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Please accept my heartiest congratulations on the successful completion of 10 years of MG. Indeed it is a milestone, achieved sheerly by your hard work & dedication, where u have always strived to highlight the issues pertaining to Muslim population, regardless of caste , creed & status. MG has been found to be there, where nobody dares to venture, & by publishing those news items which have been deliberately ignored by the English Media.all over the country, MG has proved, beyond doubt that it is genuine & only fortnightly, in English which has deep concern for the Muslim problems, whether education, terrorism, representation of Muslims, at all levels & atrocities on Muslims, everywhere.
Syed Afzal Ali Shah,Lucknow
It is a matter of immense pleasure that the MG has completed 10 years of its existance. It becomes more significant under the prevailing adverse circumstances. Your efforts and dedication are indeed applaudable.                
Mohd. Yusuf Yasin, Lucknow
Now 53 crore to guard Mayawati projects
Huge spending of rupees 53 crores made from state public-exchequer by Mayawati now to guard her stone-projects worth rupees 6000 crores including her post-retirement bungalow worth rupees 42 crores exhibits drawbacks of our democratic system when even a Chief Minister can make so blunt misuse of power to fulfil dreams of an individual. Union government should enact law which may prohibit states to pass such bills which give undue power to political rulers for designing costly post-retirement facilities for themselves like life-time free government-accommodation. Is it fair that UP Chief Minister Mayawati has got constructed rupees 42-crore worth palatial bungalow on one-lakh square feet plot of land only for a queen-like post-retirement living?
                                            Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi
Human values on a downward trend
Again the Goa's battle to shake off the tag of risky destination for young foreign tourists received a jolt on Wednesday after a 9-year-old Russian girl was sexually assaulted and allegedly raped by an unidentified man at Arambol beach in north Goa. Amid mounting allegations that Goa police are reluctant to go after sex offenders, cops registered a case of rape against an unknown person but no arrest was made more than a day after the assault. Furthermore, we have such incidences occurring in the past, for example the UK Journalist was raped by a guesthouse owner; US tourist molested at Pushkar, Rajasthan; Japanese student molested; Swiss tourist raped", scream out the headlines in the national and local press. What is happening to India after all? The country which claims to call 'Atithi Devo Bhava' or 'the guest is God', but the way they are treated is nothing but as animals. They are an easy prey to human predators. What puzzles here is the scant concern shown to these shameful almost-daily occurrences by those whose duty is to guard the tourists against such things: the government, tourism department, hoteliers, guest-house owners, taxi drivers, parking lot attendants, the moralists, temple priests, the socialites - in short, everybody is indifferent to this important issue. How many such incidents would awaken us to the gravity of this serious issue? Molesting, ill-treating, harassing, humiliating, insulting, violating the modesty, stealing the purse and documents, cheating, deceiving and fooling tourists, exploiting their trust and vulnerability, murdering them, etc, constitute a dangerous trend that sends negative signals to the outside world. However, when some Indian is attacked or assaulted we hear people yelling and calling it as a racists attack, and the issue is blown out of proportion, without being even looking inwards on the heinous incidents of rapes in our country.
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur
Shiv Sena now targets Sharukh
Despite a stable administration in place, the multiplex owners of Mumbai have to bow to the diktats of the monster called Shiv Sena and take down the posters of the forthcoming film of SRK. Of what use is the government, if it cannot protect the people and their business concerns from the violence unleashed by such thugs from Shiv Sena and their siblings in MNS. Ashok Chavan and his government in Maharashtra should hang their heads in shame.
Deepak Joshi, Mumbai
One wonders why the apex court is not taking cognizance of the ruckus over 'Mumbai for Mumbaikars' which is irrefutably an outlandish attack on the fundamental right of the citizens in the country. It is time; the judiciary takes suo moto action against the political parties which are whipping up parochial feelings. Unless we assure the countrymen that they have the right to stay in Mumbai and speak any language of their choice as enshrined in the constitution, there is no point to claim the moral high ground over the attacks on Indians in Australia or anywhere in the world.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (AP)
Undoubtedly, the campaign championed by the MNS or the Shiv Sena driving away the non Marathi from Mumbai or Bombay is an unconstitutional act. However, the BJP or the RSS who have seemed backing the parties fanning the communal tensions among the Marathi manoos is nothing but too little too late theory. Though, the rift between the saffron alliance, Shiv Sena and the BJP, in Maharashtra seems to be widening with both parties trying to shut the other on this issue. But the question really is why the BJP didn't or RSS really tried to explain when this issue has led the lives of innocents in Mumbai and other parts of the state. It is nothing but the popular theory of use and throw is being utilized by the mother organization of the BJP, which they kept using it time and again. And the classic example could be seasoned politicians, like Advani, Uma Bharti and Jaswant Singh, whom we heard often singing the Hindutava tune. But they end up landing nowhere, the RSS has the tradition though, to use and throw people as and when required. The BJP who treads the path of RSS, and is nothing but a puppet has no place for the above named people and you never know when people like Modi would too face the same consequence, since most of the Sangh's agenda has been accomplished by him and his leadership in Gujarat.           
Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur
That the Union minister Sharad Pawar had gone to the residence of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackaray and pleaded him to allow Australian cricketers to play in IPL matches in Mumbai, vindicates that the democratically elected Cong-NCP government in Maharashtra, has neither the guts nor the willpower to defeat political goondaism in India's commercial nerve centre. His action has also sent wrong signals to one and all in Mumbai that, rather than going to the law enforcement agencies, they should seek the blessings of either Bal Thackaray or Raj Thackaray to live in Mumbai peacefully. What is more appalling is that, while Mr.Pawar as the BCCI President had shown interest to save the capitalist interests of IPL, as the Union minister for agriculture, he never went an extra mile to protect the interests of the farmers nor did he try to put a check to the spiraling prices of essential commodities.
Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (AP)
The recent news about Shahrukh Khan returning to Mumbai amid heavy security and Rahul's visit to Mumbai. Shahrukh Khan, the numero uno of Bollywood became an easy and unsuspecting prey of the Shiv Sena for his saner utterances in favour of Pakistani cricketers. Shahrukh is not only a national figure but also has a large following around the world. Along with his friend and director Karan Johar, he is promoting his movie "My name is Khan" to a worldwide audience. Shahrukh has stood by his words and Rahul Gandhi dared to travel in Mumbai by local train, showing the true strength of their conviction.
Mohammed Sadullah Khan, Riyadh
Almost in every society there are anti social elements, we often see enough warning signals which keep posing before they literally turn anti democratic and fascist in nature. While in this very society it is quiet natural to notice the struggle for peace, democracy, secular thought, justice and communal harmony is waged by sensitive and creative people. The dream of an equal and just society has always been projected by either the mass movements of ordinary poor and marginalized people, secular political forces, and human rights activists or has been portrayed by artists, poets, film makers, theatre directors etc. So those people whose agenda and preoccupation is to spread hatred and disharmony, always attack the above said class. The groups like Shiv Sena and the MNS is the classic example of the above. While the fact is that we have ignored these danger signals and violent acts thus allowing the perpetrators of hate mongering not only to go scot free but also to further vitiate the atmosphere. What has been happening there in Maharashtra since couple of months is indeed shocking and is an attack on the democratic rights of the citizens of not only Maharashtra but all over the nation. The govt should take steps to ensure that the goondaism unleashed by the Shiv Sena and MNS is stopped immediately. While should also ensure that Shahrukh Khan, Aamir Khan , whose effigies were burnt in Mumbai and especially Shahrukh Khan, who has received threats in the past few days, are given adequate security, that there is no disturbance when their films are released or screened in theaters. Moreover, no taxi driver or auto rickshaw driver is harassed for not knowing or speaking Marathi while the step of withdrawing of similar unconstitutional stand by the govt is appreciable on the question of issuing licenses to the taxi drivers. And lastly, their constitutional and democratic rights of working or living in any part of India are not violated by Shiv Sena hoodlums on the roads.
Farzana Nigar, Ranchi-02
At fag end Bachchan commercialised himself
How strange and shocking! The son of a great poet like Harivanshrai Bachchan, who wrote masterpiece like 'Madhushala' and championed the cause of human dignity throughout his life, fell, surrenderingly, prey to the lucrative offer of promoting Gujarat from a world renowned murderer of more than three thousand innocent Muslims during government sponsored carnage of 2002, that witnessed hundreds of police personnels agreeably either siding with or assisting the killers and making the carnage, that included gang raping even pregnant women a great triumphalistic thrill to the majoritarianists. Can India get uglier and nastiest than this?
Mushtaque Madni(via email)
Padma Vibhushan to Fareed Zakariah
Padma Vibhushan to Fareed Zakariah is a cynical appeasement to one who has been attached to the American establishment's mouth piece: CNN and Newsweek: known for their hideous insanities and categorizations of hatred of non-Whites and emerging third-world democracies. Being an embedded and manoeuvring journalist, he has done a goodservice in praising the ruling political cliques in promoting the US'spolitical, military and economic domination of the world. He shamelessly and immorally supported Bush's decision to invade Iraq.Pro-American journalists like Zakaria consider that it is natural and normal that they should unconvincingly support the foreign policies of the US Administration however rotten they are and how much damaging the policies are to the emerging third world where Zakaria was broughtup. Many of MG readers cannot comprehend that in most cases people like Fareed Zakariah are either horribly ignorant or deliberately toe the dictates of the highly prejudicial Zionist leaning CNN in order to serve the neo-colonial American interests and in the process keep the job and the prize-earning status. Dissident journalists in the US hardly earn their living.
Palkodimir(via email)
Huge backlog in courts
The Supreme Court is greatly concerned about the backlog in our courts which runs into tens of thousands of cases. Frivolous Public Interest Litigations [PILs] add significantly to the backlog. The Apex court has expressed concern over the gross misuse of this great instrument and found it necessary to bring in some curbs on this misuse while not denying the social benefit of this provision. It has issued guidelines to High Courts in choosing PIL pleas for consideration or rejection. One such PIL waiting to be heard by the Supreme Court is filed by a Muslim gentleman who seeks a stay on Election commission's order to have the photographs of Muslim women, who normally wear face-veils, affixed on the voter's ID card. The order of the EC was challenged in the Chennai High Court, which has upheld the EC's orders. The Supreme Court, while deferring the hearing of the plea has rejected the notion that a Muslim woman in veil cannot be asked to lift her veil to be photographed or to be identified for the purpose of voting card or for polling. Muslim organizations and intellectuals are mostly unanimous in support of the Supreme Court's rejection of the argument of the petitioner. They find nothing un-Islamic in women being photographed for the purpose. If the same Muslim organizations had been more vigilant and had applauded the Chennai High Court's decision with equal zeal, it would have gone a long way in preventing the PIL from coming to the SC. Even now Muslim NGOs should ask the gentleman to withdraw the application and save court's time. Yes, one is concerned about the modesty of a woman who does not expose her face to strangers. But, in India women are respected and any male officer would rather let a lady officer ascertain the identity of a woman in burqa.
Dr Mookhi Amir Ali, Santacruz West
Are we serious about national budget?
It is clear that the targets for 11th five year plan are not achieved so far nor it is possible to attend in coming days. Do the planning commission officials have any moral responsibility in failure of 11th five year plan targets? Is there any accountability for national planners and policy makers who are called as Economists and Financial Experts and expected to put Indian economy on high growth trajectory? Is there any moral responsibility on the members of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Council for this increasing inflation and declining growth rate? Where are their efforts meant for inclusive growth when majority of resources are flown towards corporate sector and majority of Indian workers associated with the unorganized sector are facing financial crisis for growth? The Finance Ministry works under pressure of the corporate sector. There is hardly any chamber or association to advocate for poor and vulnerable section of the society. Who cares about increasing fiscal deficit and imbalanced growth among different industries? Have anyone evaluated pattern of financial allocation to different industries. India's majority workers and enterprises are deprived of financial resources whereas few large industrialists draw major share of resources to gain more economies of scale. Have we ever budgeted to eradicate poverty among slum dwellers / unorganized sector workers with no fixed dwellings? The majority of Indian are still out of stock market affairs whereas stock market capitalization exceeds to total bank deposits in India. This is unfortunately called inclusive growth process in India where poor have to contribute for growth of rich. Hope this time considering higher fiscal deficit as well as inflation, the finance minister and his team will work upon finding alternative mode of debt finance. Islamic banking and finance may just help us reduce the fiscal deficit and inflation with stimulating growth process. There are economies in equity / cost plus finance compared to interest based debt finances. This difference needs to be evaluated before framing budgetary proposals.
Syed Zahid Ahmad,Mumbai
Once again debate over veil in Islam
Only certain types of Muslim families with some specific socio-economic and educational background opt for the use of the veil or niqab which covers the face. These people constitute a very tiny percentage of the Muslim populace. Yet there is a big hue and cry about this issue as can be seen from the recent events in France and Denmark who are out to ban the veil. In fact the French intelligence service also found out that only a minuscule population of women in France uses the veil. Therefore the call for banning it is only a means to increase Islamophobia and worsen the hostile attitude toward many Islamic traditions and norms already noticeable in French society. Also, since Muslim women are certainly not required to cover their face and hands as per the teachings of Islam, there is no reason for us to be rigid on this matter. It's high time that the mainstream Muslims and Scholars openly declare the practice as unwarranted by Islam. The Prophet of Islam had stated, "Verily, this religion (of ours) is simple and easy to follow; whoever makes it hard will only be overwhelmed by it." This statement should be an eye-opener for all Muslims.
Safiya Sameena,Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh
Unconscious man: Akbar Tejani 'Musavvir'
A Tiger was chasing a man. The fleeing fellow saw a pit in front with a big cobra fanning at him. By its side there was a tree. That man climed up and sat on its branch. But there he saw a white and a black rat busy cutting that very branch!! From a branch above drops of honey started falling on him and he joyfully began to lip up honey forgetting the constant dangers all around! Satan did not allow him that: 1. The tiger was his death; 2. The pit was his grave; 3. The snake was his sinning; 4. The white rat was day time and the black one night time; 5. The drops of honey were harmful illegal passions and lusty greedy desires. (Abridged translation from Gujarati fortnightly Memon Welfare, Mumbai)
S. Akhtar, Khanpur Deh-392150

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2010 on page no. 31

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