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I saw a copy of MG in Muslim Library, Bistupur. It really appealed me. This type of magazines is the need of the hour. Lot of scope for improvement is definitely there but it definitely fulfils a lot of needs.
                                                       Md. Zahiruddin, Jharkhand
BJP’s future plight
BJP mainly consists of caste Hindus and that is why the party safeguard their interest. Their attachment to Hinduism is only due to caste orientation. If they had been from Dalit community they had joined BSP. The study of religion is not perfect. By their birth they are Brahmins and that is enough. They need not go deep into the religious philosophy. After the advent of Islam the caste system of Hindu Dharma lost its credibility. But due to reservations again this system became stronger. Dalits became interested for the sake of benefits. Lack of knowledge and education played its role in strengthening the castism. Those who studied well they converted to Islam or Christianity or Buddhism. The BJP needs the support of Dalits therefore it is showing sympathy and wants to take up developmental schemes. But the BJP never thinks to fully eradicate the caste system. If they want to root out the caste system they can encourage the intercaste marriages etc but they do only verbal sympathy. At the most they will try to increase the ratio of reservations. RSS is the mother organization which is party in the hands of Brahmins. Dalits are allowed in the parade but they are not made leaders in the organization. Hindutva is nothing but a political Hinduism. Which maintains the supremacy of Brahmins? The other aspect of the BJP is it is anti Muslim and anti Islam and also anti Christian. It has got no sympathy of any kind. It should know that Muslims, Dalits and Christians are 30 to 40 % of the total population. The Congress gets their votes and come to the power. BJP’s old record is also not good. BJP is a party which is pro capitalists’ and our country is going towards Maoist philosophy. In the next election party may get some incumbency votes but not positive votes. The new BJP president has provoked Muslims by asking to hand over the Babri Mosque. In these circumstances we can say that the future of BJP is bleak.
                                       Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
It was better if Mr. Gadkari the new BJP president had skipped the issue or Ram Temple. It should be in his knowledge the developments occurred after demolition of the Babri Masjid. Mr. LK Advani who led the party to demolish the mosque took U turn and declared that he had gone to safeguard the mosque. Such a great leader can tell lie and remain the party president. As fallout the party lost its credibility in Hindu masses and also was thrown away from political power. Advani’s dream of becoming the prime minister was shattered. He was also debarred as the chairman of the BJP parliamentary board. Mr. Gadkari should also know that once the mosque is constructed on some places Mulims loose the authority of ownership. It will become the property of ALLAH till the Day of Judgment. Secondly the case is subjudice in the court of law. How naïve Mr. Gadkari is to ask Muslims to be generous. How they can become generous on the property that does not belong to them. I shall suggest him being a young and sturdy take kar sevaks and proceed to Ayodhya in the leadership of Mr. Advani and construct the Ram Temple and face the bullets as Muslim youths sacrificed their lives after the demolition of mosque. The BJP sleuths should also sacrifice their lives to construct the grand Ram temple. They should move forward if they are real bhakt of Lord Ram. Lord Ram so far has tolerated since years standing in the make shift temple. The devotees live in the A/C bungalows. This reveals the depth of their faith on Lord Ram. Ram knows well his devotees are dragging Him in politics just to gain political power and Prime Ministership. Therefore Lord Ram did not help them. Their promises to upgrade Dalits and downtrodden is nothing but a political gimmick.
                                      Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
The statement of Nitin Gadkari requesting Muslims to hand over the small stretch of land at Ayodhya was truly hysterical. As a member of my community I would first ask him to return to us the lives, property, honor and dignity of the thousands of Muslims who were butchered by the thugs unleashed by his party as well their mentor namely RSS and its affiliates. Next, there is not a single incident of communal riots in independent India for which the Sangh Parivar cannot be held responsible. Let him bring to justice all the people from his Parivar who were responsible for the above mayhem including high-profile offenders like the hawkish Narendra Modi and hand them over for conviction instead of shamelessly defending them. Also, let him publicly announce a change in the manifesto of his party and stop their animosity and unjust policies towards the Muslim community. If he is ready to fulfill the above requirements I am sure the Muslims will offer the Ayodhya land to them for the construction of a temple. We can also give them a concession. We do not want a grand Mosque somewhere else in return.
                                                          Mohd. Salahuddin,Mumbai
Amitabh peace ambassador of Modi
Amitabh Bachhan’s acceptance of the offer to become the brand ambassador of Gujarat is truly hypocritical. How can he accept this offer from a state government whose complicity in the 2002 riots is very evident? On the one hand he promotes Indo-Pak people-to-people friendship in the ‘Aman ki Asha’ initiative, while on the contrary he joins those people who are the biggest obstacles to peace between Hindus and Muslims, let alone friendship with Pakistan. Alas, for some celebrities, financial gains are more important than principles and social responsibility.
                                                            Sandeep Ghiya, Mumbai
It is but natural that any agency or magazine gives a misinformation about some secret matter of some one’s daughter-in-law will annoy the father –in-law. After the marriage of girl, it will be her desire to become a mother. Aishwarya Rai is not exception to this rule. Some of near relative might have asked about her child bearing and she might have replied something. The editor might have been intimated about information of Aishwarya and the same was published. After inquiry Mr. Amitabh could clarify the information and the matter ended. He need not taken the matter so seriously. It has become a tradition that the modern couples enjoy the sex but they do not want to produce the child. The child creates nuisance and become hurdle in acting, the income will be stopped. Man’s lust of money knows no bound Mr. Amitabh is also a money monger. He might have advised her daughter –in –law not to bear a child so early and act in films to make money. Mr Amitabh wanted this matter to be kept in secret. Aishwarya in her ignorance opened the secret before some close friend. I shall advise Mr. Amitabh not to allow his daughter –in-law to go for shooting with alien males which may prove counterproductive.
                                                            Kausar Fatima, Gulbarga
No evidence of Ram mandir at Ayodhya
Internationally famed Historian & Professor emeritus Jawaharlal Nehru University Dr. Romila Thapar said "Till now there has been no evidence to suggest that a Ram mandir existed at the controversial Babri Masjid site in Ayodhya".Dr. Thapar released a book "Historiography and Historians of Sultanate Period" written by Dr. Bharti S. Kumar H.O.D. of History. Prof. Kumar's book includes Siraj, Zia-ud-din Barni, Sultan Firoz Shah Tuglaq, Shams-i-Siraj Atif and Yahya-bin-Ahmad Sirhindi.
                                                                         S. Haque, Patna
 Silence the Guns
Last week the Home Minister’s only condition to start the talks with the Maoists was the cessation of violence for 72 hours. Now when the Maoists have offered a halt to the violence for 72 days instead of so many hours P. Chidambaram is balking from the dialogue just because the Maoists also want suspension of violence on part of the government for 72 days and they want intellectuals and the Human Rightists involved in the negotiations. Why is the Home ministry feeling shy of involving Human Rights activists and the intellectuals? What harm can come if the Operation Green Hunt is suspended for 72 days? Why should not the Home ministry consult the same intellectuals before rejecting Maoists’ overture?
                                          Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz, Mumbai
Reference to the Sena's threat on MNIK. Finally the people of Mumbai have defied the Shiv Sena's diktat. After its debacle in the elections they are struggling to find an issue to galvanize the lost support base. The defiance by Rahul Gandhi followed by Sharukh's standing on his saner utterances firmly, questioning by Raj and the release of MNIK have further weakened them. People have become more reasonable and wiser with the availability of facts. In this age of information, the rhetoric has fizzled out.
                                           Mohammed Sadullah Khan,Riyadh
Ironically, the Shiv Sena, who claim to be the guardian of Mumbai or Maharashtra and Marathi Manoos, has never offered a serious social or economic agenda for the future. Setting up the odd wada pav stall in Mumbai is hardly a recipe for addressing the job crisis. Why hasn't the Sena, for example, started training projects to make Maharashtrian youth face upto the challenges of a competitive job market? Why doesn't the Sena give regional culture a boost by supporting Marathi theatre, literature or cinema? The wonderful Marathi film, "Harishchandrachee Factory", nominated for the Oscars, has been co-produced by Ronnie Screwvala, a Parsi, who like millions of other 'outsiders' has made Mumbai his home. They just used their energy in bullying others which kept doing for years, and they will never change their stripes. Hopefully, their coming generation who are studying English literature can change the T Company in the coming time.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur
I believe in the notion that the whole earth belongs to the whole mankind with no country being superior to others, and no person is superior to other on account of belonging to a particular nation that countries are man made administrative units. I have always felt proud of being Indian. Though I have criticized time and again my country for its deficiencies – indiscipline, lack of welfare, poverty, etc – I believe India is a country that truly respects faith and God. Unlike West where Secularism primarily means negation of religion, Secularism in India represents respect of all religions. But I have never felt as proud as I did on Friday when I saw the whole nation standing behind a Muslim and against the communal politics of Shiv Sena. What was even more admirable is that this was in spite of the fact that Shah Rukh Khan was targeted on account of his suggestion that cricketers of Pakistan, a hated country in the country, should have been allowed to play in IPL. Pakistan happens to be just another country; and there is no reason why even a hostile country or organization cannot be supported on a specific issue. What I disliked about Shiv Sena’s actions is not their disapproval of Shah Rukh Khan’s statement but that they singled him out for this despite the fact that hosts of Cricketers and commentators expressed similar sentiments even before Shah Rukh Khan. This was obviously another attempt to link Muslims with terrorism and to brand them as disloyal to the country. People must understand that loyalty to the country does not mean support of every action that its government takes.       
Farzana Nigar, Ranchi 834002
Well-done, inspector
Few months ago Versova(Mumbai) police inspector has done a great gob by raiding the premises of a fake doctor Mr Munir Khan and detaining from the clinic more than fifteen employees including his son, who was cheating the people for 16 years.  Make cure, all fatal diseases (cancer, diabetes and all heart related problems) by herbal syrup. By her courage to seal the premises, she has done a favour to save the money for all those innocent patients who were willing to buy a 100 ml bottle (Body Revival) by paying Rs 15600. The inspector should be rewarded (promoted) for her courageous job and all the patients who were cheated by the doctor should be retrieved (by producing original receipt of the product) by the doctor.
                                                                    Atiq Khan,Mumbra
Indo-Saudi relations
This refers to the Indian premier visit to Saudi Arabia on 27th February. India is the largest democracy in the world and Saudi Arabia occupies an important place in the Islamic world. Premiers of both the countries have good records. India with its massive developmental schemes can get the benefit of Saudi energy sector, in-turn it can provide the educational needs of the growing Saudi Educational sector. India with its educational advancement has caused a worry to even President Obama. The current allocation of budget for education sector in Saudi Arabia is almost 25%. The co-operation of both the countries in various sectors will bring about the required synergies.
                                              Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh
 Shahrukh IPL remarks and Shiv Sena
Shiv Sena's demand that Shahrukh Khan should apologise for his utterances is condemnable in the strongest possible terms. What SRK had said about Pakistan Cricketers joining the IPL is not at all provocative or anti-Indian. SRK is an Indian citizen and can express his opinions democratically as guaranteed by the Constitution. After reading SRK’s statements one cannot say that he is an enemy of India. Instead of asking SRK to apologise, it is Shiv Sena which has to apologise to SRK in particular and to the nation in general for taking law into its hands. It seems that Shiv Sena's anger has doubled because of Muslims name. Had there been non Muslim name, the protest from Shiv Sena would have been mild.
                                          Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Gujarat
The Heart of Obama at Cairo Speech
I am born of your sperm,
I know the depth of your mind;
I have your blood  in my veins,
What lies inside you, I can  find.
I was your breed, I  know your instinct,
On earth, you are the most gullible race;
The praise of  your faith gives you  joy,
Quotes from Qur'an glorify  your face.
Bush had a suspicious and dubious trait,
He  was a zealous fool ; aroused your hate;
His color was a mirror to his darkest heart,
I have a perfect match, I thank my fate.
Many a time , I pondered, why he failed,
I will surpass him, and attain our goal;
I will vanquish you , but will always tell,
In this  world , you have a historic role.
I am getting you slain  through my  slaves,
That I have  bought   from  amongst you;
They are faithfully doing what I wish,
You all are applauding me, barring a few.
Our Israel will continue on the usurped soil,
The Palestinians must not dream to be free;
Afghanistan and Iraq now belong to us ,
Our drones will keep their killing spree.
With the hysteria of terror and global threat,
In your lands, our forces will always remain;
I will pick up more spots to foment unrest,
Till you dispel your dignity  from your brain.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani, Lucknow, U.P.
sherwanimk@yahoo. com
Pune blast
The blast took place at German Bakery, Koregaon Park in Pune, in which 12 people were killed and 60 injured, was the antagonistic, barbaric and inhuman act against humanity. It should be vehemently condemned.

It is more important to understand that India-Pakistan negotiation may be derailed by Pune blast.

Who is the real perpetrator behind such activities is known to all. The Hindu extremist groups's networking are spread all over India. As in 2008, the mastermind of terrorists were arrested like Col.Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya & Dayanand Pandey. Hence it has been proved that every bomb blast is not the handiwork of Muslim organizations & Muslim activities but Hindu organizations & activists are actively involved in such nefarious activities.

But it is regrettable matter that after every incident the Hindu extremist groups & Hindu medias have been throwing dust into government & administrations eyes & Muslims are being targeted.

Despite this truth, that the ATS chief Hemant Karkare who was about to expose the "Hindutva" terror links. He has exposed the hitherto hidden face of the Hindu terrorists to light. Unfortunately he was killed in 26/11 Mumbai terror attack allegedly through systematic conspiracy.

Government, therefore, must take drastic measure against hidden Hindu terrorist to maintain peace and impartial inquiry must be carried out, otherwise government may have to face these sort of disturbance in future also.

                                             Anis Reyaz, Patna University Patna
                                              anis reyaz

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 March 2010 on page no. 31

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