Letters to the editor (16-31 January 2011)


I am a regular reader of MG. and wait for the MG very eagerly. Because MG is the only magazine boldly speaks about the problems of muslims in a natural way. i get peace by reading the authentic articles and feel proud to be a subscriber. I congratulate Dr Zafarul-Islam Khan for his noble service to the muslim society, and pray the Almighty to give him more power and good health. – Ameen..

G.A.Rahim, IPS (Rtd), Hyderabad.A.P .


MG editor: Thank you for your feedback. It gives us strength and encouragement and also places a great responsibility on our shoulders to be extra careful about what we write and publish.


Milli Gazette should get a TV channel and hold debates discussions etc. This is the only way the Indian public will understand the dastardly sinister agenda of the Hindutva community. Milli Gazette should be admired for their boldness in bringing out hidden truth of Indian politics but how many people read this valuable newspaper? Probably a few Muslims.That is why a 'Milli gazette TV channel' should be started. There are fabulously rich Muslims in India and funds should be collected. Every rich and influential Muslim in India should volunteer to achieve this aim.This would be a very strong step in changing the minds of many good thinking Hindus.These so called Muslim film stars who squander their wealth in undesirable and luxurious ways should help to contribute and invest in this tv channel and make it a success. Otherwise the Indian Muslim community in India will be doomed to live forever in insecurity and helplessness. They must regain back the glory of their ancestors who actually ruled this country.               Razi Ashraf (message left on MG website)


Excellent and forthright journalism in the interest of secularism and the nation.

Dr Syed Shahid Wahid, Chhawla Camp,New Delhi - 110071


On the completion of MG's 11 years of publication, I offer my profuse greetings. MG is not only a repository of reliable information but also of well written articles. It also provides in-depth critique of national and international affairs. In fact it fills a lacunae wherein Muslim related issues were either ignored or were published with a lot of diffidence. As india is emerging as an economic superpower, the Muslim community finds itself marginalised and there is a growing feeling that they are being shabbily treated. As the world becomes more complex, the Muslim's place on this planet becomes less comfortable by the West's perception of they being wedded to Jehadi terrorism. The wrong policies followed by the US which has directly contributed in forming the negative image of Muslims, has caused them huge damage. Against this backdrop, MG shines as a ray of hope for the Muslim community as they can now discuss their problems with other communities and government across the table. I pray for MG's prosperity as it marches ahead. May it get widest readership of the community and shape the 21st century Muslim thinking.

Yunus Chitalwala, Dhoraji-Gujarat - adilchital[@]yahoo.in


MG should also cover the developments in the field of science and technology.

Dr. Ameer Alam, Azamgarh (U.P.)


I congratulate you for your long, successful and well needed effort in maintaining a voice for the community. Best of luck!

Dr Gulrez Shah Azhar, Ahmedabad


I read the letter by Ishfaq Ahmed published in M.G. (1-15th Jan. 2011) and the answer given by the Online Editor which is thought-provoking. At present, lesser numbers of non-Muslims subscribe to the paper and the editor should regularly publish the problems of non-Muslims also, so that more people should come forward to read and contribute the articles. We live in a democratic country and we should provide a platform by highlighting their social issues from time to time. I thank the editor for regularly publishing the articles of the renowned writer Mr.Ram Puniyani which are very interesting and informative. I request you to publish at least one article by Dr. Zakir Naik on peace and universal brotherhood under Islamic Perspectives.         Mohammed Azam, Telengana



Rape of Nizam state

My paternal grandfather, Janab Basheer Ahmed Khan, who worked for the Hyderabad Secretariat during the Hyderabad Police Action narrates horrifying tales bout the Indian Army's atrocities on unarmed civilians. The water wells and tanks, he says, in the State of Hyderabad (in the outskirts of the main city of Hyderabad) were filled with the bodies of Muslims and especially women who committed suicide to save themselves from being ravaged by the barbaric army and the evil rioters. He says that the train he was traveling (Gulbarga to the safer city of Hyderabad) was bombed by IAF and he is one of those lucky people who survived the onslaught. It must have required an extraordinary effort to erase/conceal these overwhelming atrocities from the pages of History. ha ! I just feel that 'Nationalism' is a far bigger threat to humanity than 'Terrorism' or even more than any epidemic.                   Imran A. Khan (message on MG's Facebook page)



India is just one of those countries where corruption forms a good part of the ruling junta. Ministers holding responsible duties are often corrupted and get away for their crimes and errors by merely bribing the police who are nearly all corrupted. There are however a few good honest people in India who bravely raise their voice against this dishonest system but are silenced very effectively as both the police and the local minoften collude with each other. This is indeed disturbing. A country that fought for independence

Razi Ashraf(message left on MG website)


Child labour in Muslim society

In Muslim society child labour is not only a big problem but also an ulcer as well as a challenge and we have to accept this challenge for the progress and development of our society. The pity, however, is that instead of sympathising with the innocent and helpless child labour, our society expresses sympathy with his lazy, shameless and parents without conscience on the ground that if the children do not work, how the family's income will be supplemented to meet the expenses. This argument is weak and condemnable. Non-Muslims too are poor, rather in some cases they are poorer than us. But they are more conscious about the education of their children. Every body knows that there is a large scale of migration from villages to urban centres in search of jobs and livelihood. These people migrate to cities not to earn themselves but for making their children to earn. Girls are sent to work as maid servants in the houses of rich and well-to-do people and boys are asked to find jobs in factories, hotels, shops, pulling rickshaws, thelas etc. In this way villages are being deserted and because of excess of child labour in cities, innumerable youngmen become unemployed and indulge in criminal and other unsocial activities. The more the child labour in cities, the greater the unemployment among adult males. Migration from rural to urban centres also leads to overcrowding, traffic problems, growth of slums, dirty surroundings, health problems etc. in the cities. If child labour is abolished many problems will be solved. People would like to live and work in villages and conditions in villages will also improve. Hence all sane and responsible people should seriously consider the problem of child labour, induce their parents to send their children to schools (as Islam lays great emphasis on acquisition of education and knowledge) to brighten their future, boycott shops, factories etc and their products which employ child labour, condemn and start a campaign against child labour and bring to notice of government agencies the establishments where children are employed and exploited. Masjid Imams also, in their Friday sermons should exhort Muslims to provide education to their children and apprise them of the harmful effects of child labour on Muslim society. Parents who compel their children to work should be sent to jail. Children are assets to society and nation and builders of the nation. Muslim society must understand that children who are deprived of education today are most likely to become a source of danger to every body and bring bad name to the Muslim society. May God enable all of us to understand this bitter truth and take every step for the improvement of our society.

Muhammad Habibuddin, Hyderabad


Remarks by Mahmood Madni

It is reported in a section of press that unsavory remarks were made by the Rajya Sabha (RS) member Mahmood Madni in Kanpur which hurt religious feelings of Barelvi Sect. Report further says that heavy contingent of PAC and RAF personnel had to be deployed to control the situation. Shoot at sight order had also been issued following clashes between Deobandi and Barelvi Sects. IG Brij Bhushan,DIG Mutha Ashok Jain,Divisional Commissioner Amit Ghosh and DM Mukesh Meshram had to rush to the spot to assess the situation. It seems that the main culprit is Madni for the collapse of law and order situation. He does not deserve to be called a" Maulana". His utterances have caused considerable damage to the unity of the Muslim community. He should have refrained himself from making controversial statements. "Maulana" Mahmood Madni should be asked to tender an apology for making divisive statements, failing which should be arrested and prosecuted.     Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot



Gaza caravan

Congratulations to all those brave humanitarians who have sacrificed so much and travelled so far overcoming many obstacles to stand in solidarity with, and bring aid to, the oppressed people in Gaza. While you are in Gaza this weekend 15 of Israel's top diamond companies are in Mumbai selling their blood diamonds which help to fund the war crimes and crimes against humanity that made your journey necessary in the first place. http://www.diamondworld.net/ contentview.aspx?item=5571 Diamonds from Israel will contaminate and damage the Indian diamond market if this trade is allowed to continue. Revenue from the Israeli diamond industry provides about $1 billion annually to the Israeli military which is guilty of war crimes. According to the Kimberley Process, Israeli diamonds are "conflict-free". http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=154412524589404

The Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign is spearheading a campaign to expose the global trade in Israeli blood diamonds, Israel's No.1 export commodity: http://electronicintifada.net/v2/ article11170.shtml

Sean Clinton(message left on MG website)


I am extremely delighted to know your success for raising the concerns for the people occupied under the Zionists who believe in and celebrate the open denial of the rights of the Occupied People in International Law and the United Nations. I extend my heart-felt satisfaction over the heroic courage and works that you performed for those people who have been consistently ignored by the civilised USA, EU and the UN Security Council. All of you deserve great applauses and great wishes of millions of people from India and abroad for refreshing the concerns and memories of Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Maulana Azad for building a peaceful and secured world which is threatened by Revisionist and Zionists forces. May The Almighty inspire all of us here and everywhere for our commitment to humanity.

Dr. Arshi Khan, Dept of Political Science, AMU



Impartial probe needed in 26/11

One aspect that needs a thorough & impartial probe is the circumstance of the arrest of Ajmal Kasab. It would do this nation a world of good if the govt. initiates a probe to find out whether Ajmal Kasab was issued a visa by the IHC in Isla...mabad to visit India before 26/11 & whether he came by train to India & not by boat as alleged. Why this admission by Ajmal Kasab was ignored when all other statements made by him were taken as truth is puzzling. It is not very difficult to establish whether a visa was issued to a particular person by IHC, particularly if ordered by a court to arrive at the truth. Moreover, the circumstances of the arrest of the alleged Pakistani spy, Madhuri Gupta who worked in the IHC, Islamabad smacks of an attempt to terrorize the Indian staff of the IHC, Islamabad into hiding the details of Ajmal Kasab's visa, coming as it did just days before the Ajmal Kasab verdict. It clearly looks like an attempt to force IHC staff to destroy evidence of Kasab's visa & when some staff refused to obey this command, Madhuri was arrested & labelled as a traitor to instil the fear of God in the rest of the staff. These two incidents are definitely linked & a full-fledged independent probe free of IB interference can bring out the truth about what actually happened on 26/11 & who did it.

Khalid Hasan (message on Who Killed Karkare's Facebook page)


Tibet in Kashmir: a tale of suffering and alienation

Chime Tenzing wrote: Tibet& Kashmir – roof of the world & paradise on earth, were not created in order to disappear - they will endure and flourish. They are the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honours the sword of freedom. As Lincoln aptly said,” Those who deny freedom to others deserve it not for themselves ". Free Tibet!

Chime Tenzing (on MG Facebook page) in response to the article: Tibet in Kashmir: a tale of suffering and alienation

AMU gets Rs 2.30 grant for lab

This refers to the report captioned “AMU gets Rs 2.30 crore grant for lab” (The MG 1-15 December, 2010). It is a matter of profound pleasure that the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, has sanctioned Rs. 2.30 crore grants to the Department of Physics, Aligarh Muslim University for support in level -1 category under the FIST Programme of DST on the recommendations of the FIST Advisory Board. The grant will strengthen the post-graduate teaching and research facilities in the Department. Thanks to the Department of Science and Technology, Govt. of India for this grant.

                Shakeel Ahmad Frank, Gorakhpur


Hyderabadi souls in Parlok

MG(Dec. 16-31, 2010) stirs me to say that may the noble rooh (spirit) of Omar Khalidi rest in eternal peace in paradise. The Aatmaa of Nirsinha Raoji (whose words in the Sardar managed ‘Police’ Action quoted by Br. S.M. Pasha in his book about rape of Hyderabad) must have danced joyfully after hearing the words of Nardendra Modi from the state-managed burning coach of Sabarmati Express.

S. Akhtar, Khanpr Deh – 392 150


Raza Library awards scholars

By the grace of God, the people of Rampur need to start championing their original Afghan/Pashtun culture. They need to build culture bridges (exchanges) to Peshawar, Kabul, Kandahar and Jalababad and bring back the life to the Pathans of India. If this is not done, the death of the culture at its core is near. The Indian government should be supporting this as the Pathans& Pashtunwali are the only long-term hope for stability over militancy to the north.

RobertonMG Website


Jairam Ramesh inaugurating new building site

UPA should be organising all religion prayers for this rather than engaging Brahmins only. Ecologically Safe and Socially Inclusive India seeks generating of carbon-neutral responses from across the faiths. With adoption of interfaith common monotheistic commands, it is possible to remain fair to all the religions that are followed in India. There are interfaith common monotheistic prohibitions against usury, exhibitionist consumption, adultery, homosexuality, gambling, drinking of intoxicating drinks, etc that are ecologically, personally and nationally relevant.

                Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Alam

(on Facebook/MG)


Confession by Aseemanand

The confession by Swami Aseemanand recorded before the magistrate under section 164 of the CrPC has spilled the beans on the direct involvement by the RSS, VHP and Bajrand Dal – in planning, financing and executing the bomb blasts in Malegaon, Samjhauta Express, Ajmer Shareef and Mecca Masjid. This has unveiled the fact that scores of Muslims who were arrested by the police and investigative agencies like ATS and CBI in these cases were actually innocent. In fact, it is the plight of an innocent Muslim youth Kaleem, who was Aseemanand’s co-inmate in Chanchalguda prison85jailed in connection with the Mecca Masjid blast that has made Swami to repent and prompted him for the atonement. The electronic media which jumped to broadcast “breaking news” on the suspicion of involvement of LeT or Indian Mujahideen whenever any bomb blast occurred in the country has a lot to explain on the revelations by Swami Aseemanand. One hopes, that the law enforcement agency would realize that apart from RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dal, there are extremists groups like Abhinav Bharat, Jai Vande Matram and Vanvasi Kalyan Asharam which are more dangerous than the LeT or the alleged Indian Mujahideen.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)



Digvijay Singh on Karkare

While we appreciate Mr Digvijay Singh's friendship for the Muslim community, he must not encourage the canard that Mr Karkare was killed by the RSS. There is solid and incontrovertible forensic proof that Karkare was in fact killed by the L-e-T terrorists. Digvijay himself has said so several times, but he does not emphasize it when he speaks to Muslim audiences. This is not right. It is wrong to subtly encourage such conspiracy theories when we know that some Muslims are prone to be taken in by such fanciful theories. Many Muslims still believe that Osama bin Laden was not responsible for 9/11. Our leaders and Muslim media must make a deliberate and concerted effort to tell us the plain and simple truth instead of telling us what we want to hear.

Ghulam Mohiyuddin

New York 12804 (via email)


The tragedy of Mumbai 26/11 was indeed one of the worst terror attacks in recent history. Apart from many other aspects of the tragedy one accompanying fact was the death of Hemant Karkare who was investigating into Malegaon bomb blast. His death was preceded by many a threats to his life from various quarters even the Government of Maharashtra had the same reports about these threats. Since then the death of this upright police officer has become a contentious issue. Anybody raising questions about it is outright dubbed anti Hindu, anti-national, pro-Pakistan, a convenient decoy for those trying to hide the mountain of truth behind this tragedy. That’s precisely what happened when Congress General Secretary Digvijay Singh stated that Karkare was under tremendous pressure from Hindu right wing groups and that Singh had a talk with Karkare on the evening prior to Karkare’s death. With this statement of his a hell broke loose and section of media tried to project as if Digvijay Singh’s statement is not true as Karkare was busy in such and such meetings. Now that does not cut much ice in today’s times when people are eared to the mobiles, and few minutes of conversation between meetings or during meetings is not a big deal. While the other major propaganda has been that if you criticize these Hindutva terrorists, you are against Hindus and Hinduism. This is a deliberate projection to create a wall of confusion to hide the real culprits such formulations need to introspect rather than beating their breasts to hide the truth. Mr Digvijay Singh is right when he says, “If I point out that Karkare was under threat from Hindu fundamentalist organizations, I am accused of being anti-national and pro-Pakistan. However, if a former Union home minister and the shadow prime minister doubts the integrity of a police officer like Karkare, and demands a judicial probe into the ATS action against Pragya Thakur, he is a nationalist!”

                Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013



The Congress general secretary and Ex-chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, Digvijay Singh, while speaking in the 83rd plenary session of the Congress Party alleged that the RSS had managed to “infiltrate” its cadres into many wings of the government including police and the army. He further said the Malegaon blast, in which two army officers are accused, has proved that they have even started influencing people inside army. S.M. Mushrif, former I.G. Police of Maharashtra State, has written an authentic scholarly book titled Who Killed Karkare? Which is based on facts and evidences? Translations of this explosive book are published in 6 Indian languages. Mushrif has written that serving Lt. Col. Prohit (an important accused in Malegaon blast) conspired to wage a war against the Indian government with the help of Israel state and King Mahendra of Nepal for establishing their “Hindu Rashtra” in India. These allegations of Digvijay Singh and S.M. Mushrif are very serious and horrible.   G. Hasnain Kaif, Bhandara (MS)


Vinita Kamte on 26/11: Mumbai Police is hiding truth

It is extremely important to understand that neither the central government, the various state governments nor the respective police forces are actually in control of the policy that has been instrumental in demonising Indian Muslims at the cost of the safety & security of Indians, their private & public property & most importantly the communal harmony & peace between various communities living in India.

Any person who wishes to understand this must read S M Mushrif's "Who Killed Karkare" with an open mind.

Anonymous(message left on MG website)


Don’t judge Islam by what few terrorist are doing

Terrorism should be seen as an international menace. No religious identity should be attached to it as no religion on earth justifies the killings of the innocent. Islam strongly forbids violence against innocents. The unenlightened people who say they are acting in the name of religion may have either misinterpreted Islam or are practising it erroneously. And so, you will make a big mistake if you try getting an idea of Islam on the basis of the activities of these terrorists. Yet the fact is, since the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack, the entire Muslim community has been living in despair of being misunderstood by the rest of the world. The attack by few criminals was condemned by global Muslim leadership that identified the attackers as the black sheep in the community. But the entire Muslim community is still being viewed as terrorist today. Very few non-Muslims have bothered to consider the facts that tens of thousands of local Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan have been involved in anti-terrorism operations, helping the Allied Forces and local governments. Could the US led military action against Iraq ever succeed if it did not get key support of the Islamic country of Saudi Arabia? If you want to know about Islam, read the Qur’an- the only authentic source to know the widely misunderstood religion. The Qur’an is based on the concepts of morality, love, compassion, mercy, modesty, self-sacrifice, tolerance, and peace. One who truly lives according to these moral precepts is considered the best Muslim. However, today Islam is mostly being identified on the basis of what its morality-less section is doing. If you read the Qur’an you can understand how Allah instructs His followers to be nice to his neighbours around, and shun cruelty and violence. Allah says, He does not like his followers who resort to violence against innocent people.

Aziz A.Mubaraki, Kolkata 700013



Mohammad Haneef case a trendsetter

The Australian decision in Mohammad Haneef case should become a trendsetter across the globe. Initially, it was the U.S. which pursued the witch-hunt for arresting “terrorists” after the 9/11 incident and incarcerated them in its detention camps. Several nations followed the bad precedent by arresting anyone having the Muslim identity on slightest suspicion. This trend has resulted to a flawed notion that terror activities could be done only by the followers of Islam. Recently, the Andhra Pradesh government has done well by releasing all the suspects who were wrongfully detained in the Mecca Masjid blast case, albeit the action has fallen short in either compensating them or tendering apology. One could hope that the Australian model will be taken up in right earnest by all the state governments.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)



Atrocities in Kashmir

According to report published in The Muslim News,UK issue of 17, September 2010, 2288 women were among 93515 civilians killed in the last 21 years by the Indian troops in Indian occupied Kashmir . This report is released by the Research Section of Kashmir Media Service on November 25, 2010 on the occasion of International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. Indian troops molested 9984 women during the period and 22744 women were widowed. Further details of the report are as under:

                Total Killed                                93505

                Custodial Killings                        6976

                Civilians Arrested                       118607

                Structures Arsoned /Destyoyed    05884

                Women Widowed                       22744

                Children Orphaned                      107392

                Women gangraped /Molested       9984

These figures of atrocities speak volumes for themselves. By oppressing Kashmiri Muslims the situation is not going to improve in future. What is needed is humane approach. There is room for toughness against the violence, but it has to be balanced with compassion. Killing innocent Kashmiri Muslims will not bring us closer to an everlasting solution; Is this a land of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, an apostle of non violence or Nathuram Vinayak Godse, an apostle of hatred and violence? Will learned readers of MG in particular and intelligentsia in general react in a positive manner?

Farooq Abdul Gaffar Bawani, Rajkot



Justified demands to seek resignation of NHRC chief

It refers to timely demand by former Supreme Court judge VK Krishna Aiyer demanding resignation of former Chief justice of India KG Bal Krishnan from post of Chairperson of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) following a series of quotes against him. Firstly a sitting Supreme Court Judge (former Chief Justice of Madras High Court) countered KG Bal Krishnan’s claim of not having received in his capacity as Chief Justice of India any communication from Madras High Court revealing name of the then Union Minister A Raja having approached a Madras High Court judge. Now charges have been levelled in media about family-members and relations of KG Bal Krishnan having acquired enormous wealth during his regime as Chief Justice of India. Union government has already faced big embarrassment on imposing PJ Thomas as Chief Vigilance Commissioner (CVC) despite opposition’s resistance. If persons like NHRC Chief and CVC cannot be removed through a government-order, at least Union government can exhibit its sincere intention by officially seeking resignation for persons posted on such posts after some concrete allegations are levelled against them. Opposition should be taken into confidence for changing the rules whereby even such posted persons may be easily removed after some concrete allegations are levelled against them.

Subhash Chandra Agarwal, Delhi



Police fired bullets on a Muslim

On the night of 10/11 Dec., Muhammad Jamaluddin Khan was returning from a marriage, night patrol party asked him to stop. Khan is a clerk in Jamhor High School Distt. Aurangabad, he was riding an old Rajdoot. As he stopped the two policemen fired at him. The bullet hit his legs. As bullet was fired area dwellers, came out of their houses and started shouting that he is our man don’t fire. They policemen fled away. Khan was hospitalised and some of his relatives went to lodge a case. P.S. said to file the case against unknown persons. The city DSP said that some culprit’s lobbed bomb at police and then police fired at the criminals Mr. Khan might have been injured in cross fire. Talking of Sushashan is easy but to control the police is difficult. Minority Commission of Bihar is mum. Very next day Bihar police DGP Neelmani gives statement that non-performing police officer will face tough consequences. Only statement will not serve any performance. Is DGP ready to punish the police who fired bullets on innocent Muhammad Jamaludin Khan?               

S. Haque, Patna


The charge of sedation on Sen is erroneous

According to holy Qur’an those who rule the people and enforce the laws made by men are insurgents and liable to be punished. To frame the laws is the authority of God as He himself has created the humanity. Man made laws is defective and amendable. Take for example the Indian constitution was amended 126 times so for no one knows how many times it will be amended in future, Dr Binayak Sen. and the Chinese noble laureate cannot be charged as seditious. Now a day’s all politicians are money mongers. Before joining the politics they were paupers after few years they earn money in millions. They credit the money in foreign banks. This character of today’s politician’s. Corruption is their basic character. No CBI or FBI can apprehend them .They are very far from the service of poor. Instead Dr Sen dedicated himself for the treatment of poor and down trodden. .He did not earn in crores or lakhs. The modern politicians should revere him like a God. But alas they have sent him behind the bars charging him of sedation. It is the mockery of democracy and nothing else.         Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


Give a lathi to a dim-witted man and his new ability to break heads and limbs with it will soon have him drunk on power. He will want ever bigger lathis with which to wreak more destruction.

In its action against Binayak Sen the State has been that imbecile. It seems reflexively to have selected the most destructive weapon in its arsenal: the charge of sedition.

It is beyond comprehension how a physician who works for the poor, and who attempts to prevent their further exploitation and further violence against them, can bring down the edifice of State.             Mukul Dube, Delhi 110091



Media and political party

Of late, the political parties in India have become a fodder for media industry. Be it BJP or Congress both of them obligingly furnish the print and television media with a sensational news headlines almost every week. Hence we see the BJP’s obdurate Yedurappa gleefully defying his party leadership and continuing on his shameless ways; all the while presenting a beatific smile to television cameras. While on the Congress side, the corrupt Kalmadi continues as head of the Indian Olympic Committee (IOC) –even after being totally exposed - the very organization he and his cronies so skilfully used to amass huge personal fortunes at the expense of the public exchequer. And of course, the infamous 2G telecom scam and its grinning perpetrator, A Raja, is now an urban legend. Then we have the Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, who has been so callous on onion price rise and has scored an obvious self-goal with his seeming indifference and pathetic explanation for the avoidable crisis. Do the two major political parties realize that their image is taking a humiliating beating in the eyes of the voting public? Why are they so intent on committing political suicide? Free they really that dumb?

Mohd Ziyaullah Khan, Nagpur - 440013



Environmental havoc

Of late, despite all environmental concerns, environmental drive and awareness, noise pollution has continued to wreck all havoc these days in India. From big cities to small, the spread of electricity, prosperity, the upward mobility of newly enriched and assertive social groups and an utter disregard for the welfare of others are making not just urban life, but even semi-urban and small town life audibly intolerable. The sounds of celebration, of transportation and construction are all magnified by the sounds of social assertion. This cuts across religious communities who use loudspeakers to reach out to believers and non-believers. It cuts across social classes, with the lower middle class blaring music as loudly as the nouveau riche. The quietest today are the old rich and the traditionally poor. Everyone else honks. Ironically, there is a law against all this. And, it is exactly a decade old. In February 2000, the Union ministry for environment and forests enacted the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules. But who cares? Though, the law empowers the local police station officer to take action whenever complaints are received, but little is seen from them. While laws are useful and law enforcers are required, there is really no lasting solution to noise pollution other than social pressure and self education.              

Farzana Z Khan, Nagpur



Yoga cannot eliminate corruption

In Gulbarga respectable Yoga Guru Swami Ram Deo claimed that he would start training classes to curb corruption is the society. Yoga is an exercise purely to improve the physical health of man. It has nothing to do with spirituality. Corruption is the malady related to the moral and spiritual life of man. I can say about the swami that he himself needs a Guru to learn spiritual matters. He cannot appreciate the psychology of a common man who needs money to meet the rising expenses of his wife and children. He is free from that obligation. He is leading a life of Brahama Charya, a, some what easy going mode of life. His advice to stop the currency of 500 and 1000 rupees is not practicable. Every hunter cannot hunt tiger only those hunters who have the experience of hunting tigers can claim that they can kill the tigers. Corruption is purely Islamic agenda the other religion, NGO Swamys or Jagat Guru cannot eliminate this chronic and acute ailment. Claiming is very easy.

Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga



Timid Urdu media

On 19th Dec an article appeared in Urdu daily Bihar, explaining how Muslims are cheated. The article writes that in Andhra Pradesh ruling Congress party is called secular and in AP Muslims constitute 14 percent there is only one Muslim minister in 39 minister cabinet. Urdu media publish injustices, oppressions stories and report of Iraq, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Palestine and about other state injustice but Urdu media and their writer never touch own local state injustices. No Urdu media protested when Bihar NDA-I had only 1 Muslim (state rank) minister whereas Musilms are 18 percent in Bihar. Out of 7 lakh appointment how much representation is given to Muslims? How many Muslim ministers should be in Bihar cabinet? Muslim and Urdu media don’t have Courage to present hard facts in front of government. This is one reason how others rob our share. Adv. General of Bihar finalised 78 advocate panels in which only 4 Muslim adv were given representation.

S. Haque, Patna


Taking law in hands

Killing of BJP MLA Raj Kishore Kesri in Purnia (Bihar) by a woman allegedly raped by the slain MLA, reminds of women in Nagpur taking collectively law in their hands by beating rape-accused persons to death in the year 2004 not once but twice in the same year. Brave women of Nagpur also faced court-cases for such killing in defence of self-honour unitedly making even the court acquitting the women arrested for killing of rapists at a time when police failed to protect women from being raped despite complaints lodged with the police. A complete and honest enquiry is necessary on all the aspects including about police-inaction on complaints of sexual assault by Rupam Pathak, the alleged rape-victim, to prevent tortured ones taking law in their hands.

Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi



Resign gracefully

All the citizens of India have enormous faith in the judiciary who view it as the only pillar of democracy which is by and large unscathed by corrupt practices. Even as the nightmarish spat between the former Chief Justice K.G.Balakrishnan with two judges over the 2G scam is fresh in mind, doubts are being raised over the misuse of his official position by his son-in-law. The adage “Caesar’s wife should be above suspicion” perfectly suits Justice K.G.Balakrishnan who currently holds a high constitutional position as the NHRC Chairperson. That a man of impeccable integrity like Justice V.R.Krishna Iyer has advised him to resign and face the inquiry should make K.G.Balakrishnan to relinquish his post...to uphold the prestige of the great institution.

Syed Sultan Mohiddin, Kadapa (A.P)



Whom to obey first?

Suffering human societies are in dire need of selfless leaders who can announce that, first of all, they are obedient servants of only one God and thereafter sons of any soils, citizens of any motherland and even children of their parents. Every obedience should be subject to the commands of the Creator.

S.A.U. Patel, Khanpur Deh – 392 150


CBI enquiry of Kalmadi

The mode of CBI enquiry has transformed it into a story telling session. The officials are making record for Guinness Book. No agency in the world, I suppose follow this mode of enquiry. They are following a norm, higher the cadre of the accused the longer the period of enquiry. The people are interested in recovering the amount misappropriated by the accused. To achieve the early results there are other methods. Also such as Norco test and brain mapping etc why the accused be spared of such tests. In the light of right to information act the whole enquiry be conducted on the TV channel to full view of gazers.

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga



Binayak Sen

The judgment of the Raipur sessions court against Binayak Sen is unlikely to stand up to scrutiny, given that a crucial piece of "evidence" appears to have been fabricated by the Chhattisgarh police and that other parts were described by the Supreme Court last year as circumstantial. I think it is wrong, however, to blame Chhattisgarh alone, or a judge of a lower court. We must consider also Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s frequent presenting of Maoism as the greatest menace, Home Minister P. Chidambaram's threat to hound those who even obliquely express sympathy for the Maoists, and Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi’s ostensibly neutral statement in which he says, in fact, that the judiciary cannot be wrong. The matter is much larger than Chhattisgarh.

Mukul Dube, Delhi


Folly in diplomacy

It has become crystal clear to our diplomats that China and Pakistan are good friends. Not only they are good friends but they categorized themselves as all-weather friends. In such a situation, how can we neglect Pakistan in revering China?. We are not so strong or influential to break their friendship and take China is our folds. We appease China like a God and abhor Pakistan as a devil. How China will tolerate this mode of friendship? We cannot neglect Pakistan while prostrating before China. I do not understand how blind our diplomats are? Being a Muslim country does it deserve so much hatred? If this folly is continued China will be irritated to the extent that it wages a war on us and capture our disputed land and send its forces into Indian occupied Kashmir to make its desperate friend Pakistan rejoice.

Dr. Abdul Hameed Maqdoomi, Gulbarga


This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-31 January 2011 on page no. 31

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