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Any Buyer? IB's sanctity is on sale!

If you thought that S.M.Mushrif's eye-opening book Who Killed Karkare is just another book of the common kind displayed in showrooms and written by 'mainstream' authors, then you need to think again. The book, which gives a glimpse into mind-boggling details of Hindutva terror outfits, has unequivocally challenged the loyalty to the nation of of the entire system, mainly the IB. It exposes the concoction dished out to us, the vulnerable Indians, who are being subjected to believe in the IB-version about umpteen developments especially terrorist attacks.

In his book, Mushrif has accused the Brahminist 'IB' for plotting the carnage of 26/11, for which our blind government, gullible foreign minister and a hypocritical media are endlessly beating about the bush by blaming Pakistan alone. Not only that, Mushrif goes on to accuse IB for supporting and encouraging RSS' hate-mongering nationwide anti-national campaign that created an existential insecurity among minorities, especially Muslims. He also accuses IB for protecting many saffron terrorists who carried out a series of bomb blasts that rocked many cities of the country. In his scholarly work, Mushrif goes much deeper and unearths an age-old draconian conspiracy of blood-thirsty Brahminists to keep on strengthening their Aryavart agenda of ruling India, no matter how many more precious lives are eliminated.

Had he been alive, Karkare would have been a great threat and a potential obstacle in their mission. But a dead Karkare is still proving to be a thorn in their throats. Undoubtedly, half of the nation today seems to believe that Karkare was killed as a result of a conspiracy, and the other half chose to remain silent for fear of their lives. The million dollar question is: what is it that makes people so horrified of the Brahminists, despite them being a miniscule minority? The answer lies in the very murderous history of treacherous Brahminism, that believes only in eliminating its opponents, however righteous they may be.

IB’s bloody hands: Brahmins killed Gandhi in broad daylight and still celebrate his killing. They killed Karkare cashing in on a certain situation. But the ghost of Karkare doesn't seem to forgive his killers. It is haunting them in one form or the other. The Mushrif book could also be considered the gospel of stark truths about Brahminism. The saturation point of the malice is the indictment of the “IB”, so poignantly brought out and exposed in the book which irrefutably proves that it was none but the 'IB' that had conspired to have Karkare killed, greatest ever conspiracy against the nation by the apex intelligence body of the nation.

Probably, it is for the first time in the history of independent India that a very senior retired police officer, an insider of the system, renowned to have had exposed the Telgi fake stamp paper scam, has dared to strip down the powerful IB in broad daylight, unmasking, unearthing and exposing the real, stark, horrible and probably the only terrorist face of India, the face of a Brahminist, that has so far swallowed thousands of innocent lives. Even the Vice-President of India Mr. Hamid Ansari, while delivering KAO lecture in New Delhi, emphasized on the need for making the Intelligence Agencies accountable to the Parliament. This is a first of its kind call, coming from the chairman of Rajya Sabha.

Studied silence: Strangely enough, none of the government agencies seem to take cognizance of Mushrif's accusations. It is horrifying that the killing of such a great man and an honest police officer like Hemant Karkare could be digested so comfortably. It is again surprising that no FIR has yet been filed against Mushrif. It is surprising that no saffron organization, which normally raises big hullabaloo on a minor minority issue, has dared to launch a nationwide strike or which normally creates a hue and cry at the drop of a hat has chosen to remain docile and silent and did not even demand an immediate ban on the book as if all have smelled not a rat but a deadliest cobra. Could we then firmly presume that with Mushrif's book, the Truth about Karkare's killing has finally prevailed?

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 11

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