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With 14th year, Milli Gazette got a face lift


This past December, alhamdulillah, your newspaper completed its 13 years. The Milli GazetteIndian Muslims First NEWSPAPER in English. We started in January 2000 and now MG has, alhamdulillah, carved a niche for itself all over the world as a sober, responsible, widely-read and quoted newspaper reaching all parts of India, alhamdulillah.

With the 1-15 January 2013 print edition, The Milli Gazette got a bold masthead and a new layout. We hope our readers will like it as we have tried to make the design more contemporary, readable and soothing to the eyes.

With costs of everything increasing, our losses have been unfortunately growing. And negligible support from a few businessmen in the country by the way of advertisements we continue to be a reader-supported newspaper. Hence, we had to revise the cover price and subscription rates. With the 1-15 January issue, MG cover price was raised to Rs 15. A year's subscription will now cost Rs 320. When you gift a subscription to someone, you will need to pay Rs 250. Students at undergraduate levels and below can avail subscription at Rs 200 a year until they pass their graduation. We hope you will understand that this was unavoidable and will continue to read and support the voice of Muslims in India. Click here now!

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