Foreign funds worth billions fuel Hindu terror

Hindu communal organisations raise a great hue and cry that with foreign money, Christian and Muslim organisations indulge in religious conversion and terrorist activities. The interesting thing however, is that the same Hindu organisations receive maximum amount of foreign money in the form of subscriptions, donations, gifts etc. The situation became so alarming that the Home Ministry had to directly intervene in this matter. It directed the CBI to enquire into cases of this nature. An idea of the seriousness can be had from the fact that as many as 41 different organisations have been barred from accepting foreign money. As many as 34 Hindu organisations have been placed in the list of organisations which have to seek prior permission of government for accepting foreign money in any form. The accounts of 11 such organisations have been frozen.
Israeli connection: Hindu organisations get lot of money from Israel via Europe, instead of getting them directly from Israel. Similarly, tours of leaders of Hindu organisations to Israel have also very much increased. Some of them are invited by Israeli government or organisations and they go there along with their entourage. It need not be mentioned that they go there or are invited there for being brainwashed and to be used as tools against Muslims in India. It has come to be known after research and investigation that such amounts are given to them in order to improve the lot of adivasis (ancient tribes). These people (Israelis) have great sympathy for the pitiable condition of adivasis because leaders from India exaggerate their poverty and all round backwardness and, in return, get huge financial assistance. In actual practice however, the financial assistance is given to them for making India a Hindu Rashtra. According to home ministry's information last year (2008) foreign money worth Rs 7877 crores was received in India of which the highest amount i e Rs 1610 crores was for Tamil Nadu whereas Delhi and Andhra Pradesh got Rs 1556 crores and 1011 crores respectively. Those who closely watch the use of such amounts, come to the conclusion that the foreign money was used to kindle communal riots in Orissa and Karnatak. These Hindu organisations indulge in subversive activities on the strength of foreign money in the form of riots, bomb blasts and other disruptive activities like creating circumstances detrimental to Muslims. Investigations give credence to the belief that Hindu terrorists are poisoning the socio-political atmosphere in India and Israel is helping them through financial help.

Home Ministry keeps a close watch on the activities of NGOs in adivasi and other backward areas and their activities are being investigated. Special attention is paid on the foreign assistance or subscriptions they receive and use. Government has started making lists of NGOs and Hindu organisations which receive Rs 10 lakh or more annually. It is said about some Hindu organisations that their men visit foreign countries three or four times a year and collect subscriptions whereas representatives of some organisations live permanently in European and other countries and collect money for different organisations. In recent years there has been a phenomenal increase in foreign money. At several places many local organisations have come up, lured by the greed for money. During investigation some startling information has surfaced. Whereas in 2005-06 there were 5278 Hindu organisations, receiving foreign funds, during 2007-08 this number has gone upto 6650. Home Ministry is not only surprised but also worried at such increase. It is also facing difficulties in keeping a watch on the whole situation and to keep it under control.

According to Home Ministry sources, results of investigations were startling. It was found that the activities of 41 organisations were suspicious and their accounts also were not clear. Under Foreign Currency Regulation Act, (FCRA) all these organisations have been banned from accepting foreign money and carrying on their activities. Moreover, accounts of 11 Hindu organisations have been frozen. Most of them have filed appeals in courts against freezing of their accounts, though concrete proofs of violation of FCRA Act by them have been found. Under this Act, no organisation or institution which has its own specific cultural, educational, economic or social etc programme can accept or seek foreign money without prior permission of Central Government.

In this game of foreign money, Hindu organisations are in the forefront. Under whatever head or for whatever purpose they are getting money or subscriptions, their main objective is to harass and harm Muslim interests and make all out efforts to make the country a Hindu Rashtra. In the year 2006-07 among the organisations which received donations from foreign countries were Vivekanand Roy Memorial Kendra (Tamil Nadu) which received Rs 54, 53, 346; Shiksha Bharti Sansthan (UP) which received Rs 27, 56, 400; Shri Ram Gram Vikas Samiti (UP) which received  Rs 22, 11, 870; Devi Aapada Sabha Samiti (Uttarkhand) which received Rs 17, 90, 800; Banbasi Kalyan Kendra of Jharkhand received Rs 6, 50, 430; Banbasi Ashram Trust of Kerala received Rs 5, 59, 876. During the same year other Hindu organisations received Rs 12 crores. These are the amounts which have been made known to the government but in addition to these known amounts, these organisations get large amounts secretly which, according to an estimate, run into billions of rupees for which there is no account. Every sensible person can understand where these amounts are spent. There is no need to tell about it.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2009 on page no. 7

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