Confessions of Saffron terrorists - viii

Purohit: What kind of nature of organization…. what is its backbone? First point is DNA organisation means only one structure. Even the smallest unit of the organization must reflect the overall nature of the organization just as in DNA in a single cell it reflects the total constitution of the body. Second point no individual can be bigger than the organization. No place for personal whims and fancies. Third, militarization of organization every member at all levels will have the basic knowledge of the weapons…. get the regular training in handling the weapons, as far as possible…. no member irrespective of rank will be above the code of conduct. Disciplined.

Purohit: Liasion with media will be maintained to avoid to give any misinformation. This will be in the form of regular press release in press conferences. The organisation will maintain influence in the fields of education as well as we believe in the concept of catch them young. Impressible (SIC) young minds will be moulded as per our line of thought, smooth and honest individuals will for internal working.
Col. Dhar: …. Media management College…. Sangh we consider suitable our base now is strong…. will be Bhopal through which through that trainees and slowly in a one two years …. in the beginning shall have to go a bit slowly. That media, through that college…. Express anything …. but be education centre as also….
R.P. Singh: O.K, O.K. we have already begun in Delhi for the last six months…. 26 passouts have been introduced in different channels
R.P. Singh: For this minimum, as Azad channel has been started Daud has invested in it…. We have received from many others it needs 10 crores, six crores to start to run for six months till we do not get advertise. At least 10 crores are needed….
Purohit: Where(ever) Abhinav Bharat begins; there shall be a temple Bharat mata mandir, we have to rise above (Sects) Shaiva or Vaishnav….

Purohit: Bharatmata mandir…. To give sanctity of the idea of nationhood
Sudhakar Dwivedi: …. The temple to be built …. grasp the concept from Sharmaji …. He told me that from 712 AD till Lord Mountbatten…. The entire history of the martyrs…. memorial for them.
Sharmaji: Meanwhile, if someone goes to Israel; they have prepared ‘holocaust’ for their nation…. which records 2300 years of their history on walls…. the concept of Bharatmata mandir is the same….
Purohit: …. various political parties and non-government bodies will be infiltrated…. As an example…. there was a captain…. a major …. what needs three months in Delhi for something for completion…. was done on just one phone call because he belonged to Sangha …. without even a formal introduction and simply knowing that he had been in the Sangh I phoned him that it was to be done…. he was from UP he said, “Sir, it shall be done”…. it was done in one day…. ‘If you can create his thing …. tapping is very important and last thing and very important thing here is political excommunication of people whose ideas are detrimental to hindu rashtra …. we say so in Hindi but it (actually) implies one who puts obstacles in the whole he shall not be expelled but shall be blown up, he should be killed.
R.P. Singh: in white collar organisation, this would not be an appropriate word….
Purohit: expulsion is the right word.
Tripathi: Rest other shall be accomplished by our ministry.
R.P. Singh: war ministry shall do it.
To be continued in the next issue

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