Bid to drag India to fight American war in Afghanistan

By Feroze Mithiborwala

Over the course of the last two days, the matter of the Military and strategic involvement of the Indian forces in Afghanistan is getting all the more clearer. The strategic objective that propelled the Mumbai 26/11 false flag terror attack was to prepare a consensus amongst the Indian people, whereby our pro-US/Israel political elite, would be free to deploy our Military into the war theatre in Afghanistan.

In the last few days, we have been witness to high profile visits ranging from both Richard Holbrooke (Special Envoy, Af-Pak Region) and US Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, accompanied by shrill warnings from 'Western Sources' of another imminent terror attack.

The week before the Republic Day of India reports appeared in prominent Indian newspapers about American intelligence agencies warning India of impending terrorist. That did the groundwork for the visit of two envoys of USA, Holbrooke and Gates.

1) Holbrooke all praise for India: Apart from welcoming India's deepening role in the US strategic game-plan, he stated that "India is an important participant in search for peace and stability, not only in South Asia but throughout the vast region that stretches from the Mediterranean to the Pacific." Richard Holbrooke who is the Obama appointee for the 'Af-Pak' region (a misconstrued term, as is the policy), was visiting Delhi. Holbrooke is a Right-wing Democrat, who oversaw the Balkanization of Yugoslavia. Amongst his best friends, he includes John Negroponte, who is the most despised man across all of South America.

2) Forward, Together by Robert Gates (TOI, 19/01/10): Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, wrote before his visit to New Delhi an article which appeared in the Times of India on the editorial page. The article goes on along similar lines as Holbrooke. It stated that, "At the same time, the security threats and challenges of the 21st century present new opportunities for our nations and militaries to work together in unprecedented ways" (emphasis mine).

"India can be a net provider of security in the Indian Ocean and beyond – making valuable contributions to stability operations across the globe. In many respects, that belief is at the heart of the 2005 Defence Framewok Agreement, which, five years in, has amply demonstrated how much our countries have to gain from a long-term, reliable defence agreement".

"One of the great successes in recent years has been the increase in the number & complexity of joint training exercises between our militaries."

Both Holbrooke and Gates further wax eloquent on the fact that since the Indian military is increasingly using US military hardware, there is a greater degree of 'interoperability'.

3) US analysts warn of Pak terror attack on India (Hindustan Times, 19/01/10): This warning has emanated from none other than the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), which is the premier US institution that determines US foreign policy. It is also the stronghold of the NeoCons & the Zionists.

The story states that, "A leading American think-tank has warned that as the Al Qaeda comes under pressure in it's havens along the Af-Pak border, it may attempt to counter that by masterminding major terrorist strikes against India”.
Do note that General James Jones, who is the National Security Advisor to Obama, has stated in the US Congress that the Al Qaeda are barely a hundred in number. This statement was never reported in the corporate media. Just imagine, a 100,000 US troops to flush out less than a 100 Al Qaeda! 'The Audacity of Lies' is the title of the Presidential biography, I would suggest, after he is booted out by the American People.

The Council for Foreign Relations' Centre for Preventive Action said in it's Contingency Planning Memorandum: "India faces the real prospect of another major terrorist attack by Pakistan-based terrorist organizations in the near future".

The report was prepared by Daniel Markey in his latest paper “Terrorism and Indo-Pakistani Escalation”. Though he is supposedly an expert on South Asia, to me he appears to be a hawkish Zionist. The report also appeared in the Indian Express website and the headline stated, 'India faces threat of another 26/11, likely to act militarily'.

Do recall that, K Subrahmanyam, the leading hawkish US asset and “strategic expert” has written two articles that appeared after the 26/11 false flag terror attack & the other after Obama's urge to surge. K Subhramanyam appealed for the deployment of Indian troops into the Afghan war. (The articles appeared in the Times of India and the Indian Express).

Sinister moves: K Subrahmanyam does mirror the hawkish inclinations of a section of the Indian elite. He was one of the main writers who created the consensual manipulation that lead to the finalization of the Indo-US nuclear deal, which was less about the energy component and was basically a military-strategic alliance.

We, the People of South Asia have very little time, before our citizens are sacrificed as cannon fodder on the altar of imperialism and Zionism. The only way is to "expose the politics of terror".

The Mumbai 26/11 false flag terror attack was not only an attack on India, but on all of South Asia.

Another false flag terror attack will be used by the pro-US Indian elite to mobilise hundreds of thousands of youth to go to war in Afghanistan, maybe even Pakistan and Iran. Indian soldiers have been used in the past by the British Colonial power to fight their wars across the world, especially in Middle East and North Africa. Once more the Empire, this time the US seeks to use our people.

It is clear that the US, or rather Obama, cannot win the war in Afghanistan, even stabilise the land and thus they are increasingly becoming desperate. The only country that can provide them with the human power in the region is India. We the Indian and the South Asian People have to be alive and cautious of the emerging secret strategy of this to this Imperial-Zionist strategy of induced false-flag terror attacks, that then lead to further wars that only seek to serve the imperialist interests.

The US war, is not our war. They will seek to make it our war and for that they will stage false-flag terror attacks.

Thus a pan-South Asian struggle against Imperialism and Zionism is the need of the hour. A South Asia free of the US-European and Israeli Imperialists is the need of the hour and is our patriotic calling.

I will sign off with one of the most analytical and forthright replies to the Daniel Markey story (attached) that appeared in the Indian Express on 16 Jan 2010.

"26/11 too was staged by the Israeli Lobby working in India" by Sujit Sehgel, Rted. Army Officer (on 17 Jan 2010).

Doesn't the following say it all: 1) To eliminate any doubt on the Israeli, the Zionist themselves show-cased to be innocent having themselves attacked in Nariman House. 2) A US Spy was killed in 26/11. 3) India's John O'Neill, Hemant Karkare, was cleverly eliminated.. 4) -Kasab tells about meeting Headly & the Judge quickly diverts his story (Headly is actually a US double agent. When FBI saw that he will be caught, FBI themselves caught him in USA so that they can silence him before USA's name in the dirty game is exposed) 5)- 26/11 had the signature of western-trained operatives: commandos arrival quietly by dinghy to shore, quickly mobilizing to urban terrain, navigating & communicating with high-tech sys is a specific skill taught by Navy elite to Marines, CIA spec ops(aka SOG).You can even play this as Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six" video game. Hence no doubt Israelis are planning next 26/11 & this time using Military. Aren't they deep into our Military teaching them 'skills' for years.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 14

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