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Reservation for Muslims
This refers to the Andhra Pradesh high court's order on reservation for Muslims (Feb. 9), there is already reservation for Hindu SCs on the basis of religion.  Muslim and Christian SCs don't get this benefit.  Even conversion to other religion deprives one to avail this benefit.  Hence, keeping in view the backwardness of certain section among Muslims, which is worse that the HIndu SCs,the extension of reservation appears to be very much logical and scientific.
Ruby Naushad, Bangalore  -  560 047
The recent quashing of Muslims reservation in Andhra Pradesh by the high court has extinguished the hopes of the community. Various reasons are cited for not providing reservations to the community. The community has become a victim of "Appeasement bogey", without getting any concrete benefits. The fact is that the community has been marginalized and under represented in almost all the sectors of economy. Their representation is well below 3 percent in a vast majority of organized sectors, even-though they represent more than 13 percent of the population. Economically a vast majority of them are placed in the worst situation. Reservation is essential for the community and 4 percent reservation as a start-up would have been good. But the reservation should be at-least 15 percent to recoup with the gross under-representation of the past years. This can be provided to the most economically backwards among the community.
Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh
Renowned scholar attached to world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Massachusetts U.S.A. Omar Khalidi has worked on ethnic and khaki violence in India. His interview published in TOI/08/01/2010. According to his vast research he says that minorities were better represented in Colonial Army but in independent democratic India minorities are represented in police and security department Omar Khalidi has drawn the conclusion from his research that martial recess from Hindu community of Punjab/Haryana/Himachal Pradesh are given preference and Muslims educational level is not upto the mark to match the selection exams (UPSC/BPSC/NDA/AFMC/Sainik School etc) he says that Muslims are not well represented so there is every justification for reservation for minorities.

Such a famous personality could not found real course of Muslims under representation or call it dismal representation in security and sensitive department. The reason behind the dismal representation of minority in sensitive and security department is the saffron mentality (i.e. Brahminism) of the leaders. The first P.M. Pandit Nehru's government issued a secret government order (GO) to security departments not to recruit Muslims.

This secret G.O. direction followed by each and every departments and Justice trampled under the official boots. When Justice i.e. PPR-Population Proportionate Representation is demanded Saffron (Brahimical) forces start shouting that country would be divided and the Hindus will start converting. Through these phobiacal strategies Brahminical forces deny justice to oppressed Indians. Pundit Nehru blinked official to deny Muslims the government job. That is why injustices started upon Muslim like Muradabad, Meerut, Malyana, Aligarh, Ranchi, Bhagalpur, Mumbai, Gujarat altogether more than 35000 anti-Muslim riots and not recruiting Muslims in govt. jobs, encounters of innocent Muslims and in the name of SIMI, POTA, TADA and masterminds thousands innocent Muslims languishing in jails. Even then Brahminical forces are playing tricks of fear psychosis when justice is demanded by spreading rumours of country will be divided and conversion will start. Then why Indian media depicted Australian Police "Ku-Klux-Klan" when Indian students beaten in Australia? We condemn all sorts of oppression, riots, killing, and the denying of justices. "We must remember that charity begins at home."

S. Haque, Patna
Illegal American war
The recent news about the top lawayer of UK and his doubts on legality of Iraq war. The invasion of Iraq was Illegal and unjustified at the inception. The silent majority had to remain mute because of the unilateral assertive slogan "you are with us" or "you are not with us" and the big lies of Weapons of Mass Destruction. The dust has settled now and people are coming out with the facts about the war. No doubt the war was conducted based on a bunch of lies and ulterior motive. More investigations need to be done on Afghan war and 9/11 and honest people should come out with more facts and real agendas behind these.
Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh
The Iraq inquiry, led by former civil servant John Chilcot, is a hideous camouflage. It is a stage managed show to justify the open aggression and blatant intransigence of International Law by the Western powers, particularly the US and UK. Out of the five members of the inquiry's committee, Martin Gilbert and Lawrence Freedman were strong supporters of Tony Blair and they did support Iraq war. Both Gilbert and Freedman are Jewish, and that Gilbert has a record of active support for Zionism. So what would we expect from such Zionists in the Iraq inquiry Commission. It is a fact that the campaign to overthrow Saddam Hussein was initiated, well before 9/11, by a group of influential American neo-cons, notably Perle, Feith and Wolfowitz (once described by Time magazine as "the godfather of the Iraq war") nearly all of whom were ardent Zionists, in many cases more concerned with preserving the security of Israel than that of the U.S. And Tony Blair served as a loyal and submissive poodle of President Bush. Tony Blair's testimony on 29th January 2010, showed to what extent he would go to deceive the world. He said that he had no regrets over the killing of millions of innocent Iraqis. The price was worth. He made a statement at the Inquiry saying that even if Iraq was not possessing WMD, he would have helped Americans to invade Iraq. Look at his racist and colonial arrogance and vain-glory.

One True Almighty God warns through the revelation ( The Quran) as follows: "How many a generations we have destroyed before them, who were more imposing in respect of gear and outward seeming" (Sura 19 Mary: Verse 74); "We destroyed men mightier than these in prowess" Sura 43: Verse 8

                                                                  Palkodimir (via email)
Whoever has deep study of Islam and has comprehensive knowledge will rule out the possibility of two types of Taliban. It is nothing but the diplomatic portrayal of US to hide its folly in Afghanistan. The key conference in London has come to the right conclusion of safe exit of NATO and American forces from Afghanistan. Before leaving they want to give a tip to Taliban $140 millions for allowing the American forces to quit Afghanistan without any tussle and inflicting injury. Drawing Taliban fighters into mainstream is a far fetched idea. The Americans can expect noble behavior if they seek forgiveness from them and promise to vacate their country. Now the question of safety arises about the Indians who are working in different constructive projects. Our government should come to their rescue. Let Indians contact directly to the Taliban leaders and promise them to continue the works with the help of Indian government. Our government can send a delegation to Afghanistan of Jamiat and JIH leaders as representatives to handle the Taliban. It is high time that the government of India may send its foreign minister as observer to get the knowledge of latest developments. We should not depend on the instruction of White House. Afghanisthan being an Asian country needs help more from us than US. The US now has to cut a sorry figure before the world for its immoral and unethical venture in Afghanistan lead to the casualty of lakhs of innocent people
Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
Obama to Karzai after London Conference
We are committed to protect our slaves,
And you are the loveliest of them all;
We know, you are working under our shoes,
And you will be in the chair till we are tall.
We praise your words at the London Meet,
You want your security till you go to grave;
You need our shade for fifteen years more,
You want to be buried as bold and brave.
But for that: Listen to us with open ears!
You will have to break your rebels' creed;
Purchase their valour with our wealth,
Search amongst them, your slavish breed.
It is the last chance, Oh my loyal stooge!,
If you fail, we both will be facing fear;
Like jackals, we will run from your land,
And you will be torn from front and rear.
Dr. Mustafa Kamal Sherwani,Lucknow
Moderate Taliban?
After the long fight with Taliban who proved a hard unbreakable nut the Americans now trying to discover Moderate Taliban's. As a matter of fact the Americans wanted to wage war against Islam and Islamic dispensation of Taliban. India favored and endorsed the Americans War on Terror which was a war on Islam, venture. Now Islam is spreading thoughout the world including India and America. The American forces lodged in Afghanistan since last six years might have studied Islamic principles. Taliban are busy enforcing the same benign principles in Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan are also supporting fully the mission of Taliban. Now ideologically fatigued American Army is unable to give tough fight to the Taliban. This situation has compelled US to withdraw their forces from Afghanistan. We have supported blindly the idiot venture of US and suffering for our folly. Now US want a dignified exit from Afghanistan, We will be ridiculed by Taliban. Our foreign policy is sluggish depending on safeguarding the interests of Super power, US. We are ready to fight with Taliban a foreign force but we have a great threat from Maoist and China. How ridiculously we are busy nursing Americans keeping ourselves in the bleeding condition. Our foreign policy is misguiding the Indian nation it must be changed immediately or else we will be put in irreparable loss. We have better knowledge about Taliban than Americans. They are the scholars of our world famous Deoband Madras. Any Deobandi Aalim can apprise the external affairs minister and his office. Why we should pose as naives?
Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga
The recent seizure of Taliban stronghold by the Pakistani Military. The war against terror was launched post 9/11, the Taliban seems to be still a formidable force. The coalition forces with their huge and sophisticated war machinery were unable to defeat the Talibans. But in the process they have killed and maimed many innocent civilians. Chance should be given to peace, to achieve peace, it is essential that all sections of the society are involved and taken into confidence for useful contribution and participation in the political and developmental process.
Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh
With reference to the recent rising of Burqa issue in France and India. The un-ending burqa controversy requires a thorough study about the subject. Many unrepresentative surveys are being conducted and opinion sought from unreliable sources, which is bound to give wrong results. Geerth Wilders an anti-Islam protagonist has clearly stated that I have problem with Islam. Like him many have a problem with Islam, but are unable to admit it because of various reasons. The fear of Burqa, Minarets, Quranic verses, beards and anything related to Islam is nothing but are symptoms of Islamophobia. Another factor contribution to this fear is the growth of Islam which is spreading faster than any other religion. A proper understanding of Islam and a dialogue will help in resolving most of the imaginary issues.
Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh
His name is Khan. But for that fact this afternoon he would be in Dubai with his ailing wife. Emirates Airlines flight EK 505 with 356 passengers was rolling on the runway at 0959 hours when a passenger Suresh Chavan alerted the cargo supervisor of the flight that he overheard someone saying Shahbaz Khan another passenger was a terrorist. The plane was pushed back to the runway. Passengers offloaded. The baggage and the aircraft checked. The baggage, aircraft and passengers including the Khan couple were found clean. The plane took off with all the passengers except Khans who were kept back for interrogation. The Muslim couple has to take it philosophically that this was one more instance of Muslims paying for the sins of their co-religionists.The time and investigation will tell if the detention was justified. In the meantime, the police must treat them well and when found innocent must be respectfully placed on another flight with apologies.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali,
Santacruz West, Mumbai
Israel is the source of trouble in the Middle East
Israel is pushing towards the realization of an ultimate goal: making the country a Jewish state. If it cannot push out all of the Palestinians, it is definitely doing its best to vacate them at least from Jerusalem. It is unfortunately getting its way using repressive measures such as home demolitions, land confiscations and denial of access to land because of the separation wall. The one element that is starkly disturbing is how acquiescing the world is to Israel's policies. How can such racist policies, oppressive against people on the sole basis of their ethnicity and religion be so acceptable in this day and age? Especially when they are carried out by a country that claims it is the beacon of democracy in the Middle East? It is mind baffling, no doubt. The Palestinian residents of Jerusalem are dwindling by the day, not because they do not want to remain in the city of their ancestors but because Israel makes it increasingly difficult for them to stay. This should put the rest of the world to shame especially the so-called sick and hypocritical Arab leaders and kings.
Safiya Sameena, Vijayawada
Marriage is good value and ecological
Governments mistakenly tend to compare married couples to unmarried couples living together. Experts of the US publication "The Marriage Index" agree on the following statement: "Marriage goes beyond a simple private relationship between two adults: it is a social good with serious implications for their children's welfare". Although the number of couples living together is on the constant increase their bond is more fragile. Also, 50% of their children will suffer from their parents' separation, as compared to 15 percent of those children issuing from marriage as this is accepted as a lifelong commitment. To improve their health they wish to heighten esteem by means of the marriage bond and communication strategies and conflict solving. Separation implies both the emotional harm and financial damage of the couple which has split up: depressions adding to expenses which are now doubled, a greater consumption of energy as there are now two homes. As a result, greater poverty, loneliness and pollution in a world where "sustainability" is the fashion word. God, who invented marriage, was right in asking man, who is capable of faithfully complying with the obligations set out by his mortgage to be at least as faithful to his commitment to his wife, for the good of future generations.
Clara Jiménez, Murcia, Spain
Namaz more important than minarets in Islam
I have read Mr. AMA Pira's letter in your latest issue protesting against the ban on construction of minarets in Switzerland. While I agree that there should be no discrimination against any religious group neither in the allocation of place for community use nor in publicly displaying religious symbols, I do not endorse his view that a minaret, or, for that matter, a dome, is a 'fundamental religious symbol of Islam'. In fact, a mosque is nothing more than space reserved for Namaz, basically a hall which allows people to line up in rows behind the Imam all facing towards the Holy Kaaba. Islam does not lay down any architecture for Masjids, although different countries & peoples have developed their own style for designing their Masjid. It may be noted en passant that the anti-Islamic forces in India denied that Babri Masjid was a mosque, on the ground that it had no minarets! We also have the well known example of a senior Hindu leader publicly wanting to bring down the minarets and domes of the Jama Masjid Delhi, because their very sight shot blood to his eyes! We need not take an extreme view so long as there is freedom to profess, practise and propagate Islam in any state and so long as there is no overt discrimination against the Muslims in access to education, livelihood and all service the state provides to the people, not to speak of exercise of political rights. A Muslim minority should not act in a manner which would further accentuate anti-Islamic sentiments or generate hostile emotions, or take a strong stand except when its basic freedom of religion is at stake. Even in registering his protest against vilification it must act within the democratic norms of the country he lives in.
Syed Shahabuddin

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 30

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