Government to recruit Muslims in security forces and secret agencies

New Delhi: The central government, in order to stop large-scale infiltration from the neighbouring countries, has now decided to recruit Muslims in security forces, it is reliably learnt. Under this decision, Muslims will be recruited in large numbers in security forces and also in secret agencies. Policy-makers at top level have now come to realise that in order to foil the poison of fake jehad, it is necessary to obtain maximum cooperation of Muslims in this war against illegal infiltrators and jehadis.

It may be mentioned that the number or percentage of Muslims in security forces is extremely low; there are only 4 percent Muslim IPS officers in the whole country. Still lower is their ratio in central security forces of more than 10 lakhs, i.e., only 2.5 percent. Almost same is the condition in army where their representation is only 2.9 percent. In secret and intelligence agencies, only in a few random cases Muslims reach important posts. Though Sachar Committee made its recommendations to induct Muslims in these services quite sometime back, during the first regime of UPA government not much was done in this respect. During the current regime, a blueprint has been prepared in this direction. Special recruitment campaigns of Muslims will be made in 90 districts where they have a sizeable population. Muslim youths will be attracted to recruitment camps through advertisements and the position will be reviewed after six months so that this campaign does not remain confined to paper only.

The prime minister had himself said that infiltration of terrorists among the youths of the country is a matter of great concern and hence the government wants to employ Muslims in large number in security forces so that Muslims, particularly youths, may not be considered a problem but a solution.

According to Sachar Committee's review report, there are only 3 percent Muslim IAS officers and in external services they are only 1.8 percent. In Railways, there are more than 1.5 million employees but still their percentage is only 4.5. Same is the position in health and transport sectors where Muslim presence has been recorded at about 5 percent. (NA Ansari)

This article appeared in The Milli Gazette print issue of 1-15 December 2009 on page no. 9

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