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Who is fake?
It was an interesting conference Dr. Khan - but are you aware that you invited a Fake Shankaracharya....A piece of advice - when you do such a conference outside Muslim dominated areas - avoid inviting him or else you will get a very bad reputation for inviting a Fake Shankaracharya!
MG: Dear whatever you are: I do not know much about the great soul you are trying to degrade who lives and moves around only in Hindu areas all over north India, but I do not need any proof to believe that you are a fake hiding behind a fake email identiy. Wake up brother. There is a lot of light and goodwill in the human multitude outside the little hole you have confined yourself to.
Muslims are looked upon suspiciously after every blast
Despite being maliciously targetted, systematically stigmatised and marginalised, Indian Muslims remained patient, hopeful, and loyal to the country and the system. Many Commissions recommended urgent measures to improve Muslims' condition. There is absolutely no confirmed charge against any Muslim boy or organisation from Pune of their involvement in any terror activity. On the contrary there are confirmed evidences to prove that there were/are Hindu fanatics who carried bomb blasts in different parts of the country. But with each bomb blast only Muslims were looked suspiciously. They became more vulnerable. It’s a known fact that Shaheed Hemant Karkare had exposed a nation wide Hindutva terror network that included prominent figures from Pune and even from Indian Army. Needless to say, almost eleven such champions are now behind the bars. Can't the recent bomb blast in German bakery be another 'milestone' achivement of the disciples or the mentors of such Hinduvites? Can't it happen? Can't? Why not?
                                                             Mushtaque Madni (via-email)
Media and a majority among us have started criticizing Government for the recent blast in Pune. But the question is how fair this statement would this argument go? While the matter of the fact is a hoarding at Pune was seen saying, “Theatres gets protection, but who will protect the common man?” 48,000 policemen deployed by Maharashtra Government were not just to protect theatres or screening of the film. They were deployed to protect the common men from being victim of the fanatics and the goons (Shiv Sena). The purpose of the security was to shield the common man from the terror of Shiv Sena. Lakhs of people would have been seriously injured had police protection not been there. Whom would we blame at that stage? Our state government, who else? Then why are we blaming them now? Why should the government be blamed for providing security to us and making the environment tension free so that we can go fearlessly to theatres? People who went and are going to see the film are not going just for their entertainment, but also to show their protest against Shiv Sena. If anyone is to be blamed for Pune blasts, then it is Shiv Sena, who has forced Government to deploy 48,000 policemen to save us. Shah Rukh also said that it would not concern him if his film is not allowed to be screened in Mumbai. What is more important is the well being of his fellow countrymen.
                                                               Farzana Nigar, Ranchi-02
It is not the lack of preparation and the holes in the city’s intelligence network but it seems there is a hole in the intelligence itself. There is one strong lobby who thinks that the Hindus unite only in the threat of Muslim terrorists only. They want to maintain a level of potency like cholesterol level in the body of Indian Hindus. The level of 26/11 had subsided therefore a fresh dose was essential. Pune blast will serve the purpose. The police and intelligence can apprehend the young Muslim youths legitimately. Our intelligence should know that there are more intelligent people like Arundhatti Roy are also in our country who can give better explanation as she had given about the attack on Parliament. But this raj of oppression and murder of innocents will, not go a long way
                                            Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
Reservation for Muslim community
After showing a mirage of reservation to Indian Muslims immediately after independence, the political parties continued to lure this 'minority' community by promising reservations of a different kind, especially before elections. Time and again we have seen political parties playing the minority card. The Congress party promised 5% reservation to the Muslim community in education institutions and government jobs before 2004 general elections. Though the YSR Government after coming to power tried to fulfill this promise, however, the policy was struck down by the courts in 2005 and was not able to do anything tangible in this regard despite virtually trying couple of things. Now, the West Bengal Government is showing a similar mirage of 10% quota in employment for the Muslim community under the OBC category. Since the government is still in the process of identifying the educationally, socially and economically backward Muslims, it is not yet certain whether this promise would be fulfilled before the 2011 assembly elections. While the Andhra Pradesh Government is preparing to contest the High Court order in the Supreme Court, the Telangana Rashtra Samithi came up with a bigger mirage of promising 12 % reservation to Muslims in the proposed Telangana state. There is no dispute that a majority of Muslims are still backward, but they should stop chasing such mirages. The 4% or even 10% reservation would only confine the Muslims, and owing to this, they would not try hard to get a share in the remaining 96 or 90 per cent of share that they deserve to get as Indians.
                                         Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur
Minaret is important in Islam
True, minaret is not a fundamental religious symbol of Islam. But it helps people to distinguish mosque from other structures in a city, as the cross on the church is an identification symbol for Christians. Further it has been an Islamic architectural style followed in the Muslim world. But aggressive and extreme stand on demanding construction of minarets or domes is to be discouraged.
                                                                       Hamza Kallada, Calicut
Sikh-Muslim Relationship
It is heartening that, recently, Muslims prayed for justice to 1984 anti-Sikh riot victims.  (Milli Gazette, 1-15 December, 2009). Responding to an appeal by Shahi Imam Maulana Habibur Rahman Saani Ludhianvi, prayer meetings were held at the mosques of Punjab, while Akali Dal and Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee organized Ardas Divas to demand justice to the victims of 1984 anti-Sikh riots.   It is reported that the meetings were attended by a large gatherings at Muktsar, Firozpur, Maler Kotla, Jallandhar, Kapurthala, Moga, Amritsar and Pathankot Masjids.  Later, Punjab deputy chief minister, Sukhbir Singh Badal, thanked Shahi Imam for his appeal to Muslims to hold prayer meetings all over Punjab on the occasion of Ardas Divas.  This is a positive step towards  friendship and cooperation between  Muslims and Sikhs, two major monotheistic minorities of India. It is an undeniable fact that among Indian originated religions, Sikhism is the closest to Islam.   The message of the Guru, as embodied in Guru Granth Sahib, is rooted in devotion to One God (monotheism), which is called tauheed i.e. there is no God except Allah, in Islam.  The equality and love of God’s creation exists in both the religions, in the teachings of Sufis as well as in Guru’s Hukum. Poet Mohammad Iqbal, whose inspiring verse:“Chisti ne jis zamin mein paigham-e-haq sunaya
     Nanak ne jis chaman mein vahdat ka geet gaya”.
still reverberates in the subcontinent. About Guru Nanak, the spiritual father of Sikhism and social reformer, Dr. Iqbal, in his famous poem  ‘Nanak’, further says :“Phir uthi aakhir sada tauheed ki Punjab se
Hind ko ek mard-e-kamil ne jagaya khwab se”
We all know that, Guru Nanak performed Hajj, an Islamic holy pilgrimage to Makkah, and built a Gurdwara in Baghdad while returning, which exists even today. Guru Nanak's life-long companion, Bhai Mardana - a Muslim - sang the hymns of Divine love to carve out a permanent place in the hearts of every devout Sikh.  Further, Guru Arjun honoured Hazrat Mian Mir of Lahore by asking him to lay the cornerstone of the holy Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) Amritsar.  Pir Burhanuddin, also called Budhu Shah of Sadhaura, fought the Mughal hordes side by side with Guru Gobind Singh, losing his sons in the battlefield - a conflict that did not involve any territorial ambitions on the part of the Tenth Guru.  And who can forget the daring deed of the Pathan brothers, Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan, who helped Guru Gobind Singh to escape the Mughal dragnet in the early years of eighteenth Century? Guru Granth Sahib incorporates the kalam not only of the Gurus, and saints like Kabir, but of the Sufi seer, Sheikh Baba Farid. For the execution of Guru Arjan Das, even Historian like Jadunath Sarkar, who is quite biased against Mughal emperors, has considered it a political act, not a communally or religiously motivated act.  Emperors did not differentiate between Hindus and Muslims if they felt threatened from any quarter. It is a historical fact that Jehangir also imprisoned Shaikh Ibrahim Baba Afghani in the fort of Chunar (near Allahabad) and Mujaddad Alf Sani in the fort of Gwalior.  These facts need to be reminded to the new generation of Sikhs and Muslims.
It is very unfortune that because of certain political reasons there had been clashes between Muslim and Sikh rulers.  Mughal’s atrocities against Sikhs and Sikhs atrocities against Muslims during Sikh rule over Punjab before the British rule and again during the Partition created a deep gulf between the two communities. 
The news-item in reference shows a new thought that has emerged among Sikhs and Muslims in recent years, which is very heartening.  It would go a long way in promoting peace and communal harmony among the communities.  
                       M Naushad Ansari, Koramangla, Bangalore – 560 047
China’s meditation versus Pakistan mediation
Pakistan foreign minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi’s offer of mediation should be seriously thought out. There is possibility that world super power US wants to test us how far we rely on it. We had rejected the mediation of US in case of Kashmir problem with Pakistan. Though the offer is worth we should use the good offices of Pakistan. The relations of US and China are not satisfactory. China may not accept the US’s meditation. Unmindful of US’s ire we should accept Pakistan’s mediation. If we set right our stakes with China in turn China can mediate between Pakistan and ourselves. We are close neighbours and want peace the matters will be settled amicably without litigation. If Pakistan is showing a friendly gesture even after long hatred and enmity we can forget and move forward to accept the mediation of Pakistan. It is the friend of China and can mend its attitude. We are already paying costly sops to China in tread in its scare.
                                            Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
Israel’s murderers
During the last weeks, a deluge of words has been poured on the assassination in Dubai of the Hamas member, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. The Mossad has proved yet again that its long arm can reach anywhere. It acts like an independent fiefdom, enjoying the automatic backing of irresponsible prime ministers. Initially Israeli was in a state total denial about the role of Mossad but when the problems started to become apparent, and the photos of the assassins appeared on TV worldwide, an old and proven Israeli method was brought into play: to take some marginal detail and discuss it passionately, ignoring the main issue. The impact of such operations by Israel is even more significant. Once upon a time it was possible to belittle this aspect. But the Molten Lead operation and the Goldstone report, the echoes of the antics of Lieberman, the growing world-wide campaign for boycotting Israel etc, all these point toward the fact that no nation can afford to ignore the opinion of mankind. The Dubai affair is reinforcing the image of Israel as a bully state, a rogue nation that treats world public opinion with contempt, a country that conducts gang warfare, that sends mafia-like death squads abroad, a pariah nation to be avoided by right-minded people.
                                     Aaron Sears,Vikaspuri, New Delhi - 110018
Iran’s Islamic revolution
On the occasion of the 31st anniversary of the Isalmic Revolution, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has clearly warned the west to stop putting obstacles in his country’s path. His further announcement at a mammoth rally of his supporters that his country had the capacity of trebling the production of 20 per cent enriched uranium shows his courage and temerity. Huge turnout refelects Iran’s strength. Despite the obstacles created by oppositon activists, the success of massive rally turned out to be a great frustration for anti-government demonstrator. They failed to creat chaos and anarchy in the rally rather it dwarfed the opposition gatherings. The rally should be a wake-up call for the oppositon and the enemies who claim to represent the people. Waging a war against Iran may no longer be a priority of the US but we should not forget that the policy of Obama’s administration is no different from his predecessor. The decision of sending additional troops in Afghanistan, in spite of Obama’s previous announcement that no more troops will be sent to Afghanistan, shows the imperealistic and hegemonistic attitude of the US. Therefore, the oppositon leader Mir Hossein Mousave should now give up his hate campaign against the government and must recognise the real enemy of his nation. His clash with the Iranian president would only strengthen the morale of the west that is now hellbent to crash the Iran’s development.
                                                                      Salman Ghani,Patna
Talibanising Islam
The Taliban is notorious for kidnapping and killing people and the recent episode of beheading Sikhs is just another one to add to the list. The Quran clearly states, “There is no compulsion in religion”. But when have the Taliban followed the diktats of the Quran or the Prophet of Islam. The ominous shadow of terrorism and Muslim (read Talibani) extremism descended upon Swat, adjoining areas of NWFP and large swathes of North-eastern Afghanistan, has plunged them into an era of pitch-black darkness under Taliban. Under the false guise of Islam, female education has been totally banned, numerous girls’ schools destroyed, many CD and barber shops blown up, amid dire threats to throw acid upon any female who dares emerge outside her home, all forms of entertainment and cultural activities prohibited, the death-sentence invoked for anyone opposing them, going so far as to publicly exhibit the corpses of offenders hanging from street lampposts. So unbearable is Taliban rule, that everyone who can is leaving, creating thousands of displaced destitute people. Under the rule of Taliban, terrorism thrives. Youthful suicide bombers, both male and female, l everywhere in Pakistan, sowing death and destruction. Bearing in mind the terrible times in which we live, a genuine Islamic order must express compassion and mercy for its subjects as it did during Islam’s greatest days in the past. The Taliban is nothing but a bunch of uncouth Muslim youth who truly do not have an iota of knowledge about Islam but on the contrary are defaming the name of this wonderful religion. These crude and misguided people who cannot be called Muslims in the first place do not even deserve a place in our burial grounds after their death.
                                                           Safiya Sameena, Vijayawada
Who Killed Karkare?
The Milli Gazette and you personally had very courageously published Mr. S.M. Mushrif’s book “Who killed Karkare?”.  I observed some lacunae in Mr. Mushrif’s presentation particularly about the only alleged terrorist now on trial Kasab; if he was arrested earlier in Kathmandu and handed over by the Nepal to India and brought to India,  was he released to go back to Pakistan and return to India, either by Samjoutha Express or by sea along with other terrorists?  He now claims that he was arrested by the Mumbai Police in early November 2009.  
Secondly, according to Mr. Mushrif the terrorism havoc at the CST and subsequently at the Cama Hospital was stage-managed by some elements in the IB or Mumbai Police but he has not clarified what happened to those four persons who were put on the job.  Two of them are reported to have been killed but what happened to the other two?  Were these Hindu terrorists on a suicide mission or was their objective to kill Karkare and disappear?  
Incidentally Mr. Musrif did not reply to my letter despite reminder.
Yours etc.  Syed Shahabuddin

SM Mushrif’s reply:
Dear Syed Shahabuddin Saheb,
Kindly refer to your letter dated 19th January, 2010. In connection with certain queries raised by you concerning the so called ‘lone surviving terrorist’ in the Mumbai terror-attack case, Ajmal Kasab, I would like to clarify that I have not done the investigation of the case; but have merely made out a case for its reinvestigation on the basis of the information available in the public domain. If the case is reinvestigated, as demanded by me, by keeping the IB totally out of picture, all your queries will be answered.
Moreover, the issue of Ajmal Kasab is an incidental one; the basic issue that I have raised in my book is the willful failure on the part of the IB in not passing on to the Mumbai Police and the Western Naval Command an absolutely specific and extremely sensitive information concerning the impending attack on Mumbai by the LeT terrorists. Had the IB passed on the information, the attack would never have taken place.
With kind regards
Your Sincerely
S.M. Mushrif

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2010 on page no. 30

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