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Encounter killing of Dawood: Police claim paradoxical

Faizabad: Police force of Poonch district has claimed that Dawood Khan, the mastermind of 5 July 2005 fidayeen attack on the disputed site at Ayodhya, has been killed in an encounter.

Dawood Khan was Jammu commander of the extremist organisation, Jaish-e Muhammad. The police was in search of Dawood since long. It may be noted that five extremists had attacked the disputed site at Ayodhya on 5 July 2005 and all the five were killed on the spot. Now Police claims that it has killed the same Dawood in a forest who had hatched the conspiracy of Ayodhya attack.

When the masterminds who perform great incidents are killed so easily, it is no doubt surprising. We frequently come across news from Kashmir that when some terrorists had forced their entry into some houses, police had shot them dead, though in this process they had to lose some of their own jawans or police had to make such sacrifices in encounters with dacoits. When police kills some “terrorist” masterminds without spilling even a drops of its own blood, truth about their claim appears doubtful. It has happened many times that police claimed to have arrested a mastermind but he was found innocent. In Aarushi murder case, even her father, Dr. Talwar himself was described as the accused but subsequently he also was honourably acquitted. In this way there are innumerable cases when police killed the accused or sent him/them to jail but courts after finding them innocent acquitted them and ordered action against police themselves.

Even four years after the Ayodhya attacks, no detailed information about the five terrorists could be obtained as to who were they, what were their names, wherefrom they had come, by whom there were sent to Ayodhya and what was their objective? If they were really Muslims, as per police story, in what way they wanted to serve and benefit Muslims by damaging the make-shift Ram Mandir? Obviously, if even the slightest damage would have been caused by them to the make-shift Ram Mandir, how many anti-Muslim riots would have erupted in different parts of the country and what would have been the fate of Muslims is a question the very thought of which would make one shudder.

Only a few days after the Ayodhya attacks, 5 Muslims were arrested from different places who were described by police as masterminds and were mercilessly beaten. They had also decided not to approach the court against their arrest, anticipating the futility of their appeal. Those arrested 'masterminds' are even today in jails and now another 'mastermind', Dawood Khan, has been killed. Let us now see whom police calls real mastermind: Dawood Khan whom it has just now killed in encounter or those who are rotting in jail for four years or those 5 persons who were killed on the spot on 5 July ’05?

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 11

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