“The King is Naked”

Proving that a hidden ruling network exists in India, “mainstream” media chooses to ignore one of the most explosive books published in India in recent years

By Mushtaque Madni

In a democracy sans values, suffering from doctrinal bankruptcy and heavily dominated by the sheer Brahminical vested intrests, the book Who killed Karkare?  written by former Inspector General of Police S.M. Mushrif was obviously destined to be overlooked and ignored by the so-called “national media”.

It so happened that the moment the book was out in the market last fortnight, The Times of India publication, Pune Mirror, carried an extensive interview of the author sahib with an exhaustive review of the book by the renowned scholar and linguist Dr. Sumit S. Paul. In his interview, Mushrif  categorically and logically stated that the intelligence agencies not only had specific information about last year’s Mumbai attack terrorists coming through the sea from Pakistan but they also had the exact numbers of their 35 cellphones out of which three were being operated by the terrorists while in Mumbai. But the agencies, committed to safeguard the Brahminist interests, resolved not to make use of this information. It was an open secret that the investigations carried out by the slain ATS Chief Hemant Karkare, that led to the arrest of some saffron terrorists championing Hindu Rashtra, had deeply disturbed the Brahminist outfits operating in the guise of cultural organisations. So much so that they had started publicly abusing him and instigating his murder. So these intelligence agencies not only allowed  the terrorists to land safely on the Indian shores but also allowed them to go on rampaging in the city, killing hundreds of innocent people, so that the Brahminist outfits could have an opportunity to carry out their side operation to get rid of Karkare.
In a criminal negligence, the IB failed to inform the Western Coast Guard about the expected arrival of the terrorists. Had the IB informed the Western Coast Guard or taken immediate action itself, the bloody terrorist attack could have been avoided.

No sooner the book hit the stands, there was literally a beeline of customers eager to know the stark truth behind the Mumbai attack which shook India a year ago. Next day almost ten TV channels and many print and online journalists interviewed the author from dawn to midnight. All these interviews, according to the journalists, were to be telecast the next or following day. But all these interviews, which would have enlightened the masses about the real face of terrorism in India, were silently killed by the media bosses. The stunning news could not find even a small space in  English or Marathi dailies and channels. Thanks to the powerful and ever alert Brahminist lobby, which must have swung into action behind the scenes, the masses were kept in the dark about this most revealing news affecting their lives and security which has been a big issue for many years now.

The million dollar question is: why has this happened or allowed to have happen? Who are these people so afraid of truth? Quite evidently, they are scared of none but themselves. They cannot muster courage to face the mirror. Probably, for the first time they had seen their own selves stark naked. The so-called "national media", ever sympathetic to the Brahminist lobby, has always treated them as holy cows; they were always bailed out at the cost of vulnerable Muslims wherever they carried out their terror activities, whether it was Samjhouta Express, Ajmer Sharif Dargah, Mecca Masjid in Hydrabad, or Bada Qabrastan in Malegaon. But this time the scene was entirely different, so shocking and so heinous that they refused to acknowledge their own face in the mirror, pretending it to be the face of a stranger. Hardly a common Hindu, the first victim of the Brahminist conspiratorial tactics, would ever believe that the main terror face of this country is that of a Brahmin. It was the same face that so proudly killed Mahatma Gandhi and now wants to digest the murder of Hemant Karkare.

Could anyone ever imagine that the very intelligence agencies which are paid to protect the nation, would take the entire nation to ransom only to protect some "holy cows" who were to be interrogated by Hemant Karkare for their suspected role in the bomb blasts that shook the nation. Are these few people and their shameful lives so important to these agencies that they can sacrifice hundreds of precious lives? Mumbai attack, undoubtedly, was a barbarian terrorist act but the role played by the agencies and their progenies, and now being played by the so-called national media was more barbarian and unforgivable. Would we always remain at the mercy of those who have always been after their narrow interests? Would our ever-snoring Government, which is all determined to uproot the homeless, jobless, hungry and deeply deprived adivasis, take the necessary steps and actions to curb the menace of Hindu fundamentalism?   

Read review of this book on pp. 28-29



This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2009 on page no. 1

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