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How “Special Cell” manufactures terrorists

Letter to Prime Minister from Tihar Jail
“Respected Manmohan Singhji, I am writing this letter from Tihar Jail with the aim of saving innocent youths from getting trapped by unscrupulous security officials. My name is Irshad Ali, s/o Mohammad Yunus, incarcerated in ward no. 5 (high risk ward), cell no. 13 in jail no. 8 of Delhi's Tihar Jail.

“You have read my story in The Times of India dated 13 September, 2007 citing a CBI report confirming that IB and Special Cell of Delhi Police had framed us. But I doubt if the CBI will nail the actual culprits. I was working as an informer for the Special Cell of Delhi Police, which works closely with the IB. Having worked with them, I feel duty bound to apprise the Nation of how they manufacture terrorists. Have you ever noticed how quick our agencies are in nabbing the culprits even before they strike? But how is it that they still have not yet been able to lay their hands on any terrorist involved in the Mumbai and Delhi blasts?

“I have the answers. In order to keep their ranks and earn rewards the Special Cell creates terrorists. They have employed a number of youths on a very paltry remuneration. They are not regular employees, but vagabonds who are given mobile phones and protection. They are asked to fan out and hire accommodation somewhere in the city. They mingle with unemployed youth and befriend people. After identifying vulnerable targets, they form a group, arrange weapons and incite these youth to go for a robbery. Special Cell secretly also provides them a stolen vehicle, which is procured from known car thieves. These youths who repose all their trust in the Special Cell agent finally one day decide to go for an operation. On reaching the target, they are trapped in the net. The police are already there and they are all nabbed.

“Interestingly, the agent, who is also a mastermind, is never caught. Medals and bravery awards follow. The Intelligence Bureau (IB) feeds the government and media with concocted stories. Have you noticed that those killed in encounters are invariably found carrying details like their names, rank in the organisation etc in their pockets? They die without firing a bullet and even if they fire, it never hits the target.

“Compare it with the Army's encounters with real terrorists in Kashmir. In almost every battle, one or two personnel get bullet wounds. Either our Army is not as trained as the Special Cell of Delhi Police, or these encounters are fake. The Special Cell is a group of licensed marauders. They are venomous against Muslims. My only fault was that I refused to go along with them for too long. They know in the name of Islamic terrorism, you can book anyone, plant explosives, give the name of some organisation and get away with it. I am pained to say, our courts too fall in line. I was in their confinement for over two months. After my father lodged a complaint in the local police station and the family of my co-accused, Nawab S/o Qamar, gave a lookout notice on TV, they produced us claiming we had been nabbed with explosives while returning after a two-month training. We challenged it in the high court, which later directed the CBI to inquire. CBI has submitted its preliminary report. I don't think they will go too far to book their cousins in the IB and Special Cell. For the past one-and-half years, we have been identifying the place where we had been kept for two months. But they are deliberately not putting it on record. I appeal to PM Dr Manmohan Singh, to step in and put a stop to such activities. Here are names and phone numbers of officials for whom I was working:
IB officer Khalid alias Majid, 9810702004

IB officer Aftab,         9810702004
ACP Sanjeev Yadav,     9810058002
Inspectors Lalit Mohan     9811980604,
Hardev Bhushan         9811980601

“They had also given me a mobile phone with SIM card No. 9873303646. My mobile for talking to IB officers was 9873131845. It is not difficult for any agency or the media to get details of calls from these numbers to dig out the truth. The Special Cell is a group of Marauders”

Yours sincerly,
Irshad Ali s/o Mohamamd Yunus
Tihar Jail, Delhi

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 11

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