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Seminar on “Vision 2020 for Indian Muslims” — Mind, heart, spirit, politics

Need for an intellectual mind, a healthy heart and a clean spirit, realize our share of rights and demand for the same and to be politically ambitious

Mumbai (1 December 2012): Association of Muslim Professionals (AMP) conducted an insightful and successful seminar on "Vision 2020 for Indian Muslims" in Mumbai today.  

Considering the plight of Indian Muslims, AMP organized an discussion and brainstorming to have a vision charted out for improving the state of affairs of the community.

(Left to right) Maulana Syed Qasim Ashraf (speaking), Amin Patel (sitting), Aamir Idrisi, K Rehman Khan, Dr Zahir Kazi, Dr Javed Jamil, Habib Fakih

The speakers were from diverse fields, Academics, Socials & Political. Janab K. Rahman Khan Saheb, Union Minister for Minority Affairs, Govt. of India was the Chief Guest, Hazrat Sayed Mohammad Qasim Ashraf Islamic scholar and community enthusiast presided it. Guests of Honour Dr. Zahir Kazi, President- Anjuman Islam Group of Institution, Dr. Javed Jamil, eminent Social Scholar and Islamic Social Scientist, Mr. Amin Patel, Chairman, MAMFDC & MLA, and many other scholars, intellectuals, Professionals, students and general public..

MLA. Mr. Amin Patel asked the audience to realize their share in the Budget and accordingly demand for the same to make optimum utilization. Adding to which Dr. Javed Jamil we need to understand and analyse the budget from the community perspective and propose our reforms in the planning stage itself rather than discussing about the pros and cons of after the budget is declared.

Dr. Zahir Kazi pointed out that we need build a pressure group so that we can try make the Government realize our importance and pay heeds to our demands. We need to realize our share of rights and demand for the same so that we can try and achieve as much development as possible. For this matter we need youngsters who are political conscience but not politically ambitious. His personal vision for Vision 2020 is to try and reclaim the Ismail Yusuf College land so that it could be developed to center of Excellence as originally envisaged by its donor.

Dr. K Rahman said that we should not have a micro approach to the minority budget but have a macro vision of our share in budget which is more than 16,000 Lakh Crores. He further said that we need establish our selves in the education field but also in the Corporate Circle as well. He suggested that we need not be dependent on any government for our progress, but we have to self sustained for our own development which was earlier mentioned by Dr. Zaheer Kazi as well. He suggested community doers need to have planned approach for our development and progress. He further suggested that similar to the 5 year planning of the Government we should plan for the development and progress of the country, we need to have similar approach for the development of the community which may be such as first 5 year plan could be Education & generation of income, second could be regarding Economic development , third to focus on social development issues etc.

Dr. K Rehman, further applauded the efforts of AMP and strong role it has been playing in the educational, social and economic development of the community. He suggested to create a Vision document and share with him, for which he assured his complete support.

Maulana Syed Qasim Ashraf also praised the efforts of AMP as organization focused on community development and admired its various activities conducted over the last few years. He said that the communities bright future depends on the on its young generation, for which AMP has already taken the responsibility. He said that we need to have not just an intellectual mind but also a healthy heart and a clean spirit for which we need to established institution which focus not just on professional brilliance but also spiritual excellence.

This event was widely appreciated by one and all who said that such events are the need of the hour stir the spirit of the community and shake them out of its deep slumber. The Guests and audiences simultaneously agreed that AMP has always read the pulse of community and kept itself abreast of  its condition, playing a vital role towards its development and progress.

This event was a prelude to the weeklong Annual Career Fest which is one of the largest

Education Guidance festivals in the country and has been successfully conducted since last 4 years.

Contact: Abrar Syed: 0-9860603447, Mohd Shahanshah Ansari: 0-9738560514

About AMP: Association of Muslim Professionals is a non-profit registered organization of professional Muslims who have come together to perform their bit for the welfare of the Muslim community and overall benefit of the society. The above mentioned event is one of our steps in that regards towards social responsibility. More details about AMP can be accessed from its official website on

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