being made. In addition to all this, bonus to its employees which as per Waqf Board rules should be paid on the occasion of Eid, has also not been paid to them so far on the ground that government has no money to pay bonus to them, though the total amount of bonus payable to its employees is about Rs 1.25 lakh only. This should have been paid to the employees alongwith salary for August.

Same is the position of Delhi State Haj Committee also which is functioning without a chairman for the last four years and important decisions cannot be taken. There is no competent signing authority also nor there is any likelihood that Haj Committee will be reconstituted soon though work for the Haj 2011 will start from February 2011.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2011 on page no. 20

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