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Imam acquitted by Court

After his acquittal in a fabricated case, Imam of the Mosque filed a suit against police. On 27 November 2009 when the Court verdict absolved Syed Mubarak Hussian, resident of Sitapur, who used to lead Namaz (prayers) in the Mosque and  was doing his business also, initiated a bold step to file suit against the police.

The Imam was arrested on 14 August 2006 by a police team led by Station House Officer (SHO), Mahander Pal Singh, SHO Zoorawar Singh and Teej Veer Singh from the Mosque and taken into custody.

Police accused the Imam of making inflammatory speeches against Indian Army. Following his arrest police allegedly tortured Imam and was forced to take water through his nose. Police, kept Imam in the police station for the purpose of getting appreciation and rewards,  till 20 August and on 21 August he was sent to jail.

National president of Itihad-e Milat, Mulana Tauqeer Raza Khan, had set up a panal comprising 16 legal experts. After spending two years in jail Mubarak was the first person who got released by the help of IM.

After his release Mubarak faced an embarrassing situation; everyone treated Mubarak a criminal. His economic condition became worse. Fast Track Court, after taking interest into the case, heard the arguments of police and asked the police as to where Hussian was kept "between" 14 August and 20 August. Police failed to satisfy the Court and could not prove allegations of religious terrorism leveled against Mubarak and the Court finally acquitted him.

While talking to media persons Mubarak Hussein said that innumerable Mubarks are behind the bars. All Muslims cannot be terrorists: "Terrorist is Modi who is the chief minister of Gujarat. Action should be taken against him and under the influence of communal forces police are putting innocent people behind the bars.” He also said that to get quick justice for those Muslims who are languishing in jails we must approach Fast Track Court.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 11

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