Imam Husain Pride of Humanity

By Pundit Ram Nath Sharma ‘Raman’ Amrohvi

We Indians live here at a distance of thousands of miles from the country of Imam Husain but even then it goes without saying how much love and respect people of India have for him. I am also one of his devotees, though I am of a Brahman fraternity. After one year of the Karbala event, Dutt family had mourned that tragic event in India. The prominent film personality, Sunil Dutt also belonged to the same family.

In India Brahmans who followed the tradition of mourning the martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Hussain are called Husaini Brahmans who, even today, exist in Gujarat and Maharashtra states. History is replete with innumerable incidents of innocent men of religion mercilessly killed by men of brutish mentality for their personal and selfish interests. Such inhuman incidents have been taking place from time to time since ancient times. An extremely tragic incident like this when truth, righteousness and humanism were mercilessly throttled and a large number of innocent, hungry and thirsty people, including women and even infants were ruthlessly butchered has probably never been seen till date. No one knows how much tears are shed on this heart-rending incident every year. Prominent Hindi writer Munshi Prem Chand has written ‘First and foremost historical act of raising voice against tyranny and for war of righteousness and perseverance is Karbala war only whose echo still vibrates high up in the sky’.

In addition to Prem Chand Mrs Sarojini Naidu has described this tragic incident in a poem under the heading ‘Shahadat ki Raat’ which is very famous. Chief Justice S.S. Sulaiman has written in his book Golden Deeds of Imam Husain that ‘Imam Husain had vowed to protect his ideals. He considered laying down his life for the sake of truth better than surrendering himself’. Founder of Yaadgaar-e Husaini College, Zameer Hasan Kazmi writes ‘This sacrifice of Imam Husain was like that of Shri Krishna who urged Arjuna to wage war against injustice and said: ‘if you do not wage this war, you will lose your honour and respect. In that case you will undoubtedly be a supporter of sin and people will always see you with contempt’.

Truly speaking, Imam Husain does not belong to Iran, Arab, Iraq and Syria alone, rather he is Husain of people of the whole world. His message is not for any particular religion but in addition to Shias, Sunni Muslims and Hindus particularly Brahmans also equally see his lofty character with honour and respect. In India, people in Gwalior, Indore, Dholpur, Varanasi, Bharatpur and Baroda etc. fervently mourn the death of Imam Husain. In his book Vision of India S.K. Mitter has written that Husaini Brahmans consider themselves the progenies of those Brahmans who had gone to Iraq along with Ashwatthama, son of Guru Dronacharya and after avenging the death of Imam Husain, some had settled there while many had come back to India in 70 Hijri (AH).

Though Imam Husain, who represents all mankind of the world, passed away centuries ago, as long as human beings will live in this world, his name and the tragic story of his unparalleled martyrdom will be on the lips of all. Undoubtedly he was the man of such a great personality that it would not be wrong if I call him the ‘Pride of Humanity’.

Pundit Ram Nath Sharma ‘Raman’
is a prominent poet

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2010 on page no. 2

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