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Lucknow’s Amiruddaula Library

Lucknow: At a time when several libraries including the British Council had shut down, the Amiruddaula Public library of Lucknow attracts readers from all age groups as one can go through rare ancient manuscripts to latest publications.

Situated in Qaisarbagh, at the centre of the ‘City of Nawabs’, the library attracts a variety of readers from the age group of 12 years to Civil Service aspirants, from women who love to read family magazines to retired persons who devote their time for serious literature.

The rare manuscripts in Sanskrit, Persian, Arabic, Tibetan, Pali and Burmese languages and Buddhist literature written on palm leaves are the treasured possessions of this library. Its contemporary literature collection, fiction and non-fiction attract even foreign scholars.

After the untimely closure of several libraries like British Council Library and others of this genre, the Amriuddaula library remains the most sought after public library not only in the state capital but in the entire Awadh region.

Minor maintenance problems notwithstanding, the scholars enrich their knowledge bank while visiting this library, presently looked after by the state government, the Divisional Commissioner of Lucknow being its honorary chairman.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 February 2010 on page no. 17

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