New Fitna being Exported to Pakistan

By Brig. (Retd) Uman Khalid

We all know about Hizbul Tahrir (HuT). When its leader in the UK, Omar Bakri, became a destabilising nuisance, he was advised to disassociate himself with HuT and he set up another organisation under the title of Al-Muhjiroon. This was a successor of Al Takfir wal Hijra commonly known as the Takfiri cult.

This cult styles itself on the most glorious chapter of Muslim history, the Prophet’s Hijra  (migration) from Makkah to Medina which marks the beginning of the Muslim calendar. Omar Bakri became very controversial among UK Muslims and was subsequently deported to his country, Lebanon.

His place in the UK was taken by a Pakistani lawyer called Anjum Chuadhry. The high priest of the Takfiri cult is Aiman al Zawahiri (AAZ). All the trade names under which its affiliates Al-Qaeda, HuT, Muhajiroon, and Tehrik-i Taliban Pakistan (TTP) operate bear allegiance to AAZ and propagate his views. All these cults have been banned in every Muslim country but they are flourishing in the UK. Why?

The main objectives and chief slogans of all these cults are Khilafa and Sharia. Both are deeply embedded in the belief structure of all Muslims and no one can disagree with or disapprove of either. That came to the notice of anti-Islam subversion factory in the West.

They put a new interpretation of both to demonise Islam. Their concept of Khalifa is modelled on the institution of the Pope in the Catholic Church with the difference that the Pope confines his edicts to ecumenical matters while the Muslim Khalifa (Aiman al Zawahiri) is held to be above the states as his  edicts take precedence over the orders of the states.

This means all states whether a certain state is Darus Salam (where Muslim enjoy political as well as cultural sovereignty), or is Darul Amn (where Muslims do not enjoy political sovereignty but are unfettered in the practise of their faith), or is Darul Harb (where Muslims enjoy neither political sovereignty nor freedom to practise their faith).

The effect of AAZ edicts subscribed to by HT, al- Muhijroon or TTP etc - is that all Muslims become outlaws in all states. Their interpretation of Sharia is similarly designed to make every Muslim unemployable and criminal by necessity.

HuT, for example, preaches that the Muslim should not vote in elections and opt out of the secular-western education. TTP version of Sharia enjoins bombing schools (particularly girls’ schools) and blowing up TV/video and barber shops and killing infidels particularly the soldiers and police of Pakistan and employess of state institutions.

Now HuT, Muhajiroon and TTP are being re-launched in Pakistan under the title “Sharia4Pakistan” with actors trained in the UK. Please see their conference flyer above and bring it to the notice of those responsible for counter-intelligence in your country.

MG comment: Hizbut Tahrir zealots are trying to make inroads into the Indian Muslim community though with no apparent success till now. On two previous occasions we have cautioned the community about this invading danger. Let the community be alert and not be deceived by their “Khilafat” talk. They are a dangerous, highly dogmatic, secret organisation which is banned in all Arab countries but thrives in Britain! (Zafarul-Islam Khan)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 January 2013 on page no. 16

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