Holocaust: Israel’s Ultimate Red Herring

By Khalid Amayreh

Whenever Israel's image suffers a setback, mainly because of its manifestly criminal treatment of the Palestinians, Israel invokes the holocaust. Israel does not openly link the Nazi-like brutality meted out to the Palestinians to the holocaust. However, the implied message in highlighting holocaust commemorations is inescapable.

The message is that what Germany did to European Jewry in the course of World War II justifies whatever Israel has done and is doing to the Palestinians. In other words, the perpetration of one holocaust by Germany against Jews should allow Zionist Jews -

Israel- to carry out another holocaust against the Palestinians. These seem to be the unspoken words of Zionist leaders. In the final analysis, their actions speak louder than their denials.

A few years ago, prior to the deadly Israeli onslaught against the Gaza Strip, Elie Wiesel - political activist, Nobel Laureate, and Holocaust survivor- argued that the world had no right to criticize Israel no matter what Israel did.

"I support Israel, period. I identify with Israel, period. I never attack, I never criticize Israel, and the world has no right to criticize Israel." While in Poland recently to mark the "Holocaust Remembrance Day", Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu tried to blackmail humanity into supporting Israeli criminality against the Palestinian people and other peoples of the Middle East.

He claimed that the international community had an obligation to defend and protect Israel as if this nuclear-armed state, which also effectively controls the politics and policies of the only superpower in the world, the United States, were seriously under threat by foreign predators and needed immediate protection.

However, what Netanyahu and other Israeli leaders really wanted to say was that the world should turn a blind eye to the unmitigated brutality and repression to which the helpless Palestinians are constantly subjected by the Israeli army, the Wehrmacht of our time.

Israel's Wehrmacht
In short, Israel's ultimate goal behind the exaggerated and never- ending regurgitation of holocaust rituals is not really to remind humanity of the extent to which man can be cruel to his fellow man.

Rather, it is to obtain a license, or even a carte blanch, to torment and savage the Palestinians, destroy their homes, steal their land, and expel them to the four winds.

As victims of Jewish Nazism for over sixty years, we, the Palestinians, have no objection to remind the world of one of the greatest crimes committed by man against his fellow man. The Nazis, after all, were enemies of humanity and their crimes are outstanding in the annals of history. However, it should be perfectly clear that the Nazis were evil, not because their crimes targeted Jews, among other peoples.

Their actions were evil, because they were simply evil, and even if six million non-Jews had been killed instead of the six million Jews we are told were killed, the nefariousness of the Nazi crimes would not have been any lesser.

This means that anyone or any people behaving in Nazi-like manner should be compared to the Nazis. In the final analysis, when Jews think, behave, and act like Nazis, as demonstrated in Gaza last year, they should not be spared the Nazi epithet no matter how long and how hard the Netanyahus, Wiesels, Liebermans, and Pipes of the world keep barking. We are supposed to be living in a moral universe, and as such, none under the sun, "chosen" or otherwise, should be entitled to a special treatment based on ethnic or religious supremacy.

I understand why some Western countries, like Germany are reluctant to call the spade a spade when it comes to the Jewish terror. However, as consistent recipients of Israeli criminality for decades, we Palestinians should not hesitate to compare what Zionist Jews are doing to us with whatever the Aryan Nazis did in Europe during the World War II.

If the world, especially the West, raises its eyebrows in disgust or disbelief, we must ignore its reactions with the contempt they deserve. Instead, we should challenge them to come and visit Gaza and the West Bank and see for themselves. This is of course if they dare to face the brutal ugliness of their misbegotten brat.

The issue goes far beyond the size and magnitude of violence and terror here and there. After all, we do not claim that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is a carbon copy of what the Third Reich did during that World War II in which more than 50 million people were killed. However, there are shocking similarities between what happened then and what is happening now. Take, for example, the recurrent pogroms carried out by the para-military Jewish terrorists, otherwise known as settlers, against helpless and unprotected Palestinians in the West Bank.

These thugs carry out all sorts of lynching and assaults on unarmed civilians, including elderly Palestinians, nearly on a daily basis and often in the full view of the Israeli army. The Israeli society watches these crimes rather passively as if what is happening were perfectly acceptable.

The Judo-Nazi Thugs
Now, what is the difference between this and what the Hitler Youth Movement and other Nazi thugs were doing against Jews in the mid and late 1930s which eventually culminated in the Kristallnacht in November, 1938?

A few days ago, David Grossman, a noted Israeli writer and intellectual, spoke about the callousness with which the Israeli Jewish society is treating with settler terror and violence against the Palestinians.

"Sometimes," he said "it is not possible to sit and be silent. Settlers and the political right aided by the government, the legal system, and economic powers abuse the Palestinians in 1,001 different ways."

In addition, one could note the manifestly criminal act of taking over people's homes, land, farms, and vineyards in the name of Jewish nationalism. Is this much different from the Nazi concept of lebensraum?

Germans argued that they needed a breathing space; and the Jews are arguing that "well, Jews have got to live somewhere."!

When the Judo-Nazi thugs run out of arguments, they simply claim that "Jews are sons of kings, and non-Jews are animals." Israel has no right to use the memory of those who perished during the holocaust to justify decidedly criminal acts that differ little in substance from what the Nazis did. Yes, the magnitude is different, but the substance, the mentality, the maliciousness, and nefariousness are the same.

It is true that Palestinians are not being gassed in ovens. However, they are being systematically killed by other means and incinerated by White Phosphorus, as was the case in Gaza last year. More to the point, we should always remember that the holocaust itself did not really start with Auschwitz and Bergen Belsen and other death camps, for in fact these were ultimate "effects" rather than "causes."

The real causes had materialized much earlier with the malignant metastasizing of Aryan racism, the kind of which the world is now witnessing permeating throughout Israel.

Now, it us usual to see an Israeli settler murders an innocent Palestinian and then claims proudly that "I felt I was slaughtering an animal not a human being."! Furthermore, happy-go-lucky rabbis gleefully issue religious edicts permitting the cold-blooded killing of all non-Jews, including babies, on the ground that these babies might pose a threat to Jews when they grow up!

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2010 on page no. 22

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