Togadia spewing anti-Muslim venom

Hate speech protected by the State
Rampur: Vishwa Hindu Parishad general secretary Dr. Pravinbhai Togadia while speaking at a Dharm Raksha function here on 29 January and spewing venom at Muslims as usual said that Muslims marry four women and produce 25 children. This will only increase their population and unemployment. They grab our rights but even then want reservation for themselves but we will never allow this. Raising the issue of Vande Mataram and harping on his old tune he said that if Muslims have to live in India they will have to sing Vande Mataram and if Deoband issues a fatwa against it, we will annihilate them. He said that when India will become a Hindu Rashtra, we will decide how much should be the length of the beard of Muslims. About Rampur he said that it would be made a Hindu district. Azam Khan will have no say and Hindus, not he, will dictate terms here. He said that in Gujarat whatever we want is done there and we want the same thing to be done here in UP. We want that like Gujarat, UP should also be under our complete control and the SP of this state should kill or arrest those whom we ask him to kill or arrest. It is a great pity that despite all such highly provocative speech the administration took no action against him. But that was not all.

Earlier, while addressing a meeting of Dharm Raksha Nidhi and Prabudh Nagrik Sammelan at Chandpur on 28 January he said that it is not possible to make India a Hindu Rashtra without tightening the reins on Muslims. Strongly pleading for Hindu Rashtra, he called upon Hindus and Hindu organisations to offer their full cooperation and liberally contribute for making India a Hindu Rashtra. Bitterly criticising Hindus holding top posts in government he said that if they continued supporting Muslims, India will also become like Pakistan, Kashmir and Afghanistan from where Hindus are expelled. He called upon Hindus also to do likewise with Muslims as they (Muslims) have done to Hindus in other countries.

While addressing yet another VHP meeting in Saharanpur on 27 January he accused Muslims of marrying many times and producing many children, thereby not only making themselves poor but majority of Hindus also poor. He said that once India becomes a Hindu Rashtra Muslims will not be allowed to marry more than once nor will they be allowed to produce more children. He said that this will become nessary for the survival of Hindus in India, adding that Muslims are a great handicap for the progress and prosperity of the country.

Spewing venom against Darlu Uloom, Deoband, he said that fatwa against Vande Mataram is treachery against the country and if it would have been a Hindu Rashtra, those issuing such fatwa would have been hanged. He also advised Hindus to be ready to lay down their lives for preventing religious conversion, cow slaughter and for making India a Hindu Rashtra. He said if Pakistan and Bangladesh can declare themselves Islamic countries, what is preventing India from declaring itself a Hindu Rashtra?

Criticising Prime Minster Manmohan Singh, he said that he has got no other work except supporting Muslims and speaking in their favour. He said that by announcing 10 percent reservation for Muslims as recommended by Ranganath Mishra Commission, he is determined to make majority of Hindus paupers. He said that this 10% reservation will be given to Muslims after deducting it from poor Hindus quota but we (VHP) will not allow this to happen no matter how much sacrifice we have to give for this. Accusing Muslims of oppressing Hindus in the past, he said that Hindus were afraid neither of Aurangzeb's sword nor bowed to the glitter of wealth of the British. Decribing Hinduism as superior to all other religions and cultures, he said that if Hindus do not face the circumstances unitedly, future generations will never forgive them.

In his speech at Najibabad (UP) he said while referring to the photo of Pakistan's former Air Chief in a government advertisement by mistake, he said this clearly shows that Pakistan's agents have penetrated the central government machinery. He further said that Hindus give maximum tax to government but government is spending this money on Muslims by giving them BPL cards and other facilities.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 1

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