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With Arjun Singh's demise, communal harmony and secularism orphaned

Forces of communal harmony and secularism feel orphaned

The news of the death of Mr. Arjun Singh has come as a shock for the civil society of India which was always richly benefitted by the visionary guidance and pluralistic ethoes for which Mr. Arjun Singh stood for several decades. He was one of the vanguards in the national politics who tirelessly worked for the communal harmony and stood like a rock against fascist communal forces in the country.

The minorities always looked at him as a champion of their rights and found him as a guiding force at times of crisis. His commitment to the secular ethoes made him the messiah of the downtrodden, marginalised and the minorities equally.

The empowerment of the marginalised sections including Muslims had always been on priority in his mind and the nation would never forget his contributions in desaffronising the educational system which was badly infected during the rule of NDA, and the path-breaking work done by the National Literacy Mission under his guidence. His commitment and contribution as Union Minister for Human Resource Development would be remembered forever. Minorities, in particular, would remember him as a statesman who sincerely worked for the their educational empowerment. Maulana Azad Urdu National Open University, introduction of modern and scientific courses in Madarsas, facilitation of easy access and hurdle-free environment for the establishment of their institutions of higher learning are some of his achievements to be counted at this hour.

His blessings remained with those taking initiatives in forming Peoples Integration Council in the absence of the will of the then NDA leadership to convene NIC, which worked for communal harmony and led to the reconstitution of the National Integration Council after UPA came to power in 2004.

We feels orphaned and leaderless with his demise.

Navaid Hamid, Secretary, Peoples Integration Council  & Member National Integration Council (NIC)
John Dayal, Member, NIC
Shabnam Hashmi, ANHAD

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