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Bhat advocates merger of Urdu and Hindi media

New Delhi: Hamidullah Bhat, director of NCPUL, said here while talking to editors of UNI Urdu Service, Urdu, Hindi and English newspapers on 30 December that for building and development of the country and nation, merger of Urdu, Hindi and English media should be given priority.

Since UNI is the only agency which provides news to Urdu, English and Hindi newspapers simultaneously, all these should be merged together and at the same time Urdu language and Urdu journalism should be promoted in such a way that it should not be considered as the language of Muslims only because Urdu is not confined to Muslims only.

Bhat said that Urdu and Hindi media should provide news simultaneously so that public awareness could be created on a larger scale. Bhat said that supply of news in both languages i.e., Urdu and Hindi is essential for creating national unity. Referring to Jammu & Kashmir, to which he belongs, Bhat said that everywhere people want to know about national and international events because such events directly or indirectly affect their lives. He said that time has now come that the latest technology should be introduced and employed in Urdu journalism also because now large industrial and business houses have started taking interest in the promotion of Urdu and the composite culture and civilization of the country. He emphasised the point that all facilities and preferences available to Hindi media should also be made available to Urdu media.

Laying emphasis on the need for promotion of news agencies, he quoted Maulana Azad’s views that news should not be confined to any particular state. Hamidullah Bhat, who is also the Director of HRD ministry’s minority cell, said that the Council will soon start a refresher course for new Urdu journalists in cooperation with UNI Urdu Service.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2011 on page no. 21

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