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Nexus in Margao blast bigger than perceived

By Mohammad Naushad Khan

The method used by the Sanatan Sanstha members for the serial blasts in Goa seems to be a replica of what Pragya Singh and her associates had wanted to achieve. In Malegoan blast case Pragya Singh had owned the scooter in which explosive was kept whereas in Margoa blast it was Malgonda Patil who owned the scooter in which explosives were planted. Is it a matter of coincidence or the transfer of Hindutva terror ideology from one group to another?

The gravity and the potential threats to destabilise the country becomes evident from what Goa Law Commission chairman Ramakant Khalap has said "Sanatan Sanstha has penetrated into the police department, legislature and even the Judiciary." In a major development two constables Gurayya and Vinay Srivastav were taken off from the (SIT) on the suspicion that both of them have leaked out vital information. However Deshpande, PRO of Goa police, said that they have been transferred as their services were not further required in the process of investigation. Atmaram Deshpande Superintendent of police said that "The investigation in the blast has revealed that it was a large scale conspiracy against the state but we have not been able to establish the motive behind it."

Two more Sanatan activists were arrested on 31 October in connection with the Margoa blast. Both of them Vinay Talekar and Vinayak Patil hail from Karwar and Belgaum in Karnataka respectively. Talekar has done MBA from Goa University while Patil worked as a driver at the Park Hyatt hotel in South Goa. The number of Sanatan activists booked in Goa blast has risen to four with this arrest. Goa police believe that the mastermind of the Margoa blast may be still at large because anyone who is a mastermind will not come out in open like Malgonda Patil or Yogesh Naik, both of them died in the explosion one after another.

The Link: The investigation so far has revealed that Talekar and Vinayak Patil had earlier conspired to meet Malgonda Patil and Yogesh in Vasco after they successfully triggered bomb blast in Sancoale. Special Investigation Team has said that while Malgonda and Yogesh proceeded to Margoa, Talekar and Vinayak Patil headed to Sancoale as part of the conspiracy to plant and execute the blast. According to their plan both of them, Talekar and Patil waited till 10.30 pm at Vasco hoping Malgonda and Yogesh to return after executing the blast. They left the place after coming to  know that the bomb went up accidently. However interrogation of Talekar and Patil has revealed that Malgonda was the mastermind of conspiracy for the serial bomb blasts. SIT investigating the blast has recovered some batteries, believed to have been used by the activists of the Sanatan Sanstha. Two palm size plastic boxes were found and those were similar to the plastic box recovered from the blast site. Vishnu Wagh, official spokesperson of the chief minister has said that the contents of the Sanatan Prabhat published by the Sanatan Sanstha had the potential to breed terrorists and the contents of the newspaper act like poison in the society. In  an earlier instance also Goa police had ignored a complaint lodged by a social activist Prashant Naik for publishing an alleged anti-national article in Sanatan Prabhat, mouthpiece of Sanatan Sanstha.

Police also maintains that some journalists are also alleged to have been involved in the Margoa blast and police is also investigating in this direction. One of the Sanatan activists, Malgonda Patil, killed in the explosion was a freelance journalist of Sanatan Prabhat for many years. Prithviraj Hajare editor of Sanatan Prabhat is also under police scanner and has been called many times by the police forquestionings.

Another one, a Marathi journalist who is also a member of the Sanstha is believed by the police to have escorted Malgonda Patil around town, to show where the maximum crowd would be on the eve of Diwali. The Sanatan Sanstha has also launched a hate campaign against Muslims with the help of their website. "Hindus are facing open atrocities and injustice from Muslims wherever they are strong either in numbers or in power. If this is to be prevented, then wherever they are weak in numbers or in power, they should be pressurised in such a way that they ask for mercy; only then will we be able to survive where we are less in numbers !" - Swatantryaveer Savarkar, 1925 (http://sanatan.org/eng /masik /2009/10/issues.htm# news45)

Ravindra Yadav (DIG) has said that thare is something wrong in Sanatan ideology and therefore it needs to relook on its ideology for even when it preaches spirituality, their activists are found involved in terrorist activities like Margoa blast. At a public meet organised by the Sanatan Sanstha on 17 January Ram Sene chief, Pramod Muthalik, said that Malegoan blast was a jhalak (glimpse). He also said that a lot more was possible if more women picked up bombs like Sadhvi.

As usual there has been lack of coordination among the state police and Margao blast case is not an exception. In Margao blast also differences have come up between Maharashtra and Goa police over police records of three persons from Baramati in Maharashtra, who were questioned by  Goa's SIT. Entry made in the station diary at the Baramati rural police station, Vithal Jadhav, Mahadev Jadahav and Pradeep Mane all belonging to Baramati were arrested by the Goa police in connection with the Goa blast. Senior police official Deshpande said regarding the arrest or detention: "We asked them to come here . They came to Goa. They were subjected to interrogation. Their statement was recorded. Then they were asked to go. No one was arrested or detained. There is no question of them being in our custody at any time."

People’s Union for Human Rights has submitted a letter in the Bombay High Court demanding CBI inquiry for the Margoa blast, which the chief minister Digambar Kamat had earlier denied. The group also questions the impartiality  of Goa police. It has also raised doubts that home minister Ravi Naik is using the blast case to settle his political rivalry as he has aksed the police to enquire into the links of Jyoti, wife of transport minister, to the Sanatan Sanstha. These people are apprehensive that such kind of approach may hamper the overall process of investigation.

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-30 November 2009 on page no. 17

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