After deserting Samajwadi Party, what next for Amar Singh?

The question about Amar Singh’s future programmes after resigning from Samajwadi Party is not so important as to how Mulayam Singh will be able to restore the lost popularity of Samajwadi Party (SP) after doing maximum damage to it by his one-time close colleague. Mulayam Singh had so much faith and confidence in this businessman-turned-political leader that he (Amar Singh) had started considering himself indispensable for Mulayam and SP. Important leaders of SP who with their sincere and hard work in the past had made it strong and enviable party, began to leave it one by one because of Amar Singh’s Machiavellian policy and Mulayam Singh silently and kept on watching the erosion of his party and its image. Amar Singh convinced him of such a glorious future of SP that in its glare Mulayam Singh could not see the loss of party stalwarts like Beni Prasad Varma, Shahid Siddiqi, Raj Babbar, Kapil Dev Singh, Saleem Sherwani, Azam Khan and Shafiqur Rahman Barq. Hanuman, because of his love and faith in Sri Ram, had burnt Ravan’s Lanka but Mulayam Singh’s Hanuman burnt his own Ayodhya.

Samajwadi Party, which was emerging as an alternative to Congress and BJP and whose chief Mulayam Singh Yadav was being viewed as the possible future prime minister of India, began to be gradually eroded with the efforts of Amar Singh, with the inclusion of persons like Jaya Parda, Manoj Tiwari and Sanjay Dutt, convicted by a TADA Court. Lastly, when with his (Amar Singh) efforts Kalyan Singh joined this Party and when an effort was made to bury the Party under Babri Masjid’s debris, Party’s loyal leaders not only raised their voice of dissent but began to openly oppose Amar Singh. Even at that time also, Mulayam Singh kept on watching silently the decline of his party.

Heaven knows which secret or weakness of Mulayam Singh was known to Amar Singh because of the fear of which Mulayam Singh helplessly watched the destruction of his party. Now Prof. Ram Gopal Yadav, considered the think-tank of Samajwadi Party has, after sidelining Amar Singh, taken up the gauntlet to salvage the party. It is then only that the Party has succeeded in getting rid of Amar Singh.

Lot of work will have to be done in order to bring back the Party to its pristine glory. People who left it in disgust will have to be won over and brought back. Muslims who are the greatest support base of the Party will have to be given full respect and honour in order to restore their lost confidence in it. Simply verbal promises will not do anything. They will have to be convinced by taking practical steps to prove that SP is their true well wisher.

Amar Singh’s presence in or exit from the Party will have no effect on it except that its image in the media will be slightly affected because he knew the art of tactfully managing it. Not only media, it was his greatest attribute to manage any great personality. Political parties survive and run with people’s support and confidence. A few important people joining or leaving it does not affect its health. Raj Babbar always used to say that Amar Singh can be a good broker but not a successful leader. Being a Thakur himself, he could not win over and bring in Thakurs to join his party, not to talk of bringing in others. Everybody is eager to know where will Amar Singh now go and which party he is going to join or will form his own party.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2010 on page no. 2

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