Joshi killed by his own men: Muslim family bears the brunt

The Madhya Pradesh Police have made it clear that Joshi was killed by his own men. But Muslim family paid with lives and still those who survived bear the brunt till date. In the aftermath of Joshi’s murder the right-wing organisation blamed SIMI for his killing. A frenzied mob of youths came to Shah house in Sutarkheda village and shot dead Rasheed and burnt alive his son Jaleel. Rasheed’s two other sons survived bullet injuries. While recalling the horrific incident of 30 December, 2007 that left her son and husband dead Sheraj Bi, wife of Rasheed Shah in an interview said that the youth who had come to attack were shouting “burn them”, “burn them” and when she tried to know the reason they closed the door from outside. They were innocent but they got killed. The youth who attacked Shah were enforcing a bandh call given by right wing organisation on the next day after Joshi was killed. Even when the Shahs went to court, they were threatened of dire consequences and also were lured by local money lenders and police to backtrack from the case. Another member of the family Latif, who survived as he was not present on that day, said that in the aftermath of the incident Sheraj went into depression and was treated for more than six months. Bhanvar Singh who led the mob, along with Mahipal Singh, Omprakash, Jaswant Singh, and Rajpal Singh were sentenced to life on 31 July 2009 by the Dewas Session judge. All the five later on appealed against the verdict in Madras High Court. Two of them are still in jail while remaining three were released on bails. The Shahs are not convinced for they had named many more as accused but feel that police protected them either by going slow or by not taking possession of important evidence like mobiles, bikes and weapons.

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This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 16-28 February 2011 on page no. 4

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