Confession of Saffron terrorists - vii

Purohit: Established the presidential system in Hindu Bharat. Cultural and ethnic stability no more migration to be accepted. Interested migration would control migrated to exercise voting rights in original native states. No demographic changes accepted or else culture wouldn’t last, swamiji. Public and mass punishment for defaulters and officials facing corruption charges, capital punishment and field/corporal punishment in public places means Capital punishment means death penalty. Corporal punishment mean to walk on knees [toddling] in public. No cow slaughter. Enforcement of common civil code alongwith social security code, national security fixed policy i.e., POLICY not be changed, includes external aggression and internal disorder caused by cross border activities of enemy countries. Increasing the strength of standing armed forces from 14 lacs to one crore likewise in airforce and navy. …. We are not defence services. Likewise ministry of defence should be replaced by ministry of war.

Sharmaji: One point, the ministry of war, according to a report was there a conference in Pune of the Chitpawan Brahmins?

Purohit: Yes, yes. Air Marshal Gokhale of the Airforce attended it.

Sharma: The Chitpawan Brahmin conference; Air Vice Marshal Mr Gokhale observed that this is a wrong word.

Tripathi: Infilteration of Chitpawan brahmans in air force….

Purohit: Re-establish and review present protocol policy. The Commander in Chief to be introduced. We do not have a C in C in our country swamiji. In the first file of the protocol respective chiefs of the forces should be part of the first fifteen. Our general comes at number 33, Indian Army General. I am talking about General Brijesh Singh. He is from my regiment. I belong to the Maratha regiment while in service he is seen touching Mulayam Singh Yadav’s feet.

R.P. Singh:

Purohit: Why did he become governor? Foreign policy, security of borders declare country at war till lost territory is regained or accept line of control as the international border. Proactive efforts to form Hindu nations union Nepal, Thailand, Combodia as I told you earlier. This we have incorporated in this, in our constitution. Unification of Buddhist and Hindu nation to fight Islamic and Christian invasions.

R.P. Singh: No, no…. Hindu, Buddhist and likeminded leave some space …. because, I shall tell you; some very mild Christians are also ready to help us …. The originals of America are also ready to support us…. Leave some space.

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