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Indefinite fast for judicial enquiry into Batla

New Delhi: Ehsan Khan of Azamgarh is on an indefinite fast in front of collectorate office, Azamgarh from 24 December for fulfilment of his six demands including judicial enquiry into Batla House police encounter because he thinks that central and state (UP) governments are totally insensitive to the problems and difficulties of Muslims. He started his political career by joining Samajwadi Party in 1989 to bring justice to poor people in cases like illegal occupation of graveyard land and lands of poor Hindus and Muslims, by former minister Ram Ashray Viswakarma, falsely implicating and arresting Hakim Maulana Tariq and Khalid Mujahid etc. He joined Congress Party for support in his crusade against injustice to poor people but on Congress government’s refusal against judicial enquiry into Batla House encounter and on exoneration of Narasimha Rao for Babri Masjid demolition by Liberhan Commission he left Congress also. His other demands in addition to judicial enquiries into Batla House encounter and arrest of Hakim Muhammad Tariq and Khalid Mujahid are explaining the reasons for not allowing Muslims of Azamgarh’s Lohara village to sacrifices even after Supreme Court’s order to do so, action against Thana Incharge of Kandhra police station for preventing Muslims to offer Eiduzzoha namaz and providing a place for offering funeral prayers.

Due to continuous fast from 24 December 2009, his condition is deteriorating day by day. He was taken to Azamgarh’s Sadar Hospital by DM and SP and examined by doctors. It was found that many organs are not functioning properly and his condition is deteriorating day by day but he refuses to take any medicine. He says that if government wants to save his life, it must agree to all his demands forthwith otherwise his death is certain.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2010 on page no. 11

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