A Day from Hell in an American Town

By Kaleem Kawaja

Friday December 14, 2012 was a day from hell in the small, lily-white gorgeous New Town, nestled in a  beautiful valley in America’s western Connecticut state. This town is just 60 miles west of the big city of Hartford, CT. I am very familiar with this area, as for four years when my daughter was studying in a college in Massachusetts, I used to drive through this valley to take her to college from my home about 400 miles to the south.

This gentle valley of rolling hills is a geographically most beautiful part of northeastern US. Several high tech industries are located in the towns in this area. This area is affluent, clean, has moderate weather, is free of congestion and contains quaint townships of pretty shops, restaurants and pretty houses.

But in this heaven-like town an evil took root in the mind of a young man who just turned twenty - a psychologically deranged loner. He picked up several guns that his mother kept in the house for self-protection and went on a killing rampage against innocent people whom he did not even know. After first killing his mother who loved him so much, he went to the nearby elementary school and shot dead 20 innocent and beautiful children, none of them older than seven years of age, and six of their teachers, all of them white. Then as police arrived at the school he shot himself dead.

This hellacious event on earth occurred in a township that resembles what towns in heaven must be like. What is shocking is that in the last one year this gory and horrible scene has occurred every two or three months in various parts of US, all of them pristine small towns.

This tragedy has broken the heart and mind of America and has shocked America’s conscience and forced it to examine its society. It is a time of great sadness for the entire humanity. But it should especially make America, that is becoming increasingly God-less, and where God’s basic guidance to mankind is violated by many every single day, introspect.

For decades now American troops have attacked far away lands annihilating villages and towns and rampaging innocent civilians; and then giving explanations that do not make sense. From Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan to western Pakistan, a large number of innocent civilians, children, women, old men have perished with the onslaught of the drones and “smart bombs” and “Agent Orange”, often when they were asleep in the night. Israel’s brutal annihilation of Palestinians for over 60 years is consistently defended.

God is sending a message to those in America who think that their vast superiority in military technology and weaponry and their smart science and technology systems can conquer everything and everyone. They should remember that in the past, vastly superior militaries/technology of the Aad people, Pharohs, Romans, Genghis Khan, Hitler et al also over ran everyone. But then as they became overtly sure of their might and technology, and no one could match them, evil from within their ranks imploded them and they were destroyed. Majority of Americans are good people and do not believe in wronging anyone let alone the poor civilians of Vietnam or Iraq or Afghanistan. But a few are becoming too arrogant and desirous of world domination by any means. This is time for the powerful and affluent Americans as a nation to realize that it is God’s law that “What goes around, comes around”.

America is the world’s greatest nation today, not only scientifically and militarily advanced but also a land of maximum collection of very gifted and talented people. In the last 100 years they have built a great nation with much hard work and enterprise. They should now listen to God’s signs that are coming up everywhere in this glorious land every few months in the form of insane killings perpetrated by their own well-to-do white people. The answer lies in reflecting seriously and finding a way out. God will help them remove this curse and scourge if they listen and learn and change their country’s direction to a straight path.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 January 2013 on page no. 16

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